Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Vizag – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Vizag – Regional Finals Questions



Gitam Inst. Of Technology – Premchand and Vamsi Krishna


GMRIT – Abhinash and Venkat Ratnam

Regional Finals:

Round – 1:

1. He wrote  a book called “Double Life”. Which ad guru also an actor?

A. Alyque Padamsee

2. Launched by LEPL group, they have purchased 3 embraer aircrafts this year?

A. Air Costa

3. HOT COOL YOURS. Which event was promoted thus?

A. Sochi Olympics

4. Mr Bradham lost his patent on this product in 1905. Which famous brand?

A. Pepsi

5. Started in 1953 by Ali Hemati, this restaurant’s motto was good food, good service and happy times to its customers?

A. Paradise Biryani of Hyderabad

Round – 2:

1. Advertisement for?


A. Yahoo

2. Identify the game and give the logic behind it?

Candy Crush

A. Candy Crush Saga. The logic being in the game you get points when similar jellies and candies are in line and then they collapse and you get points. This is same to similar minds in a workplace augur well for the organization

3. “Inequality Re-Examined” Book by?

Amartya Sen

A. Amartya Sen

4. First what?

World's first vending machine

A. World’s first vending machine

5. Identify?

Jack Welch

A. Jack Welch of GE

Round – 3 –

1. Which coffee brand acquired by Tata’s refer to  a particular time?

A. Eight’o clock

2. Which Tata company makes i-Shakti?

A. Tata Chemicals

3. In 2014 Auto Expo India, which company created the world’s largest wi-fi network?

A. Tata Docomo

4. Titan is entering which new segment in India that is  a need as per law?

A. Helmets

Round -4-


Sun netwrk

A. SUN group

2. Connect:


A.  Yash Raj Films

3. Connect:

Mahesh Babu

A. Mahesh Babu

4. Connect:

Coco cola

A. Coca Cola

Round-5 –

1. In 2009, they introduced a personalized print magazine called “MINE”. It was started in 1923 by Brit Hadden and Henry Luce?

A. TIME Magazine

2. They are the official time keepers of the Redbull fighters team. Started by Nicolas Hayek?

A. Swatch

3. Chester Carlson’s objective was to make office work a little more productive and a little less tedious. What started thus?

A. Xerox

Questions contributed by Soubhagya Jena.

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