Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Bhubaneshwar – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Bhubaneshwar – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :

KIIT – Omkar Amruthanshu and Sagar Saurabh


XIMB – Nipun Yerramalla and Arpit Narendra

Preliminary Round:

1 Which company recently sold its brands Ribena and Lucozade to Japanese giant Suntory ib order to focus more on its pharma interests?

A. GlaxoSmithKline

2 Which founder of Google has funded and backed the project on growing the world’s largest hamburger inside a laboratory?

A.  Sergey Brin

3 This airlines from the Mid-East introduced the concept of “flight nanny” and also utilized the services of characters such as Boo the panda , Jamool the camel and Zoe the bee. Which airlines ?

A. Eithad Airways

4 Initiative by which group?

Apollo Hospitals

A. Apollo Hospitals

5 This business magazine earlier owned by Anand Bazar Patrika was sold to a group of investors which also include Vikram Jhunjhunwala and Anurag Batra. Which magazine?

A. Business World

6 Which unlikely entity acquirec West Bengal based Tara News and Tara Muzik ?

A. WB government

7 For better search results on the internet, which company is using the algorithm called “hummingbird”?

A. Google

8 Who owns this film production house?

Sanjay Bhansali

A. Sanjay Bhansali

9 In China this is known as Weixin and is from the stable of Tencent holdings. How do we know it better?

A. WeChat

10 Rocketbelt browser , Xobini and Qwiki are recent acquisitions by which internet giant ?

A. Yahoo!

11 The world’s richest football club owner who also holds a 30% stake in Grupo Pachura. Identify.

A. Carlos Slim Helu

12 (Visual) Tom Hanks playing the role of which media and entertainment mogul?

A. Walt Disney

13 Name the movie which depicts the epic rivalry of Nikki Lauda and James Hunt.

A. Rush

14 Question on the origin of the Black box.

15 Rod Canion , Jim Harris and Bill Murto founded this in 1982 and is currently a subsidiary of HP. Which brand?

A. Compaq

16 “How not to make money” author and IPL team owner. Identify.

A. Raj Kundra

17 In India the British United Providents association opened business a few years ago and marketed themselves as what?


18 Ananta luxury watches are a line of watches being produced by which iconic company?

A. Seiko

19 At which city in India has Liverpool opened its International Football Academy ?

A. Pune

20 Which airlines advertises itself as “Airlines of middle earth”?

A. Air New Zealand


Questions contributed by Mr. Bivash Rath. As per Bivash “Pursuing Masters in Physics puts a lot of pressure but no amount of pressure is never enough to separate a quizzer from quizzes. Being an avid quizzer the contributor follows and attends all the quizzes within his reach. This time the contributor was lucky enough to be the runner up in the Ranchi Round of TCQ Campus Edition 2014.”

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