Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Mumbai – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Mumbai– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER : 
  • SP JAIN – Siddharth and Ronak
  • KJ Somaiya – Vikas Raj and Jithin George

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Identify the city which gave India the vehicle JONGA? It was created by Ordnance And Guncarriage Assembly. A famous city for manufacturing vehicles for the Armed Forces.

Ans. Jabalpur

Q.2. This is Dr. V.P. Sidhan. Which soap brand did he create?


Ans. Medimix

Q.3. He launched a new digital media business called Merry Jane that focuses on all things cannabis, not unlike his story career. Which famous rapper?

Ans. Snoop Dogg

Q.4. Question on Surabhi show and Ford Foundation

Q.5. Which famous ad filmmaker from India founded Genesis Film Production Company?

Ans. Prahalad Kakkar

Q.6. Its story began in 1953, when brothers Jose, Vincent and Juan started experimenting with porcelain figurines.

Ans. Lladró

Q.7. This is Aireen Omar. Which airline company does she head now?


Ans. Air Asia

Q.8. Which Tata company is he the chairman of? His name is NG Subramaniam.


Ans. Tata Elxsi

Q.9. Connect question on Hindustan Sanitary Ware

Q.10. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in the 50’s was concerned that Indian women were spending precious foreign exchange on beauty products and spoke to JRD Tata about it. Which brand was thus formed?

Ans. Lakme

Q.11. In 1869, a young couple of 19 and 24, Mary Ann Staples and John James _____ set up a small dairy shop in a small property they rented on London’s Drury Lane. It is the 2nd largest supermarket in the United Kingdom.

Ans. Sainsbury

Q.12. Whose Identity in India is this?

barbeque nation

Ans. Barbeque nation

Q.13. Who?


Ans. S Ramadorai

Q.14. In 2005, which company acquired Skype from its founders?

Ans. Ebay

Q.15. Identify whose trademark characters these are?


Ans. ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ book by Spencer Johnson

Q.16. These are products of?


Ans. Piramal group

Q.17. Which American company has the slogan “The Miracles of Science”?

Ans. DuPont

Q.18. Which internet brand began as Burp?

Ans. Instagram

Q.19. Question on Thiel Index

Q.20. Which businessman’s name was included in this list?

Robert Vadra

Ans. Robert Vadra

Q.21. Connect question on Myntra

Q.22. This is the mascot of?

mumbai airport

Ans. Mumbai airport T2 terminal

Q.23. Identify the logo.


Ans. Stumbleupon

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Navi Mumbai – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Navi Mumbai– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • RAIT Nerul – Devendra K and Anit Basu
  • NISM – Ganesh Kumar and Vishwanth Rana

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Every Indian passport carries a request to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance, and to afford him or her, every assistance and protection of which he or she may stand in need. Who makes this request?

Ans. The President of India



Ans. Ela Bhatt, founder of Sewa

Q.3. Idenitfy the logo?


Ans. Corus

Q.4. Connect.


Ans. Ford

Q.5. Identify the brand he is associated with?


Ans. Patanjali

Q.6. When Neil Armstrong said ‘One step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ in 1969, which company’s transceiver was used?

Ans. Motorola

Q.7. NAIRU is a rate of what?

Ans. Unemployment

Q.8. These are comics to teach children finance. Who brings out these comics for school children?

Warren Buffett

Ans. Warren Buffett

Q.9. Which tata company now with increasing focus on spices, does he head?

Tata Chemicals

Ans. Tata Chemicals

Q.10. Connect.

North East united FC

Ans. North East United FC

Q.11. Which insurance company sponsored the first ever cricket world cup in 1975?

Ans. Prudential

Q.12. Which Tata product is this?

Tata water plus

Ans. Tata water plus

Q.13.What is the full form of ASSOCHAM India?

Ans. Associate chamber of commerce

Q.14. What is the average interbank interest rate at which a selection of banks on the London money market are prepared to lend to one another?


Q.15. Which famous best selling book?

The monk who sold his ferrari

Ans. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma

Q.16. Which telecom service was started on Bangladesh independence day as a venture between Telenor and a Muhammed Yunus backed organization?

Ans. Grameen phone

Q.17. ‘The mysterious affairs at styles’ introduced a Belgian policeman to the world. He went on to become an iconic personality. Who?

Ans. Hercule Poirot

Q.18. Whose trademark is this?


Ans. Saavn

Q.19. Which finance minister in his budget speech of 2005 introduced VAT?

Ans. P Chidambaram

Q.20. This is a famous coefficient. What?


Ans. Gini Index

Q.21. Initiative by?


Ans. Pepsi

Q.22. Connect.


Ans. Danny Denzongpa

Q.23. This was the proposed logo design of?

navi mumbai

Ans. Navi Mumbai International Airport logo

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Varanasi– Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Varanasi– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • IIT BHU – Aditya and Ashwin
  • MNNIT Allahabad – Aditya and Aakash

Regional Quesions:

Q.1. Identify this coffee shop. It was an exclusive one. Only for its premium customers. It went on to become a café. Where in the world was this located?


Ans. Titanic

Q.2. In medieval times, a dish called the ‘Numbles’ which was the innards of animals was a common dish on peasants. Which phrase commonly used in modern world came from the act of consuming these ‘Numbles’? It is also an economic barometer of countries

Ans. Eating the Humble Pie

Q.3. A famous philanthropist from New Zealand funded it.


Ans. Edmund Hillary

Q.4. Connect.


Ans. Ebola

Q.5. The cloth for what purpose is reportedly 658 sq.meters of pure silk, weighs 670 kgs, it also use 120 kg of gold twine and it costs the country that makes it about US $4.6 Million?

Ans. It is cloth used to cover the Kabah in Mecca

Q.6. These were called the Dabbas. What is this, who created it? Created on the request of Nehru.


Ans. Election Ballot Boxes created by Godrej

Q.7. She heads a huge corporation. Which one?


Ans. HTC

Q.8. Question on Kinderjoy and USA.

Q.9. Connect.


Ans. Quid ditch

Q.10. Question on Happy birthday to You.

Q.11. Question on Cindrella Effect.

Q.12. What is this?

symbol of peace

Ans. Symbol of peace

Q.13. What does this hoarding do?


Ans. It dispenses Beer

Q.14.Question on Kathak.

Q.15. The origin of which modern day profession originated in the mid 16th century as the name for a clerk or registrar of a court where he would note down the ‘Acts’ or ‘events’ that happened?

Ans. Actuary

Q.16. At the end of each year, Yahoo! India releases the personality of the year list. For the year 2015, PM Modi, Delhi CM Kejriwal, Nitish Kumar, Deepika Padukone, were all considered. But who finally became the personality of the year?

Ans. Cow

Q.17. Identify the logo.


Ans. Uber

Q.18. Question on Jindal Steel

Q.19. Who would you associate this with?


Ans. Panasonic

Q.20. Question on crypto processors

Q.21. Connect.


Ans. Snowden

Q.22. Who was the designer of this watch?


Ans. Charles Lindbergh

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Guwahati – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 –Guwahati – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER : 
  • NIT Silchar – Dipankar and Aveek Kumar
  • Guwahati University – Kumar Shivam and Jyotish

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Q.1. What was Benjamin Franklin referring to when he said “Money money makes more money”?

Ans. Compound Interest

Q.2. Identify the brand that gets created by these peppers?


Ans. Tobasco Sauce

Q.3. Tashi was a Tata- owned retail chain selling this category?

Ans. Shoes

Q.4. Connect.

Bank of Baroda

Ans. Bank of Baroda

Q.5. Lacelle is a brand from?

Ans. Bausch & Lomb

Q.6. Aditya Mangal whose twitter handle is “Sir Sri ______” has recently authored the book ‘How to become a Billionaire by selling nothing”. Who does Aditya parody?

Ans. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Q.7. Gamers have been categorized as E,T and M. What is M, if E is Everyone and T is Teen?

Ans. Mature

Q.8. In the early 1940s, which now popular term meant aerial bombs: single bombs capable of destroying a whole city area, also known as ‘cookies’ during the firebombing of Hamburg?

Ans. Blockbuster

Q.9. Who is the only Indian, who was a finance minister, to have won both  Bharat Ratna and Nishan-e-Pakistan, the highest civilian award of Pakistan?

Ans. Morarji Desai

Q.10. Connect


Ans. Amrutanjan

Q.11. Which company is DATA on NYSE?

Ans. Tableau

Q.12. What is the speciality of this ATM?

Vatican Bank

Ans. Only ATM in the world to use Latin

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Ghaziabad – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Ghaziabad – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • Amity University – Sreshth Shah and Abhimanyu
  • Aligarh Muslim University – Saeed Ur Rehman and Shahnawaz Ahmed

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. She won Success Magazine’s ‘World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur’ in 1996.

Ans. Shahnaz Hussain

Q.2. Coat of arms of?

london school of economics

Ans. London School of Economics

Q.3. This company was formed through the merger of Koninklijke Hoogovens and British Steel in 1999. It’s a Tata company since 2007. Which company?

Ans. Corus

Q.4. Connect:


Ans. Air India

Q.5. Which stadium is named after a former General Manager of Tata Steel?

Ans. Keenan Stadium

Q.6. Royal Enfield range inspired by the dispatch rider of World War is distributed through which channel?

Ans. Online

Q.7. It was founded in 1957 by venture capitalist and Harvard professor Georges Doriot, along with Claude Janssen and Olivier Giscard d’Estaing. What?


Q.8. Identify.

Conrad Hilton

Ans. Conrad Hilton

Q.9. Which social sciences institute has the motto ‘Re-Imagining Futures’?

Ans. Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Q.10. Connect:


Ans. Tata Motors

Q.11. This company acquired a majority stake in India’s largest applications software companyi-flex solutions in a $909-million deal.

Ans. Oracle

Q.12. He is Bill France. What did he start in car racing?



Q.13. Slogans include “Love Is Still Our Field,” “Just Plane Smart,” “The Somebody Else Up There Who Loves You,” “You’re Now Free To Move About The Country,” “THE Low Fare Airline,” “Grab your bag, It’s On!” and “Welcome Aboard.” The airline’s current slogan is “If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us.” Who?

Ans. Southwest Airlines

Q.14.  Who is this?

Elinor Ostrom

Ans. Elinor Ostrom. She is the first and only woman to win Nobel Prize in Economics

Q.15. In 2000, he advised a UKForeign Office committee that the Arab–Israeli conflict might be due, in part, to low levels of zinc found in people who eat unleavened bread. He argues that low zinc levels leads to heightened aggression. He suggested shipping out jars of Marmite to compensate.

Ans. Edward de Bono

Q.16. He was the first designer to ban models with abody mass index(BMI) under 18. He is the president of the Olimpia Milano basketball team. Who?

Ans. Giorgio Armani

Q.17. Founders of which company?


Ans. Amway

Q.18. Its distinguished history began in 1758 when it was appointed as general agents to the regiment of Foot Guards in India under the command of Lord Ligonier. Which company?

Ans. Cox & Kings

Q.19. The idea originated with theSchool of Salamancain the 16th century and was developed in its modern form by Gustav Cassel in 1918.

Ans. Purchasing Power Parity

Q.20. Id this Scottish-American industrialist.

Andrew Carnegie

Ans. Andrew Carnegie

Q.21. This company launched the ‘Har Shaadi Hai Shaandaar’ contest in association with Dharma Production’s movie ‘Shaandaar’.

Ans. Tata Capital

Q.22. Connect question on BBC.

Q.23. Who launched this?


Ans. Oxfam

Questions contributed by Ankit

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Jammu – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Jammu – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • MIET Jammu – Ankur Mahajan and Sanjay Kumar
  • Mata Vaishnov Devi Univ. – Saurabh and Prakhar

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. A special trademark exemption was given for this trademark logo.

Swachch Bharat

Ans. Sabarmati Ashram

Q.2. This is the old logo of?


Ans. Skoda

Q.3. Connect.

Thumbs Up

Ans. Thumbs Up

Q.4. Who owns Ultra Tech Cements?

Ans. Aditya Birla Group

Q.5. Which group created Lakme in India?

Ans. Tata Group

Q.6. The branding of what in the world has been decided to be only in a Tannery yellow colour to be visible from far and in fog too?

Ans. School Buses

Q.7. Identify.

carlos slim

Ans. Carlos Slim Helu

Q.8. Who is the author of the book- Pax Indica?

Ans. Shashi Tharoor

Q.9. Identify.

Ray Tomlinson

Ans. Ray Tomlinson

Q.10. Connect.


Ans. Currency Notes

Q.11. Identify the person from this symbol?

Hillary Clinton

Ans. Hillary Clinton

Q.12. Which sports family owns the Hyde Park Entertainment Company? They produce Hollywood films.

Ans. Amritraj Brothers

Q.13. Which organisation started its journey with this rice cooker?


Ans. Sony

Q.14. Who is this?

Najma Heptulla

Ans. Najma Heptulla, Minister for Minority Affairs

Q.15. Nandan Nilekani was the mind behind the creation of what large government idea, which could be compulsory for all Indians some day?

Ans. Aadhar (UID)

Q.16. Identify this airline?

korean air

Ans. Korean Air

Q.17. On laptops letter F and J have dent on them. Why?

Ans. Help the blind to know the position of keys

Q.18. What are these ATMs for?

gold atm

Ans. Gold Coins Dispensing ATM

Q.19. On the 4th of July weekend of 1924, this chef in Tijuana, Mexico was running short on supplies due to an unexpected rush of customers. in order to not have to turn customers away, Mr. Cardini created a dish using remaining ingredients he had lying around and named it after himself. What?

Ans. Caeser Salad

Q.20. Which brand is this?

Tag Heuer

Ans. Tag Heuer

Q.21. Who captivated India with a simple column called “you Said It”?

Ans. RK Laxman

Q.22. Connect.


Ans. Names of Airports in India

Q.23. Who is his son?


Ans. Richie Richie

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Chandigarh – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Chandigarh– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • IISER – Devwrat Dube and Adeetya
  • GGDSD – Hitesh Kamboj and Angadh Paul

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Who is this person, who always appears in the forbes most richest people of the world list?

sultan of brunei

Ans. Sultan of Brunei

Q.2. Identify the person related to WIPRO.

rishabh premji

Ans. Rishabh Premji

Q.3. Identify.

r gopalakrishnan

Ans. R Gopalakrishnan

Q.4. Connect.

Axis Bank

Ans. Axis Bank

Q.5. ezyColour is an offering from whom?

Ans. Asian Paints

Q.6. Jhatpat banao, Befikar Khao is the tagline of Atta Noodles brand by who?

Ans. Patanjali

Q.7. Who wrote articles for the National Geographic under the pseudonym “HA Largelamb” as he felt that the magazine was taking articles because of his fame and he wanted to sell them on their own merit?

Ans. Graham Bell

Q.8. In 1966, who bought the gay nightclub Heaven, located under Charing Cross Railway Station?

Ans. Richard Branson

Q.9. Identify this face that is often found on your breakfast table?


Ans. Heinz

Q.10. Which Tata company supports the Tata Adevnture Foundation?

Ans. Tata Steel

Q.11. Connect.


Ans. Big Bazaar

Q.12. Logo of?


Ans. Competition Commission of India

Q.13. Identify.

devdutt pattnaik

Ans. Devdutt Pattnaik

Q.14.Which country gets its name from the precious metal silver?

Ans. Argentina

Q.15. Which organisation was created by Henry Durant?

Ans. Red cross

Q.16. Which cosmetics brand came up with the Nude Pallette?

Ans.  Maybelline

Q.17. Whose orginal automobile was this?


Ans. Benz (cycle model)

Q.18. Which brand is promoted by Maria Sharapova?

tag heuer

Ans. Tag Heuer

Q.19. What quintessential computer product was created by Z-soft in 185 steps to help new computer users accustomed to using a mouse and graphical user interface but later taken over by Microsoft?

Ans. MS Paint

Q.20. In 1925, what was sold by con artist Victor Lustig for scrap metal on two separate but related occasions?

Ans. Eiffel Tower

Q.21. Whose headquarters is this?


Ans. Youtube

Q.22. Connect.

royal stag.

Ans. Royal Stag

Q.23. Question on Nek Chand

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Chennai – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Chennai – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • IIT Madras – Venkatasubramaniam and Rushabh
  • SRM University – Siddhanth and Abijit H

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. How do we better know Fred Turner University?

Ans. McDonald’s Hamburger University

Q.2. What tagline did she coin ?

Anuja Chauhan

Ans. Yeh Dil Mange More

Q.3. Which Tata Enterprise has a JV with Boeing?

Ans. Tata Advanced Systems

Q.4. With which brand would you associate Vallabhai Patel and Stamina?

Ans. Amul

Q.5. Question on Tipping point.

Q.6. Which TVchannel distributed “Anmol Water”?

Ans. Zee

Q.7.Question on the Mint Mark

Q.8. Question on Lockheed Martin

Q.9. Question on Nowroji Saklatwala

Q.10. With what would you associate Hilton and Herbert Hover?

Ans. Waldorf Astoria

Q.11. What was initiated by Arjun Jain in 1993?

Ans. Polaris

Q.12. Question on Faulty Airbags

Q.13. What?

download (2)

Ans. Bata Shoe Museum

Q.14. Which brand sponsors stunts?

Ans. Redbull

Q.15. With what would you associate  “Healty soul in Healthy Body”?

Ans. Asics

Q.16. Question on the First Times Women of the year

Q.17. What is the name Company initated by Ashok Soota after leaving Mindtree?

Ans. Happiest Mind

Q.18. Who is the Phantom of the Bombay House?

Ans. Pallonji Mistri

Q.19. Question on Dr. Dre and Beats.

Q.20. With which Company would you associate her. She is referred to as Chief Lizard Officer.


Ans. Mozilla

Q.21. Question on Taj Airlines

Q.22. Question on Brylcreem

Q.23. Question on the lyrics of a song written by Piyush Pandey

Questions contributed by Samyuktha R

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Trichy– Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Trichy– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • NIT Trichy – Rishi R. and Subramaniam
  • BIM Trichy – Giridhar and Bharathidasan

Regional Quesions:

Q.1. Which legendary business man had a purple nose? He had a chronic skin disease called rosacea. He funded many organisations. He was rarely photographed. Clue: Famous personality from the world of finance.

Ans. JP Morgan

Q.2. This is Liz Claiborne. She was the first woman entrepreneur to be featured on which famous list?

Liz Claiborne

Ans. Fortune 500 List

Q.3. Which famous automobile manufacturer was the second TIME Magazine Man of the year?

Ans. Chrysler

Q.4. Question on TERI.

Q.5. Which automobile company has launched a smartphone in collaboration with Bosch, called InControl?

Ans. Jaguar

Q.6. Broadcast Audience Research Council has been asked to stop using it as it leads to confusion. Who has trademark for these four letters?

Ans. Bhaba Atomic Research Centre

Q.7. How do we know her?

Rolls ROyce

Ans. Eleanor Thornton  (Rolls Royce statue)

Q.8. Avani Davda is the CEO of which Tata enterprise?

Ans. Starbucks

Q.9. Nissan Micra is sold as Renault Pulse, Sunny as Datsun Sunny. What is this marketing trick called as?

Ans. Cross badging

Q.10. Question on World Wild Life Fund.

Q.11. Which company’s first outlets were named “Tote’m Stores” because customers “toted” away their purchases? Some stores featured genuine Alaskan totem poles in front of the store. In 1946, the chain’s name was changed from Tote’m to its present name to reflect the company’s new, extended hours.

Ans. 7-11 chain

Q.12. They are 5 brothers, founders of which automobile company?


Ans. Studebaker

Q.13. Question on Cabotage.

Q.14. Ernest Beaux was the first person to trademark a perfume brand with a number in it. What?

Chanel no.5

Ans. Chanel no.5  

Q.15. Saral Money in India is a innovative method of money payment, it requires what for easy access to bank accounts?

Ans. Aadhar Card

Q.16. Question on Kalashnikov Rifle Logo.

Q.17. My formula for success: Rise early, work late, strike oil. Who?

Ans. J Paul Getty

Q.18. Which Latin phrase when translated means “let there be light”, is also the name of a soap?

Ans. Lux

Q.19. Identify.

Fort Knox

Ans. Fort Knox

Q.20. Along with Robert Waterman, who wrote the book “In Search of Excellence” ?

Ans. Tom Peters

Q.21. Connect.


Ans. AMD

Q.22. Which Tata company director served as Governor of United Provinces and Uttar Pradesh?

Ans. Sir Homi Mody

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Mysore – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Mysore– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • NIE Mysore- Bhargav A. and Ms.Rashmi Ravi
  • SJCE Mysore- Srikar and Shreyas K.

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Which Saudi billionaire has a stake in News Corporation, City Bank Group and Twitter?

Ans. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Q.2. Annapurna Pictures was started by her. Identify her?

Megan Ellison

Ans. Megan Ellison

Q.3. Identify the logo.


Ans. Tata Tin Plate

Q.4. Connect


Ans. Tata Starbucks Alliance

Q.5. Jhatpat Banao, Befikar Khao is the tagline of Atta Noodles brand by which organisation?

Ans. Patanjali

Q.6. This person formerly from Infosys is launching an online market space called PM Health and Life Care. Who?

Ans. Phaneesh Murthy

Q.7. Which billionaire wants to be reborn as Sophia Lauren’s boyfriend?

Ans. Warren Buffett

Q.8. The Civil Aviation Act of 1969 came into force because of this. What happened in Kuala Lumpur?

Ans. People were loaded in Cargo planes

Q.9. Which technology major recently with titan to make smart watches?

Ans. HP

Q.10. Connect Question on Ratan Tata.

Q.11. Expand NPCI.

Ans. National Payments Corporation of India

Q.12. His famous Bangkok restaurant has become Asia’s finest. Who is this person of Indian origin?

gaggan anand

Ans. Gaggan Anand

Q.13. Coal and the three Ts are principally mined in eastern Congo. All are required by consumer electronics manufacturers. If 2 Ts are Tin and Tantalum, what is the third T?

Ans. Tungsten

Q.14. The two chief executives of deutsche bank along with Anshul Jain offered their resignation in connection with accusation of rigging ____ rate. What rate?

Ans. Libor Rate

Q.15. There are two car brands which are part of this story called “Taken for a Ride”. One is Chrysler, which is the other?

Ans. Benz

Q.16. Which Indian group coal mine place in Australia is finding opposition from the local tribes?

Ans. Adani Group

Q.17. Advertisement by?


Ans. GE

Q.18. In 1983, which Indian company began selling shampoo in small plastic sachets instead of large bottles?

Ans. Cavin Kare

Q.19. Which country is the biggest buyer of Indian Basmati rice?

Ans. Iran

Q.20. What is this?


Ans. New logos of premier leagues without Barclays

Q.21.John Cryan has been picked as the CEO of which bank?

Ans. Deutsche Bank

Q.22. Connect.

Ramoji Group

Ans. Ramoji Group

Q.23. A company from Mysore contributes to elections in over 42 countries with a single product. What?

Ans. Indelible Ink