Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Coimbatore – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2014 – Coimbatore Edition – Finals


Round – 1

1. Documented as one of the first selfie in 18th century in Europe, footmen would announce on behalf of their masters. What evolved in the modern day business?

A. Visiting cards.

2. Company called Giesecke and Devrient from Munich based in 1980’s, experimenting with wireless communication created something inseperable in the modern day world, what?

A. Sim cards.

3. A company’s work was to create and transform energy to oxygen in India? Which company ?

A. Mahindra e2o. 

4 .In hindi movie mere dad kimaruti which maruti car was featured?

A. Maruti Ertiga.

5. What is a winchester shirt?

A.  The colour of the collar and cuff different from that of the colour of the body of the shirt.

6 Legal requirement in Austria, Switzerland and German speaking European countries for limited liability companies?



1. Identify?


A. Braille mobiles.

2. What is the new name?


A. Hyatt

3. Which media company does Rani Mukherji work for in this film?



4. Identify the jousting knights log?


A. Faber Castell.

5. Identify the logo?


A. Herbalife.

6. Identify?

Tony Fernandes

A. Tony Fernandez of Air Asia. 

Round -3

1. Which Tata company was founded as the Swallow Sidecar company in 1922, originally making motorcycle sidecars before developing passenger cars?

A. Jaguar. 

2.Only businessman in India the nation saluted on the 175years of birth?

A.  J.N.Tata

3. In 1988 Tatas sold 50% stake in cosmetic brand to HUL?

A.  Lakme

4. Pixel and Mega Pixel, sub-brands of?

A.  Nano

Round 4

1. Connect:


A. Dominoes Pizza.

2. Connect:


A. Shoppers Stop.

3. Connect:


A. Emami.

4. Connect:


A. Reddit.

Round 5

1. First Clue – Estd in 1948 by Momofuku Ando.

b. Second Clue –  In 1948 they created the “retort pouch” series of products.

A. Nissin Foods

2. First Clue – Created by Max Morgenthaler and his research team.

Second Clue –  Taster’s choice was its renamed version in US.

Third Clue – Advertisement video.

A. Nescafe

3. First clue – Pierre Bellon began this in France?

A. Sodexo. 

The questions are contributed by Mrs. Anuradha Yogesh. Ma’am follows quizzing keenly and is a quiz aficionado.

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