Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Jamshedpur – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Jamshedpur – Regional Finals Questions


  • WINNER :

XLRI Jamshedpur – Prithwish Datta and Abhishek Padhye


NIT Jamshedpur – Palak Kumar and Akash Kumar

10 years, and the Crucible was back to where it started! Jamshedpur witnessed a do or die scenario with XLRI winning on the last question. The excited(literally standing throughout the last round) youngsters from NIT Jamshedpur gave XLRI a serious run for their money. “There is a reason why XLRI is XLRI.”, said the Pickbrain. XLRI lived up to its tradition of never losing a Crucible at Jamshedpur.


Global atTENtion:

1. A white oval, half filled with dark blue, and a red, set of arrows showcasing itself. This is a logo of a company that ran into trouble recently. Which company?

A. Maseratti

2.  This company used to make battle ready apparel, demanded by the British and believe in integrity in their apparel. Which company?

A. Peter England (Honest Shirt)

3. Bobby the tramp asked his friend Henna, come lets go to the land where the ganges flow. Which film production house ?

A. RK Films

4. “Dhundte reh jaogeji; X kharedne mein samajdari hai.” What is X?

A. Surf

5. Dr Ruben Rausing invented this while playing with the tetrahedron shape?

A. Tetra Pack

6. What was founded by Eli Harari and Sanjay Mehrotra?

A. SanDisk

Round – 2:

Visual PoTENtial:

1. Famous words by ?

Warren Buffet

A. Warren Buffet.

2. Ad for?

Apple Machintosh

A. Machintosh.

3. Book by?

Peter Senge

A. Peter Senge

4. Identify?

Cafe Football

A. Cafe Football.

5. Ad for?


A. Greenpeace.

6. What?

Internet Archive

A. Internet Archive


Round – 3:

Tata World:

1. He was a leading economist whom the Tatas called to head TCS?

A. Nani Palkhivala

2. CNG EMAX [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Nano

3. Classic elegance coupled with technical mastery.

A. Titan Edge (slimmest watch)

4. From a tough competing pool of 78 companies, this company was called by the Abu Dhabi Yacht Park for mechanical works.

A. Voltas. 

Round – 4:

Think TENfold:

1. Connect:

Baush and Lomb

A. Bausch and Lomb

2. Connect:


A. Oprah Winfrey

3. Connect:


A. Google

4. Connect:

Mclaren Mercedes

Mercedes McLaren

Round – 5:

Rapid InTENt:

1. Gary Hamel and X, wrote Competing for the Future, and Stuart Hart and X, wrote  The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Who is x ?

A. C.K. Prahalad

2.Began with the purchase of Dominick’s in 1960. [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Dominoes. 

3. Swirls, create your own happiness [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Kwality Walls

Questions contributed by Mr. Anirban Kundu.

As per Anirban “Brimming with contagious energy and ready wit, Anirban is the jack of all trades (master of some). An entrepreneur in the making, he dreams of being on the cover of TIME one day. Don’t be surprised if you have seen him before on television (on shows like NSE History TV18 Young Pioneers). This year he was also a semifinalist in NDTV Croma TechGrandmasters-3.  He has an interesting wish to be on the Google Doodle someday. Anirban’s motto in life – dream. believe. achieve.”

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