Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Coimbatore – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Coimbatore – Preliminary Round Questions



PSG CAS – Huzefa and Surya Narayanan. P


ICSI – Ms. Busaina. A. S and Venkatesh. P


Preliminary Round:

1. Alvire school in Hudson, New Hampshire operates their only school store in the USA. Besides normal food and beverages items, the “BRONCO BARN “ store also sells their cards. Who?


2. Which Mexican Billionaire runs conglomerate Groupocarso and previously the chairman and chief executive of telecommunication company Telmex and American Movil?

A. Carlos Slim Helu.

3.We have heard of white collar workers , who are green collar workers?

A. Environment related jobs.

4.Identify the Logo?


A. Sulabh International

5. Which was the first private firm to report Abraham Lincoln’s death to Europe?

A. Reuters.

6.The two films, Disney’s John Carter and Pixar’s Brave are both dedicated to which business legend?

A. Steve Jobs.

7. Mcdonals happy meal program always promotes a current movie. With which movie did the happy meal scheme start?

A. Star Trek

8. Identify the bank ?


A. Catholic Syrian Bank.

9. Which name was suggested by Dhirajben Ruparel in a contest held in 1962 for Rs 5?

A. Lijjat .

10. Danjaq LLC is a company resposible for the copy right and trademarks to which famous film/book character?

A. James Bond.

11. When translated into English which famous organisation name is thus, Goddess of Wealth Women’s Home Industry Tasty ____. What?

A. Lijjat Papad.



A. Monopoly

13. Which fashion designer named her most famous design after her favorite brand of car and even predicted that pubic hair would be a great fashion accessory?

A. Mary Quant.

14.Which American statistician ,professor, author, lecturer and consultant is best known for the “ Plan- Do- Check-Act” cycle popularly named after him. Who?

A. Edward Deming

15. 1949, X began producing among other new products , an early version of the now famous interlocking bricks calling them automatic Binding bricks? which toy?

A. Lego

16. Identify?


A. Being Human line of clothing.

17. Who is the sponsorer of the Jamaican track athlete Usain Bolt?

A. Puma

18. Airforce1, Marine 1, but what is the US presidential limousine called?

A. Cadilac 1.

19. Identify?

  • Vanyavilas –   Rathambore;
  • Amarvilas –   Agra
  • Rajvilas     –   Jaipur
  • Udaivilas –   Udaipur

A. Oberoi hotels.

20. Identify the author?


A. Edward De Bono.

Questions are contributed by Mrs. Anuradha Yogesh. Ma’am follows quizzing keenly and is a quiz aficionado.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Coimbatore – External Track Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Coimbatore



1. Connect J.R.D Tata, G.D Birla, Lala Shriram, Ardeshir Godrej, A.D. Shroff, Kasturibhai Lalbhai, and Purshotamdas Thakurdas.

– The Bombay Plan

2. This English term comes from the term that means ‘something that produces an effect of something that facilitates an effect’. It is a Latin word. Which?

– Agent

3. This Chartered Accountant did not intend to popularise ‘The Replacement Cost Theory’. The movie ‘Gafla’ was about this person.

– Harshad Mehta

4. An invention of the 19th century by Ányos Jedlik, named ‘Bilaithi Pani’. What was the invention?

– Soda or Tonic water

5. This company changed its name to the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Name the brand.

– Avon Cosmetics

6. Word that is carved out of ‘Amount of money in circulation that increases the amount of money?

– Inflation


1. Identify


– Franco Ecquoti

2. Identify


– GoDaddy.com

3. Identify


– Guinness

4. Identify


– Gerber

5. Identify


– RP Goenka

6. Identify


– Old Spice



1. “My Journey to the top’ autobiography was written by?

– Bachendri Pal

2. ‘Nano Drive’ was a nation wide campaign on which television channel?


3. Which company created the ‘Mumbai Wall Book’.

– Tata Housing

4. Joint venture by Tata Power and Exaro for sustainable energy in Africa.

– Synergy


1. 4F1

– Indusind Bank

2. 4F2

– Lakme

3. 4F3

– Alyque Padamsee

4. 4F4

– Times of India


1. This is a venture fund whose name originates from Tamil literally meaning ‘tied wood’.

– Catamaran

2. In 1925, he joined the Algerian regiment of French Army called ‘Le Saphis’ (the Sepoys). Who?

– JRD Tata

3. Who is the KG D6 block owner?

– Reliance Industries



Chennai Silks – Yogesh Pai and Arul Saravanan


Kumbhat & Co – Sheilendra Bhansali and Ms.Priya Bhansali

Questions Contributed by  Raghav Rithvik.


Raghav Rithvik is a mechanical engineer by profession, avid photographer, motorcycle aficionado and tech enthusiast. He is one of them who loves the why of things!

He can be reached on facebook or twitter.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Coimbatore – Preliminary Round

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz – 2013 Coimbatore

It was a memorable day of quizzing at Coimbatore, as the opening city of the 10th edition of Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz -2013, got off to a phenomenal start. With over 75 teams participating in the preliminary round, six teams qualified for the finals and the quiz witnessed a cut-off as high as 15. The current National Champions (Chennai Silks) made a slow start in the first round and picked up pace in the following rounds. Their preparation was evident from their performance in the TATA rounds. It was a close call for second place between the teams from Brookefields Estates and Kumbhat & Co., where in the end, Kumbhat & Co. took the second place with the last question.



Chennai Silks – Yogesh Pai and Arul Saravanan


Kumbhat & Co – Sheilendra Bhansali and Ms.Priya Bhansali



1. Edwin Budding invented the first of this type in 1827 in Thrupp, Gloucestershire, UK. What was it?

– Lawn Mower

2. Dairy Milk, the brand of milk chocolates, world over is manufactured by Cadbury, except in the United States, who is it made by there?

– Hershey’s

3. Ranbir Kapoor is the brand ambassador of which car manufacturer in India?

– Nissan

4. What name did Star News adopt on June 1, 2012

– ABP News

5. “Your typing while you drive is as bad as your driving while you type”. Whose advertisement is this?

– Opel

6. Which Japanese electronics giant had the name “Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.” from 1935 to October 2008?

– Panasonic

7. Rajat Gupta was convicted in June 2012 on insider trading charges stemming from Raj Rajaratham with regards to which company?

– Goldman Sachs

8. Who leads Ceejay Group, a big player in the tobacco industry?

– Praful Patel

9. Which is the largest mobile operator in terms of numbers in Bangladesh?

– Grameenphone

10. Which newspaper is using the following campaign?



11. If Samsung is the largest Chaebol (South Korean Conglomerate), which is the second largest Chaebol?

– LG

12. ‘Adidas master Blaster Elite’ is a personalized _________________, manufactured by Adidas for Sachin Tendulkar.

– Cricket Bat

13. Which clothing company started its business at Sacramento Street, San Francisco in 1853?

– Levi’s

14. Which product/ brand did ‘Lalitaji’ make famous in Indian advertising?

– Surf

15. Who is the author of the best seller “Guerrilla marketing”?

– Jay Conrad Levinson

16. In 1949, in Sycamore, Illinois, Ed Seymour derived a novel solution to demonstrate an aluminum paint he had created for painting steam radiators. He used a known principle for this demo, but it became popular and he ended up founding a company. What did he invent?

– Aerosol Paint

17. The ‘Platinum Lounge’, a royal luxurious movie-viewing experience, is now known as ‘Wave Cinemas’. Who was its founder?

– Ponty Chadda

18. What did Timothy Leary, American Psychologist and writer, refer to as the LSD of the future?

– Internet

19. The first of this name was set up by Ramakishen Dutt in Calcutta in 1828. The second Bank of India was incorporated in London in the year 1836 as an Anglo-Indian bank. The third bank named Bank of India was registered in Bombay (Mumbai) in the year 1864. What was the name of the bank?

– Bank of India

20. She is Melanie Healey. She heads the feminine division of which FMCG giant?


– Procter and Gamble

21. What financial services company was founded by Rashesh Shah and Venkat Ramaswamy and was named after a national symbol, especially Austria?

– Edelweiss Capital

22. Youngest of three children of an army doctor Lt. Col. Dr. Bantwal Ganapathi, this industrialist capped an academic career with the Doon School and Presidency College, Kolkata. In 1948, he replaced R.G.N. Price as the Chairman of the company that is now headed by his flamboyant son. Who?

– Vittal Mallya

23. What word comes from Latin for ‘Caseus’, which means ‘to turn sour’?

– Cheese

24. Ganesh C Jain and Ratan D.Jain started this as a cassette company in the early 1980s. Which brand from the music industry is this?

– Venus Cassettes

25. This is the son on a person who revolutionized cricket. Who?


– James Packer

Questions Contributed by  Raghav Rithvik.


Raghav Rithvik is a mechanical engineer by profession, avid photographer, motorcycle aficionado and tech enthusiast. He is one of them who loves the why of things!

He can be reached on facebook or twitter.