Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Pune – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Pune – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • SIIB – Dhruv Puri and Abhishek Pandey
  • SIBM – Madhup Sagar and Karan Sood

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. In 1997, at the invitation of the Logitech CEO, who successfully impersonated a management consultant and tricked Logitech managers into adopting a mission statement?

Ans. Scott Adams

Q.2. The Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan, United States, was a health resort most notably associated with which company?

Ans. Kellogg’s

Q.3. Connect:


Ans. Biryani

Q.4. Whose autobiography is titled ‘A Double Life’?

Ans. Alyque Padamsee

Q.5. He bought the Indian Cable Company from its British owners in the 1980s. He later changed its name to Incab Industries Limted. Who?

Ans. Kashi Nath Tapuria, described as close associate of Hasan Ali 

Q.6. Which Tata Group entity along with Lego Builders built the tallest Christmas tree at Forum mall, Bengaluru?

Ans. Landmark

Q.7. Popularized in Ken Blanchard’s 1985 book Leadership and the One Minute Manager what term is used to describe managers who “fly in, make a lot noise, dump on everybody and then fly out”?

Ans. Seagull Managers

Q.8. The company was founded in 1844 by Sameul in Yorkshire, North of England and soon became one of the world’s largest building contractors?

Ans. Pearson

Q.9. Connect


Ans. Red Cross

Q.10. After a gap of 20 years, this oil exploration rig Sagar Samrat has made a comeback in the Indian finance context. Where can we see this?

Ans. 1 Re Note

Q.11. Ratan Tata has invested in their company. Which one?


Ans. Urban Ladder

Q.12. Rent.com’s Amit Jain recently appointed to head this company in India. Which one?

Ans. Uber

Q.13. Accordingg to Laurene Peter of Peter Principle fame, the “noblest of all dogs is the _________ ,it feeds the hand that bites it.”

Ans. Hot-dog

Q.14. This serves as the logo for which entity?



Q.15. Which magazine awards the annual science Ig Nobel Prizes, for ten achievements that “first makes people laugh, and then make them think”?

Ans. Annals of Improbable Research

Q.16. What clothing item’s name is derived from this island?


Ans. Capri

Q.17. In 1901 which American company became the first billion-dollar company in the world, having an authorized capitalization of $1 Billion?

Ans. US Steel

Q.18. In 1947, at the age of 22, who was elected as United Breweries’ first Indian director?

Ans. Vittal Malya

Q.19. Who owns this non-profit organization?


Ans. Lady Gaga

Q.20. Which American retailer was founded by George Dayton?

Ans. Target

Q.21. Connect


Ans. PeTA

Q.22. Who manufactures this brand of cereals?


Ans. Pakistan Army

Questions contributed by Viraj Bake & Viraj Morabia

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