Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • SIIB – Dhruv Puri and Abhishek Pandey
  • SIBM – Madhup Sagar and Karan Sood

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. In 1959, who became the 1st RBI Governor to win the Ramon Magsayay Award for distinguished services to the Government?

Ans. C D Deshmukh

Q.2. What was first put to use in Enfield town branch of Barclays Bank in North London on 27th June 1967?

Ans. ATM

Q.3. What was founded at a coffee house when a broker named John Casting started listing prices of a few commodities in 1698?

Ans. London Stock Exchange

Q.4. According to Grisham’s Law: Bad ________ dives out good__________. FITB.

Ans. Money

Q.5. What was founded in 1960 when Tom Monaghan and his brother James purchased a small Pizza Store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA?

Ans. Dominos

Q.6. What payment platform was founded by Pramod Saxena in partnership with South Africa based Blue Label Telecom?

Ans. Oxigen

Q.7. Which brand endorsed by Sushil Kumar has the tagline “Champion Banney Ki Taakat”? (Hint: Ghee brand & National headlines made by another product of this brand)

Ans. Patanjali Ghee

Q.8. Which computer system was developed specifically by IBM to answer the questions for the TV Show Jeopardy?

Ans. Watson

Q.9. Deep web is an Alex Winter’s documentary in which the director points him, at worst, to be a naïve idealist who found himself at the mercy of an overzealous, corrupt system. Who? (Hint: Person behind “Silkroad”)

Ans. Ross Ulbridge

Q.10. Which is this Kolkata based publishing house founded in 1936 by D. Mehra? (Hint: They wanted to go to court because an undergarment company trademarked the name.)

Ans. Rupa & Co.

Q.11. He is the author of the book “Innovation on Two Wheels”. Who?

Ans. Arun Firodia

Q.12. Webs first production and which CNN digital studios worked with which company to present the documentary City of Tomorrow? (Hint: The company is a networks company and tagline networking humans)


Q.13. What was started in 1945 when L.D.______ in partnership with Merlin G. Bush in Greenbay, Wiscounsin? (Big brand in the world of foods, starts with the letter ‘S’ and sounds German)

Ans. Schrieber

Q.14. Which writing instrument adopted by the industry freely today was made up of pointed shaft of metal & ivory and used to write on papyrus in Ancient times?

Ans. Stylus

Q.15. Who has invested in Sport Convo, social media for sports discussion? (Hint: He can get nothing WROGN at the moment.)

Ans. Virat Kohli

Q.16. What?


Ans. Amul Topical for Net Neutrality (Tum com hote ho interfere karne wale)

Q.17.  (Hint: Editor –in-chief of a magazine known for her scathing criticisms and starts with the letter ‘V’)


Ans. Vogue

Q.18. (Hint: The name of the mascot is Alfred Newman)


Ans. MAD Magazine

Q.19. Identify the building. (Hint: Named after a famous corporation and located in New York)


Ans. Chrysler Building

Q.20. Identify the statue. (Hint 1: Known for paintings of Campbell Soup and Coca-Cola bottles) (Hint2: A W Coke)


Ans. Andy Warhol

Questions contributed by Viraj Bake & Viraj Morabia

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