Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Kolkata – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Kolkata – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :

IIFT – Rahul Sharma and Kunal Malhotra


Jadavpur University – Raktim Kumar Nag and Apratim M


Preliminary Round:

1. In the context of Ferrari, What does S stand for in SF ?

Ans: Scuderia (meaning Stable–)

2. In late 2012 Dr. S Rajkumar of Lifeline Hospitals, conducted an activity, which was at that time futuristic and streamed live on google hangout, What?

Ans: First use of Google Glass during a Surgery,

3. Which Indian two wheeler company has launched the automatic scooter “Jupiter”?

Ans: TVS

4. Sir Osborne Smith(image displayed), the first governor of the reserve bank of India,did not do one thing all his predecessors have done, what?

Ans: Sign on bank notes

5. American mechanic Walter Hunt invented something, that had a clasp to keep it in place and a coil in its body to act as a spring, the basic design has not been improved upon since its invention, What?

Ans: Safety Pin

6. Miller High Life has tied up with this iconic brand to produce branded beer cans and high lifestyle hogs, for use this summer. Which iconic brand are we talking about?

Ans: Harley Davidson

7. Which asian billionaire is behind Horizon Ventures of Hong Kong?

Ans: Li Ka Shing

8. Rank Group(logo displayed), is the owner of this famous brand, the rights to this brand has bben transferred to a tribe in Florida, USA, Which famous brand ?

Ans Hard Rock Café

9. Interhospitality is the hospitality arm of this, home solutions giant. Which giant?

Ans: Ikea

10. Go Air has come up with this recruitment idea for its cabin crew which will save them atleast 2-3 Cr, what idea?

Ans: Hire only ladies as cabin crew as on an average they weigh less.

11. Which FMCG company from his home state has made Cricketer R. Ashwin as its brand ambassador to promote its new line of diary products and milkshakes

Ans: CavinCare

12. Which company has Mark Benioff (Image provided) created which help companies to achieve their targets?

Ans: salesforce.com

13. Ring Plus aqua is the automotive component business of which organization which makes everything from apparels to contraceptives?

Ans: Raymond Group

14. Which car from Maruti was launched with the tagline”My thing,everything, _______”. Fill in the blank. The car/name refered here can be found in the oceans?

Ans. Stingray

15. In 1976 a Fulbright scholar at Vanderbilt University and a professor at Chittagong University joined hand to launch an initiate to extend credit to rural poor, Which organization are we talking about and name its driving force?

Ans: Gramin Bank and Md. Younus

16. Image of a commemorative coin released by UK for?


Ans. WWF

17. Whose premium brand of chocolates newly introduced in India is Alpino?

Ans: Nestle

18. Peter Drucker famously said, “A company has two functions I_________ and Marketing”. Fill the blank.

Ans: Innovation.

19. The surname of this well known India business family originates from the Hindi word for cotton, Identify?

Ans: Ruia, the word Rui/Kapas means cotton in Hindi.

20. An image campaign on 100 years of innovation.


 Ans. IBM


Questions contributed by Mr. George Mathew, a lawyer working with a Bank. He is a quiz enthusiast.

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