Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – North Zonal Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – North Zonal Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • MIET – Ankur Mahajan and Sanjay Kumar 
  • RUNNER UP : 
  • LNMIIT – Anivesh and Kushal Shah


Q.1. Which specific product- by ‘Whoz High’ readymade online cloth manufacturer, was brought into national media focus and peak sales during Valentine’s Day 2015?

Ans. Muffler  

Q.2. In 1913, a draft was drawn on the name of Chartered Bank .It was the most valued draft at the time, and was presented to its receiver. What honourable draft did the Chartered Bank draw?

Ans. Tagore’s Nobel Prize

Q.3. Name the petroleum company behind these gourmet- style cafes at petrol pump outlets. These are present in Europe, Asia & Africa.

Wild Bean Cafe

Ans. British Petroleum

Q.4. Named after centuries old heritage location.


Ans. Alexandria

Q.5.   Connect:


Ans. Saina Nehwal

Q.6. Called “Beyond”. It is 32 room resort with various rooms like – Red Room, White Room. What is so unique about this category of holiday resorts.


Ans. Wine Tourism (in Nashik)

Q.7. Started on Jan 3, 2012 by Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah. Its name is derived from something that is honest and a spice that is ‘proudly Indian’ and a slang word for ‘fun’. The company embraces Indian talent, craftsmanship and business acumen. Which company did they establish?

Ans. PepperFry

Q.8. Identify a huge enterprise by her.


Ans. DKNY 

Q.9. In December 2014, which company patented 18 Carat Gold, instead of metals used in alloys, a low density ceramic was used to make the gold harder?

Ans. Apple Watch

Q.10. Described as a pressing need in today’s age, what is “emotional neutrality” in finance?

Ans. The concept of removing greed, fear, superstitions and other human emotions from financial or investment decisions. 

Q.11. This famous lady is the only woman on an US Dollar bill. Identify her.


Ans. Martha Washington

Q.12. This is the flag of the 4th largest German City. Originally it was a Roman province. The name is signfies of a luxury type of water. Name it.


Ans. Cologne  

Q.13.  Connect:


Ans. SnapDeal

Q.14. What term originated by this practice started by Lesley Red, of carrying a pig after a victory?



Q.15. What word meaning “treasure” is the Luxury Lifestyle stores of Taj Hotels?

Ans. Taj Khazana    

 Q.16. He is a French publisher/designer whose Late 1800s design is now eponymous with works of Harry Potter and Hunger Games. What?


Ans. Garamond

Q.17.Unusual Headphones created by?


Ans.Dolce & Gabbana

Q.18. First plant is in Nangloi (Delhi) in 2003. The second  plant came up in Danapur, Bihar. It catered to places such as Bihar, Howrah and Sealdah. Now, facilities have come up in Tamil Nadu and Bangalore. What product is manufactured in these places?

Ans.Rail Neer  

Q.19. Connect:


Ans. Manchester City F.C.

Q.20. Latin Word for Twins. Whose venture?


Ans. Winklevoss Twins

Q.21. In computer architecture, a 32 bit integer can encode a number as high as 2147483647. However, this company had to change its entire architecture from a 32 bit to a 64 bit integer encoding in 2014. Which “occurrence” caused this?

Ans. Data overflow on the Youtube View Count for ‘Gangnam Style’.   

Q.22.   Short film released in 1968. First film by this iconic guy. Later became the name of his production venture. Who is he?


Ans. Steven Spielberg

Q.23. Famous person from the World of Tatas receiving Padma Bhushan from Zakir Hussain


Ans. Naval Tata  

Q.24.  First published in 1783. Has sold more than a 100 million copies thereafter. What?


 Ans. Webster Dictionary   

 Questions contributed by Subhodeep Jash!

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – South Zonal Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – South Zonal Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • GLC Kochi –Jis Sebastian and Feny Joy
  • RUNNER UP : 
  • TAPMI- Sudarshan and Vinayak


Q.1. Originally known as  ‘Cine Morelos’ in Morelia, Mexico. It is the largest chain in Latin America and the fourth largest in the world, with over 334 theaters, 3,187 screens and over 27,177 employees throughout Mexico, Gauatemla, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, India and the United States. How do we know this company better?

Answer: Cinepolis

Q.2. The group was founded  by Late Seth Shri Shankarlalji Surajmalji Kasliwal & Late Sethani Smt. Chandrawatiji Shankarlalji Kasliwal in the year 1943. It was named after Shankarlalji Surajmalji Kasliwal, his sons (Alok Kumar, Vivek Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Sumati Kumar, Shambhu Kumar & Abhaya Kumar) and daughters (Vijaya Kumari, Snehlata Kumari, Unnati Kumari, Pragati Kumari, Yojna Kumari, Bhavna Kumari & Sadhana Kumari). Which textile and apparel company are we talking about?

Answer: S Kumars

Q.3. They are the founders of?


Answer: Bain Capital

Q.4.  What special type of institute was established in the year 1881 for the first time in the United States, to train the future leaders to conduct corporations and public organizations in a rapidly evolving industrial era?

Answer: Wharton Business School, (the first B-School)

Q.5. Connect question on Royal Enfield.

Q.6. ‘Thrill’ is an aerated beverage introduced by which business tycoon?

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Answer: Vijaya Mallya

Q.7. Which company was founded by them?

download (3)

Answer: Urban Ladder

Q.8. What is special about the football match of Manchester United on 31st January 2010? (Hint: Something happened for the first time in the history of Indian television)

 Answer: First 3D Telecast

Q.9. According to Gaurav Jain, the founder of this eatery chain, the name has a nice Punjabi feeling and also reminds of a very famous Qawwali song. Name the eatery chain.

Answer: Mast Kalandhar

Q.10. What is Icarus factor?

Answer: A situation where managers or executives initiate an overly ambitious project which then fails. Fueled by excitement for the project, the executives are unable to reign in their misguided enthusiasm before it is too late to avoid the failure.

Q.11.  It is a slang term used to refer a situation where a person invests without any knowledge. What is it referred as?

Answer: Dead Horse Investment.

Q.12. What does the term sub-lebrity mean?

Answer: A so-called celebrity who despite occasionally appearing on the news or in a newspaper has no real relevance to our lives in any way whatsoever. And has no real talent. 

Q.13. Connect.


Answer: MS Dhoni

Q.14. With a dimension of  9.7 by 6.3 centimetres, it is made of 100 per cent cotton rags. It will weigh 90 grams per square metre and have thickness of 110 microns. It will have the bilingual signature of Rajiv Mehrishi. After a gap of 20 years, what is being re-introduced again in the year 2015?

Answer: One Rupee Note

Q.15. Born on 27 June 1964 in a Kashmiri Pandit family of landlords and army officers. Her father retired from the army in 1983. She had two brothers, one of whom works for a bank; the other is in the Army.  She graduated from the Government College for Women in Srinagar, where she studied during 1986-88.  She was a sales manager in the Dubai-based TECOM Investments, and a co-owner of the India-based Rendezvous Sports World. Identify the Indo-Canadian businessperson and the wife of Indian diplomat.

Answer: Sunanda Pushkar

Q.16. Which shareware file archiver and compressor utility was created by Eugene Roshal?

Answer: WinRar

Q.17. Making of which company’s logo?


Answer: Paperboat

Q.18. Mel Haney is the fictitious mascot and coverboy of which magazine?

Answer: Mad Magazine

Q.19. Connect to a personality.


Answer: Arun Jaitley

Q.20.  The Tata Sustainability Group announced the appointment of Ms Anita Rajan as the Chief Operating Officer of  Tata Strive. The initiative will require that Tata companies work together with non-Tata companies, NGOs, foundations, Union and State Governments, and, in particular, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Youth Affairs and Sports.  The knowledge expertise within Tata companies will bring in quality into the training programmes, besides appropriate certification and measurement of outcomes. Tata Strive address what pressing issue?

Answer: Skill Develpoment

Q.21. Al Hayat is the media centre of ?

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Answer: ISIS

Q.22. With which telecom company would you associate this place with?

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Answer: Vodafone

Q.23. Which entrepreneur would you associate with The Dearborn Independent?

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 Answer: Henry Ford

Q.24.  Question on Je suis Charlie.


Questions contributed by Vaishnavi Rao.