Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Ranchi – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Ranchi – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • NIT Rourkela – Nishant Nihar and Wasim Sajjad
  • NIT Rourkela – Prathamesh and Debashish

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Maruti has launched which premium segment hatchback recently?

Ans. Baleno

Q.2. Which company has launched trucks named Blazo. Hint-presence in software sector and this company is on the rise

Ans. Mahindra

Q.3.Which group has launched the website abof.com?

Ans. Aditya Birla Group

Q.4.Which newspaper was bought by Barclays Group? Hint- There is a newspaper of same name in East India

Ans. Telegraph                                                                                                     *

Q.5.Which hotel group has excpanded in India by focusing to Tier B cities first and has created a “blu wave”?

Ans. Radison Blu

Q.6.Which oil company was started after discovering oil at Spindletop, Texas but named itself after a different area?

Ans. Gulf Oil

Q.7. Which is currently the largest bank in the world with a capitalization of over 200bn$ and took over ICBC china?

Ans. Wells Fargo & Co.

Q.8.Which country advertises itself as garden by the bays. Hint- Casinos

Ans. Singapore

Q.9.-Which ridesharing company was conceived in Dec 2003, by Frederic Mazella after he could not get home for Christmas?

Ans. BlaBlaCar

Q.10.What is the two letter codename that all aircrafts from India have?

Ans. VT

Q.11. A question on the origin of logo of Rolling Stones

Q.12. Logo of?

download (1)

Ans. Bing

Q.13. Chitra Ramakrishnan is the CEO of what?

Ans. National Stock Exchange

Q.14. Logo of?



Q.15. Identify?

download (1)

Ans. Betty Crocker 

Q.16. Which company has made a 4G tower camoflauged by a palm tree for the first time India?

Ans. Reliance Jio

Q.17. Which music store recently changed its tagline from “Music, Movies, Masti and mauj” to” My Fun, My Way”?

Ans. Planet M

Q.18. Identify.


Ans. Milton Friedman.

Q.19.Question on Founder of DPS School Group

Questions contributed by Prathamesh Dash.

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