Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Hyderabad – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Hyderabad – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • Osmania Medical College – Syed Mustafa and Syed Murtuza
  • ICSI – Syed Manzoor and Muneer Ali

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Balboa currency belongs to which country?

Ans. Panama

Q.2. Digital support to Chelsea Football Cup?

Ans. Wipro

Q.3. Ashok Soota established which company after leaving Mindtree for unhappy employees?

Ans. Happiest Minds

Q.4. Which renowned business school’s slogan is ‘Veritas’ meaning truth?

Ans. Havard

Q.5. Who wrote the book, “In the shadow of Mahatma”?

Ans. GD Birla 

Q.6. Question on CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)

Q.7. What is the word derived from Latin ‘Patere’, which means to lay open?

Ans. Patent

Q.8. How do we know Imperial Bank of India?

Ans. State Bank of India

Q.9. Which celebrity owns Harpo Productions?

Ans. Oprah Winfrey

Q.10. Which newspaper won 117 Pulitzer Prizes?

Ans. New York Times

Q.11. Which company own Royal Enfield?

Ans. Eicher Motors

Q.12. Poster campaign of ‘Hope” was designed for whom?

Ans. Barack Obama

Q.13. Which company in 2015 surpassed Walmart in retailer sector in market capitalization?

Ans. Amazon

Q.14. Identify.

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Ans. Michael Porter

Q.15. Identify. (Hint: Ad Guru)

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Ans. Leo Burnett

Q.16. Identify. (Hint: Famous psychologist and brain sciences journalist)

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Ans. Daniel Goleman

Q.17. Who was TIME Magazine’s first Man of the year?

Ans. Charles Lindbergh

Q.18. Identify. (Hint: Venture Capitalist)

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Ans. John Doerr

Q.19. Identify. (Hint: Ex- RBI Governor)


Ans. Duvvuri Subba Rao

Q.20. Identify.


Ans. Telangana Tourism

Questions contributed by Gurram Keshava Chandra

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