Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – National Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – National Finals Questions


  • WINNER : IIFT – Kunal Malhotra and Viraj Bake
  • RUNNER UP : LNMIIT – Anivesh and Kushal Shah


National Finals Questions:

Round 1 – Getting Started

1) George Wittet, one of the first board members of the Tata Engineering Co, the previous avatar of Tata Motors, was the first president of IIA from 1917. What did he architect for the Tatas?

A. Bombay House

2) Identify the entity from the logo.


A. Marley Resort & Spa

3) Identify the entity from the logo.


A. Murty Classical Library of India

4) China to Washington DC in 2000, China to Memphis in 2003, China to Edinburgh in 2011 and China to Paris in 2012 are some of the historic flights of FedEx containing two main passengers along with 200 kilos of a type of woody grass, 100 kilos of shoots, 45 kilos of apples, plus plenty of fresh water. Who was being transported?

A. Pandas

5) Connect:


A. Starbucks

6) 40 devotees of Maa Manglagauri Mandir in Gaya town, Bihar have opened a bank for their financial betterment. Who are the principal founders of the bank or what is this bank’s uniqueness?

A. Bank started and operated by Beggers

Round 2 – Pinch Hitting

1) Identify the entity from the logo.


A. Iron Bank of Braavos

2) What is the name of this tour?


A. Steve Jobs Tour

3) Which economic indicator named after a television channel got its name because of behaviour – when the economy is down, this channel got the highest views?

A. CNBC Indicator

4) The patent for what was given by US Patent department to Clarence Saunders on October 9 1917, which he used for his grocery store ‘Piggly Wiggly’?

A. Self Serving Store

5) What is the significance of this image?


A. Secret Easter Egg used for the first time

6) Trademarked in the UK, what generic material was named after John L McAdam, a British surveyor who suggested that the broken stones of even size mixed with tar would result in highest quality products?

A. Tarmac

7) Identify from the advertisement.


A. Titan Edge

8) First appearing in the 1590’s in England, this term meaning designated funds came from the fact that farmers used a special identification on their livestock by cutting distinctive notches on the animals. What economic term?

A. Earmark

9) Where would you come across ‘Hotel Borse’?


A. The Grand Budapest Hotel Location

10) Connect:



11) What has Mona Mehta designed?


A. Designed IPL Trophy

12) Who started out as a stock broker before trying his hand at the family business of PVC pipe making and later went on to be the chairman of Gujarat State Finance Corporation in 1995?

A. Amit Shah

Round 3 – Slog Overs:

1) Origin of the term Benchmarking.


2) Koryo is a company based in Beijing and started by Nicholas Bonner, a Leeds University Professor and film director Daniel Gordon in 2001. They meet each of their clients personally before the transaction and they have a monopoly in their industry. What specific destination do they market?

A. Tour of North Korea

3) Briefcase used by US President to authorize a nuclear attack while away from fixed command centers. What is the name?


A. Nuclear Football

4) Connect:


A. Vogue

5) Explain:


A. The Launch of Businessline by RK Laxman

6) A Member of the original cast of Agatha Christie’s play Mousetrap, he sold his 10 percent production rights of the play to finance his dream which won him an Oscar for best film and direction. Which Oscar winner’s epic is this?

A. Richard Attenborough – Gandhi