Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Hyderabad – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Hyderabad – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • Osmania Medical College – Syed Mustafa and Syed Murtuza
  • ICSI – Syed Manzoor and Muneer Ali

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Question about start of Time magazine 100 list in 1999

Q.2. Identify.


Ans. Rob Janoff, Designer of Apple Logo

Q.3. Identify.


Ans. State bank of Patiala

Q.4. Connect question on India Post 

Q.5. Identify. (Hint: CEO of East India Company)

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Ans. Sanjiv Mehta

Q.6. Identify. (Hint: Creator and designer of Tata Nano)

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Ans. Girish Wagh

Q.7.  Question on address of Bank of England and Street name Threadneedle.

Q.8. What is this?


Ans. Inside photo of HP Garage

Q.9. Question on CK Prahalad

Q. 10. Connect question on Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ventures

Q.11. Name the Tata and Poltrona Frau Decoration & Furniture store?

Ans. Casa Decor

Q.12. Identify.


Ans. Traitorous Eight

Q.13. Ensemble Company, India’s first Designer boutique is by?

Ans. Tarun Tahiliani

Q.14. Which logo’s inspiration is this? This is Kankaria lake in Ahmedabad.

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Ans. SBI

Q.15. Who is the ex- CEO of Proctor and Gamble India, who took early retirement to write books?

Ans. Gurucharan Das

Q.16. Question on how Anderson Consulting changed its name to Accenture

Q.17. Identify.



Q.18 Question on Israeli currency, Isareli Shekel

Q.19. Which company’s name was chosen in Library of Alexandria?

Ans. Alexa

Q.20. Lego brick of ?


Ans. Napolean

Q.21. Connect


Ans. Amartya Sen

Q.22. Where is the Tata Motors plant located in Uttarakhand?

Ans. Pantnagar

Q.23. Identify. What is he credited for?

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Ans. Tony Verna, Instant Replay Concept

Questions contributed by Gurram Keshava Chandra

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