Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Bhubaneshwar – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Bhubaneshwar – Regional Finals Questions


  • WINNER :

KIIT – Omkar Amruthanshu and Sagar Saurabh


XIMB – Nipun Yerramalla and Arpit Narendra


Wild Card Round:

1 Branded as LFW , what in India is an acronym for [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Lakme Fashion Week

2 Get Paid to watch Ads is a marketing strategy by which entity ?

A. Micromax A94

3 Which company hold the executive rights for telecasting impartial public broadcast in UK , Isle of Man and the Channel Island?


4 Red Roofs is a trademark of?

A. Pizza Hut

5 Panama online is an online advertisement platform by whom to take on likes of Facebook and Google?

A. Yahoo!

6 British MNC coffee house [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Costa Coffee

7 Drishti is India’s first registered Hindi newspaper in what unique way?

A. Braille Paper

8 Its acronym represents the highly unlikely combination of tourism and catering and markets them under a single umbrella.


9 “Thinkning before its too late” are whose famous words who made millions by asking people to “think divergent”?

A.Edward De Bono

10. Which word meaning -“a government order prohibiting the departure or arrival of merchant ships in its ports” comes from a Spanish  word meaning “hinder”?

A. Etymology of “Embargo”

Regional Finals: 

Round – 1:

1. The Engineers at Roke Manor Research Limited, a Siemens subsidiary in Romsey, England, developed the system in 2001. Dr Paul Hawkins and David Sherry submitted a patent for the United Kingdom but withdrew their request. All of the technology and intellectual property was spun off into a separated company, which was bought by Wisden group and subsequently by Sony in 2010. What?

A. Hawk-Eye

2 Created in 1954 by Hugh Beaver, to brand his product differently he used a novel method which succeeded. He didn’t want to market it directly so he came up with something. What?

A. Guinness book of world records to market his alcohol

3. Gibraltar and Malta Cable Company, British Indian submarine telegraph company came together along with Falmouth to form what?

A. Cable and Wireless

4. Ten feet marketing rule, what is it in the world of retail?

A. Walmart rule to greet customers within ten feet of them. 

5 What brand is obtained from simple process of cooking it thrice?

A. Triscuit

6 Forces from USA went to Iraq but faced a big problem i.e. sand from sandstorms would block their guns. So they placed a peculiar order of one million supplies to protect their guns. What did they order to protect their guns?

A. Condoms

Round – 2:

1. Jeff Johnson was  the first employee of?


A. Nike [Question scrapped because Nike was visible]

2. Founder of which company?


A. Virgin

3. Connect: Willow run airport + Wizard computer reservation system?


A. Avis rent a car system

4 Old Mobley Hotel plaque with name of of the person  blanked out?

Conrad Hotel

A. Conrad Hilton.

5. Early contraption what?

Vacuum Cleaner

A. Vacuum Cleaner


1. Which brand name do we get from Greek home of gods?

A. Olympus

2. Fluid in motion is something designed by Wolf Ollins,UK. What is it?

A. Tata Logo’s T


Round – 3:

1. It was initially called “magic carpet” and was an Indian early journal. It attained a legendary status and its name created fascination as it was thought to represent flying angels. Who circulated this?

A. Air India

2. Introduced and sold as city rover [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Indica

3.  JN Tata’s name when expanded reads?

A. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata

 4 City of Jamshedpur achieved what unique Iso certification of 140001. What was it certified for?

A.  First for environmental compliance or environmental management

Round – 4:

1. Connect:



2. Connect:


A. Benetton

3. Connect:



4. Connect:


A. Endemol

Round – 5:


a) Bentley is owned by them [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Rolls Royce (Aroused some controversy, as Bentley is presently owned by VW)


a) Freedom perfume comes from their stable.

b) Arvind mills is a licensee in India for this.

c) True star collection inspired by Beyonce.

A.Tommy Hilfiger


a) Harper Collins owned by [Buzzer Pressed]

A. News of the World


1. This generic name means circle of knowledge and is a huge category in the world of publishing. What?

A. Encyclopedia

Questions contributed by Mr. Bivash Rath. As per Bivash “Pursuing Masters in Physics puts a lot of pressure but no amount of pressure is never enough to separate a quizzer from quizzes. Being an avid quizzer the contributor follows and attends all the quizzes within his reach. This time the contributor was lucky enough to be the runner up in the Ranchi Round of TCQ Campus Edition 2014.”

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