Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Coimbatore – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Coimbatore – Preliminary Round Questions



PSG CAS – Huzefa and Surya Narayanan. P


ICSI – Ms. Busaina. A. S and Venkatesh. P


Preliminary Round:

1. Alvire school in Hudson, New Hampshire operates their only school store in the USA. Besides normal food and beverages items, the “BRONCO BARN “ store also sells their cards. Who?


2. Which Mexican Billionaire runs conglomerate Groupocarso and previously the chairman and chief executive of telecommunication company Telmex and American Movil?

A. Carlos Slim Helu.

3.We have heard of white collar workers , who are green collar workers?

A. Environment related jobs.

4.Identify the Logo?


A. Sulabh International

5. Which was the first private firm to report Abraham Lincoln’s death to Europe?

A. Reuters.

6.The two films, Disney’s John Carter and Pixar’s Brave are both dedicated to which business legend?

A. Steve Jobs.

7. Mcdonals happy meal program always promotes a current movie. With which movie did the happy meal scheme start?

A. Star Trek

8. Identify the bank ?


A. Catholic Syrian Bank.

9. Which name was suggested by Dhirajben Ruparel in a contest held in 1962 for Rs 5?

A. Lijjat .

10. Danjaq LLC is a company resposible for the copy right and trademarks to which famous film/book character?

A. James Bond.

11. When translated into English which famous organisation name is thus, Goddess of Wealth Women’s Home Industry Tasty ____. What?

A. Lijjat Papad.



A. Monopoly

13. Which fashion designer named her most famous design after her favorite brand of car and even predicted that pubic hair would be a great fashion accessory?

A. Mary Quant.

14.Which American statistician ,professor, author, lecturer and consultant is best known for the “ Plan- Do- Check-Act” cycle popularly named after him. Who?

A. Edward Deming

15. 1949, X began producing among other new products , an early version of the now famous interlocking bricks calling them automatic Binding bricks? which toy?

A. Lego

16. Identify?


A. Being Human line of clothing.

17. Who is the sponsorer of the Jamaican track athlete Usain Bolt?

A. Puma

18. Airforce1, Marine 1, but what is the US presidential limousine called?

A. Cadilac 1.

19. Identify?

  • Vanyavilas –   Rathambore;
  • Amarvilas –   Agra
  • Rajvilas     –   Jaipur
  • Udaivilas –   Udaipur

A. Oberoi hotels.

20. Identify the author?


A. Edward De Bono.

Questions are contributed by Mrs. Anuradha Yogesh. Ma’am follows quizzing keenly and is a quiz aficionado.

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