Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2018 – Schedule


Date Day  City
29-Jan-18 Monday Chandigarh
31-Jan-18 Wednesday Ghaziabad-Noida
1-Feb-18 Thursday Jaipur
5-Feb-18 Monday Kozhikode
6-Feb-18 Tuesday Kochi
11-Feb-18 Sunday Manipal
13-Feb-18 Tuesday Indore
15-Feb-18 Thursday Pune
16-Feb-18 Friday Navi Mumbai
17-Feb-18 Saturday Udaipur
18-Feb-18 Sunday Ahmedabad
19-Feb-18 Monday Anand
20-Feb-18 Tuesday Nagpur
21-Feb-18 Wednesday Raipur
24-Feb-18 Saturday Shillong
03-Mar-18 Saturday Goa
05-Mar-18 Monday Salem
07-Mar-18 Wednesday Visakhapatnam
09-Mar-18 Friday Trichy
11-Mar-18 Sunday Mumbai (Zonals)
12-Mar-18 Monday Lucknow
13-Mar-18 Tuesday Jammu
14-Mar-18 Wednesday Dehradun
15-Mar-18 Thursday Jalandhar
16-Mar-18 Friday Sonepat
17-Mar-18 Saturday Delhi (Zonals)
18-Mar-18 Sunday Guwahati
20-Mar-18 Tuesday Mysore
22-Mar-18 Thursday Chennai
23-Mar-18 Friday Bhubaneswar
25-Mar-18 Sunday Varanasi
26-Mar-18 Monday Patna
27-Mar-18 Tuesday Ranchi
28-Mar-18 Wednesday Jamshedpur
TBC TBC Bengaluru
TBC TBC Hyderabad (Zonals)
TBC TBC Coimbatore (Zonals)
TBC TBC Kolkata (Zonals)
TBC TBC National Finals

Source: Tata Crucible Website

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  1. Wouldn’t you be posting finals questions?

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