Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jammu – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jammu – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER:  MIET – Ankur Mahajan and Sanjay Kumar
  • RUNNER UP: SMVD University – Sarthak Das and Kumar Vaibhav

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Expand KYC.

Ans. Know Your Customer

Q.2. Who is the Economic Affairs Secretary of India?

Ans. Shaktikanta Das

Q.3. What was started by Ganga Bhishen Aggarwal?

Ans. Haldirams

Q.4. Which airlines name denotes calmness? Hint: Two Word Chinese Name.

Ans. Cathay Pacific

Q.5. Who started Alibaba?

Ans. Jack Ma

Q.6. What was started by Reed Hastings?

Ans. Netflix

Q.7. Who wrote in National Geographic Magazine under pseudo name?

Ans. Alexander Graham Bell

Q.8. Who started Gemini Bitcoin Exchange?

Ans. Winklevoss Twins

Q.9. What was created to help students learn the use of mouse?

Ans. MS Paint

Q.10. Which company’s employees are called cast members?

Ans. Disney

Q.11. Which brand derives its name from Voice and Data?

Ans. Vodafone

Q.12. Which brand of soap was endorsed by Vinod Khanna and Imran Khan?

Ans. Cinthol

Q.13. Which company has acquired TuppleJump?

Ans. Apple

Q.14. Which company’s in-house clothing line is called Symbol?

Ans. Amazon

Q.15. Which ‘bag’ was invented by Thomas Sullivan?

Ans. Teabag

Q.16. Which alcohol company is famous for its crown series Blended Whiskey?

Ans. Seagram’s

Q.17. Which brand owns Dasani drinking water?

Ans. Coca Cola

Q.18. Which famous economic principal is named after an Italian Econimist?

Ans. Pareto Principal

Q.19. Which famous English author was a banker as well?

Ans. PG Woodhouse

Wild Card:

Q.1. Lux released obituary on death of this Chief Minister?

Ans. Jayalalitha

Q.2. Where in the world Rolex Digital watches are used?

Ans. Wimbledon

Q.3. Which cosmetics brand was started by Anita Roddick?

Ans. Body Shop

Questions contributed by Ankur Mahajan

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