Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – International Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – International Finals Questions


  • WINNER : AFMC – Anmol Dhawan and Prabhav Vasistha
  • RUNNER UP : SP Jian Scool of Global Management- Sumanta Deb and Gurtejbir Sandhu

International Finals Questions:

Q.1. The term was an investor by Benjamin Graham and his followers, most notably Warren Buffett. It is a principle of investing in which an investor only purchases securities when the market price is significantly below its intrinsic value.

Ans. Margin of Safety

Q.2. An aircraft company has diversified and created these Ski-Doo. They are famously called Ski Bomb. Which company?


Ans. Bombardier

Q.3. A person named Harvey Kennedy popularised what is known as the Aglet. In Rome, this was even made of Gold and Silver, while Saddam Hussein supposedly had one with diamonds. What is the Aglet?

Ans. A metal or plastic tube fixed round each end of a shoelace

Q.4. These are places to stay in Netherlands. As these do not have any use now, they are being given on rent. What?

Netherlands Prisons

Ans. Prisons

Q.5. Connect.

Ans. Yammer, Microsoft

Q.6. What do they do with the recyled plastic?

Ans. Create polyester yarn

Q.7. Academics believe that Tellson’s Bank referenced in this book is based on Child & Co., a private bank based on Fleet Street which is now a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group. Which book?

Ans. A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens

Q.8. What is this?

Canned Packaged Air

Ans. Canned Fresh Air

Q.9. Lateral connect.

Ans. Amazon

Q.10. An engineer with CBS came up with this ‘sound’ idea called the L Track. Often experienced by us in modern sitcoms what was this?

Ans. Laughter

Q.11. Identify the location of Mcdonalds.

Mcdonalds at Vatican City

Ans. Vatican City

Q.12. What was the contribution of a lady named Carmela Vitale to the world of pizzas and cakes?

Ans. Plastic 3-legged tripod stool in Pizza Boxes

Q.13. A 1973 illustration of what?

Ans. Internet Protocol

Q.14. What is so special about it?

3D Printed office

Ans. 3D Printed Office

Q.15. It is a campaign called ‘Battle of Balconies’. What is this campaign for?


Ans. Brexit Vote

Q.16. Connect.

Ans. TIME 

Q.17. This is a new concept of wearble technology designed by Tata in association with which University?

Ans. Harvard University

Q.18. What is this?

champagne coat of arms

Ans. Coat of Arms of Champagne 

Bonus Question: What is agraffe?

Ans. The wire cage that keeps the cork in a bottle of champagne

Q.19. From the world of DIY, which company is associated with Tinker Board?


Ans. Asus

Bonus Question: ASUS notebooks have been tested in the most punishing of conditions and reboot at low temperatures. Why?

Ans. They are first laptops to reboot at Mount Everest

Q.20. Who owns Third Rock- a radio station?

NASA Radio station


Audience Questions:

Q.1. Question on Nelson Bonds.

Q.2. Question on Switzerland’s referundum on basic income plan

Q.3. What does NIR stand for? It is a new concept in investments from Japan?

Ans. Negative Interest Rate

Q.4. That’s Not How We Do It Here! was written by this Havard Buisness author. Who?

Ans. John Kotter

Q.5. Question on Floating Banks in Greece

Q.6. JP Morgan Chase gives debit cards called ‘Release Cards’ to who?

Ans. Prisoners

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – National Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – National Finals Questions


  • WINNER : NIT Jamshedpur – Palak Kumar and Sudeep Saurabh
  • RUNNER UP : AFMC – Anmol Dhawan and Prabhav Vasistha

National Finals Questions:

Q.1. Identify this person who is related to the world of cricket.

Ans. BD Mahajan

Q.2. John B. Goodenough, a physicist, is associated with the invention of LIB. What is LIB? (Hint: From the world of automobile and transportation)

Ans. Lithium Ion Battery

Q.3. Why was Western India Plywood, a company based in Kerala in news?

Ans. They produced plywood from recycled notes during demonetization

Q.4. Connect.

Ans. Heritage Foods

Q.5. What is this?

Ans. Proposed Indian Railways Uniform designed by Ritu Beri

Q.6. Identify the logo. Lal imli and Dhariwal are some of the famous wollen products by this UP based company.

Ans. British India Corporation

Q.7. Tata Trusts, along with this global aerospace major, has announced a revamped India Innovation Growth Programme (IIGP) in partnership with the Union Science and Technology Department to foster sustainable social and industrial innovations.

Ans. Lockheed Martin

Q.8. Connect.


Q.9. In 1925, John Oakshott Robinson, of equally old and famous company Spencer’s took over the Madras Mail newspaper and this book store. Which one?

Ans. Higginbotham’s

Q.10. What is this? (Hint: Apollo)

Ans. There was no insurance for NASA astronauts and their families. Thus, NASA asked the astronauts to sign memorabilla, which could be auctioned in case of mishaps and be used to provide insurance.

Q.11. Who is this person?

Ans. Farmer from Ludhiana who owns the Swarna Shatabdi Express untill he receives compensation for his land acquired by Indian Railways 

Q.12. What is this?

Bar in Kerala Highway

Ans. Bar in Kerala made a maze in order to counter the rule that bars should not be located at 500metres from a highway

Q.13. Tipu Sultan had in many ways started this and after him it did not get great patronage till JN Tata invested in this and even brought in Mrs. and Mr. Odzu from Japan to handle this farm.

The farm was later given by the Tatas to the Salvation Army. What farmin in India was this?

Ans. Silk Farming

Q.14. Connect.

Ans. Lifebuoy

Q.15. Who owns Air America?

Air America

Ans. CIA

Q.16. Robotic arms by which company?

Tata motors TAL

Ans. Brabo by TAL, owned by Tata Motors

Q.17. Aditya Gupta founder of iGenero and his team have ‘boyfriends’ to show clients how customer engagement can be maximised. Who are these boyfriends?

Ans. Chatbots, artifical intelligence

Q.18. This is Vidya Nataraj. She is belongs to the family which founded a famous Tata enterprise. Which Tata enterprise ?

Ans. Landmark

Q.19. Identify.


Ans. Flipkart’s first employee, Ambur Iyyappa

Bonus Question: Hitesh and Amanpreet Bajaj started a company, which is now owned by flipkart. Which company?

Ans. Letsbuy

Q.20. This company was founded on 7th May 1946. Which company?

Ans. Sony