Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Bangalore – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Bangalore – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • National Law School (NLS) – Jayadev and Parth Singh
  • RVCE – Sagar and Nikhil

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Aamras, Jaljeera are flavours launched by which company?

Ans. Paperboat

Q.2. Founded and managed by James Park and Eric Friedman, which health related wearble technology comany are we talking about?

Ans. Fitbit

Q.3. Who is the Non-Executive Board Member of Infosys? He was a very important person in Ashoka Leyland.

a) Venu Srinivasan

b) R Seshasayee

c) V Ramachandran

Ans. R Seshasayee

Q.4. Question on Microsoft

Q.5. Which apparel brand introduced rainbow hues to its logo extending support to LGBT community?

Ans. Adidas

Q.6. Kan Khajura Tesan is a radio by which FMCG group?

Ans. Hindustan Unilever

Q.7. nuPC is a compact desktop made by Intel in association with?

Ans. Microsoft

Q.8. Question on Honda 

Q.9.Wolfgang Prock Shauer is the new CEO of which Indian Airline?

Ans. GoAir

Q.10. Gaatiman Express is a superfast express train from New Delhi to which city? Hint: Famous among tourists

Ans. Agra

Q.11. Which company was earlier known as Legend?

Ans. Lenovo

Q.12. Logo of?

images (1)

Ans. Penguin Books

Q.13. Which brand?


Ans. Fevicole-Pidilite

Q.14. How do we know him better?

images (2)

Ans. Marlboro Man

Q.15. Logo of?

download (2)

Ans. Foursquare

Q.16. K Dinesh is a not so famous member of which Karnataka Based company?

Ans. Infosys

Q.17. Which company from the hospitality sector trademarked a pillow as their logo?

download (4)

Ans. Ibis

Q.18.  Logo of?

download (3)

Ans. Corner House

Q.19. ‘The Book Accidental Scholar’ is about which Indian Origin Person? He is a management guru, thinker.


Ans. Jagadish N Seth

Q.20. Question about an Oil Company


Q.1. Question on subsidiaries of Royal Bank of Scotland

Q.2. Vedika is a brand by?

Ans. Bisleri

Q.3. 36 surprises and 36 cities is the caption of ?

Ans. Chattisgarh Tourism

Q.4. “New Age of Innovation” is by?

Ans. CK Prahalad

Q.5. From Gita, Mahabharata, “Yoga Kshemam Vahamyaham” is derived. It is the slogan of?

Ans. LIC

Q.6. Question on the establishment of State Bak of Indore

Q.7. Indrajal Comics is owned by which media house?

Ans. Times Group

Q.8. Which group owns CEAT tyres?

Ans. RPG Group

Q.9. George Stephen and Alexandra Elle are the founders of which company? It is also the largest manufacturer of steel barrels in India.

Ans. Balmer & Lawrie

Questions contributed by Vaishnavi Rao

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