Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2018 – Jaipur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2018 – Jaipur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER : BITS Pilani – Sakansh Mittal and Devesh Vashishtha
  • RUNNER UP : LNMIIT – Dheeraj and Dikshant

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Which retail store in India says ‘ Making India Beautiful’?

Ans. Big Bazaar

Q.2. Who was the finance minister of India before Arun Jaitley?

Ans. P. Chidambaram

Q.3. Which famous Indian pharmaceutical company’s logo is a ‘dynamic helix’?

Ans. Biocon

Q.4. Ultratech is owned by which group?

Ans. Aditya Birla

Q.5. Which famous Indian was the CEO of Calcutta Municipal Corporation in 1924?

Ans. Subhash Chandra Bose

Q.6. Which insurance company was established by the Tatas in 1919 with a capital of 20 crores?

Ans. New India Assurance

Q.7. Salil Parekh is the CEO of which Indian IT company?

Ans. Infosys

Q.8. Which logo, also known as the ‘Drop T logo’, was based on an impromptu sketch by instrument retailer and designer Ivor Arbiterin in 1963?

Ans. The Beatles logo

Q.9. Sir M Visveswaraya started a pig iron plant at Bhadravati in 1923, known as Visveswaraya Iron and Steel Limited. Which company owns it?

Ans. SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited)

Q.10. Which MNC forayed into the payment solutions space in the country with the launch of Tez(fast)?

Ans. Google

Q.11. Which apparel brand is this?

Ans. Levi’s

Q.12. Which sports brand has come out with this campaign?

Ans. Reebok

Q.13. Which Indian cricketer owns the clothing brand True Blue, in partnership with Aravind Mills?

Ans. Sachin Tendulkar

Q.14. Which media house was Rani Mukherjee a part of, in this movie?


Q.15. Which famous company’s founder wrote ‘Testament of a furniture dealer’, for the employees of his company to follow?


Q.16. What in the world of technology was founded by these two?

Ans. WhatsApp

Q.17. Which shoe manufacturer has come out with these range of slippers as a part of their ‘Healers’ range?

Ans. Liberty

Q.18. Who is this great economist?

Ans. John Maynard Keynes

Q.19. If is this Sulajha Motwani, which group would you associate her with?

Ans. Kinetic

Q.20. Whose advertising campaign is this?


Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: LNMIIT – Dheeraj Gupta and Dikshant Rathi
  • RUNNER UP: BIT Mesra – S. N. Saurav and Shubham Israni

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Which brand do you associate this person with?

Ans. Airtel 

Q.2. Speaking at a programme titled ‘Dostur – Ek Parampara’, Social Activist Dr. Munda appreciated which Tata company’s efforts for preserving & promoting the tribal language ‘Ho’?

Ans. Tata Steel

Q.3. This is Alibaba’s ticker on NASDAQ. What is it?


Q.4. Connect

Ans. ICICI Bank

Q.5. What’s named after Tony Stark’s ____ from the Iron Man movies & has Morgan Freeman ‘behind’ it?

Ans. JARVIS AI from Facebook

Q.6. Which Tata company has completed acquisition of 100% shareholding in Welspun Renewables Energy & its subsidiaries?

Ans. Tata Power

Q.7. Which famous company is known as the merger?

Ans. ACC Cements

Q.8. Connect

Ans. Barcodes

Q.9. Whose login page reads- Bringing joy to messaging?

Ans. Dubsmash

Q.10. Connect


Ans. Airtel Money

Q.11. Identify the advertiser

Big Basket

Ans. Bigbasket.com

Q.12. How do we now better know North Delhi Power?

Ans. Tata Power

Q.13. In 2000, the Vatican stated that this game franchise did not have “any harmful moral side effects” & was based on “ties of intense friendship”. What was being described?

Ans. Pokemon

Q.14. Kolakta based Te-A-Me Teas delivered a huge consignment containing 6000 bags of famous Assam green tea to him. Whom was this particular consignment sent to?

Ans. Donald Trump

Q.15. Who introduced the concept of One Page Banking?

Ans. Axis Bank

Q.16. ‘Third Rock’ is an internet radio station from which organisation?


Bonus Question:

Q.17. Spaceport, a NASA publication, serves the employees of which particular place and organisation?

Ans. Kennedy Space Centre

Q.18. Identify the advertiser.

Ans. Hotstar

Q.19. Known as Sistem Penerbangan Malaysia in Malay, which company owns the two subsidiaries called Firefly and MASwings?

Ans. Malaysian Airlines

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jaipur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jaipur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: LNMIIT – Dheeraj Gupta and Dikshant Rathi
  • RUNNER UP: BIT Mesra – S. N. Saurav and Shubham Israni

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. How do we better know UTI Bank in today’s world?

Ans. Axis Bank

Q.2. What two-word term did Ericsson use to describe its GS 88 “Penelope” in 1997,that is so much a part of our lives today?

Ans. Smartphone

Q.3. Which Indian company sold Thumbs Up to Coke?

Ans. Parle

Q.4. Ronald Wayne, along with two others, is the founder of which famous company?

Ans. Apple

Q.5. What airline that caters to Jaipur is promoted by the Wadia group?

Ans. GoAir

Q.6. Which famous brand features Harlistas in its commercials? Hint: An Indian company is giving them a run for their money

Ans. Harley Davidson

Q.7. Sameer and Vinit Jain run which famous national daily?

Ans. Times of India

Q.8. Which group earlier owned Lakme before HUL?

Ans. Tata Group

Q.9. What does QR in QR Code stand for?

Ans. Quick Response

Q.10. In Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice, what was the name of the moneylender?

Ans. Shylock

Q.11. In 2014, Belgium made a bid for World Heritage status for which very common food item?

Ans. French fries

Q.12. Who has written the book, “How Not to Make Money”?

Ans. Raj Kundra

Q.13. Old logo of which famous company?

Ans. Shell

Q.14. National Milk Day – 26 November is celebrated every year in whose memory?

Ans. Verghese Kurein

Q.15. Identify.

Ans. Nirmala Sitaraman

Q.16. Whose campaign?

Ans. Airtel

Q.17. Identify.

Ans. Evernote

Q.18. Identify the airline run by this man.

Ans. Jet Airways

Q.19. Which famous place is this?

Ans. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, London

Q.20. Identify.

Ans. Urjit Patel

Cutoff: 15-16

Highest: 19

Questions contributed by Sakansh Mittal

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Jaipur– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER : 
  • LNMIIT – Mrinal Sharma and Annanya J
  • LNMIIT – Sai Krishna and Shobhit

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. This introduction by American Express is traditionally attributed to employee Marcellus Flemming Berry, after company president JC had problems in smaller European cities after obtaining funds with a letter of credit. What was introduced?

Ans. Travellers Cheque

Q.2. This is an atoll. What did it give rise to?


Ans. Bikini

Q.3. Which company is LB on NYSE?

Ans. Limited Brands

Q.4. Which American insurance major is increasing its stake to 49% in its Life insurance venture with Tata Sons?

Ans. AIA

Q.5. Which legendary executive was fired by Henry Ford II in 1978?

Ans. Lee Lacocca 

Q.6. Connect.


Ans. Twitter

Q.7. What was conceived at the Major’s Cabin Grill Restaurant in New York City in 1949 when Frank McNamara was dining with clients and realised he had left his wallet in another suit?

Ans. Diner’s Club

Q.8. Where would you find Yaksha and Yakshini statue?

Ans. RBI

Q.9. How do we know the retailer that began as Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig?


Q.10. Which TATA company has brands called ASATAF, TAKUMI, APPLAUD, CONTAF and Amplus?

Ans. Rallies India

Q.11. What in the world came from this?


Ans. First sedan

Q.12. Which American reality show is known for the phrase, “You’re fired”?

Ans. Celebrity Apprentice

Q.13. Connect.


Ans. ITC

Q.14. Which Italian car manufacturer is based in Maranello?

Ans. Ferrari

Q.15. This is the headquarters of which famous institution in the world of finance?


Ans. IMF

Q.16. This term is attributed to Ian Mcleod and refers to a situation in which the inflation rate is high, the economic growth rate slows, and unemployment remains steadily high. Which economic term?

Ans. Stagflation

Q.17. He is Martin Rapaport. He publishes Rapaport Index which controls the price of?

Ans. Diamond

Q.18. Which term originated, when Henry VIII besieged Pope Clement VII with around 80 or so petitions for the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon?

Ans. Red tape

Q.19. Non-profit organisation Champions against Bullying has paired up with American ad agency Deutsch to create a NiceBot. What does it do?

Ans. Says Nice things 

Q.20. These two flowerflies are named after?

Bill GatesBill Gates

Ans. Bill Gates, Paul Allen

Q.21. Which media personality from India has recently launched EazyDiner, a restaurant reservation and concierge services platform?

Ans. Vir Sanghvi

Q.22. Which Tata Company and AIIMS announced the launch of a patient friendly Out Patient Department (OPD)?

Ans. TCS

Q.23. Connect.

CD Players

Ans. CD Players

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Jaipur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Jaipur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • LNMIIT – Mrinal Sharma and Annanya J
  • LNMIIT – Sai Krishna and Shobhit

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q1 Who wrote “The Wealth of Nations”, considered to be the first modern book of economics?

a) Galbraith
b) Adam Smith
c) John Meynard Keynes

Ans. Adam Smith

Q2. Which brand created by Ruth Handler celebrates its birthday on March 9?
Hint: Girls / children love this.

Ans. Barbie

Q3. What does A stand for in EBITDA?

a) Accountancy
b) Amortization
c) Accrual

Ans. Amortization

Q4. What is the common name for ‘Annual Financial Statement’ mentioned in our constitution?

Ans. Budget

Q5. Which term was coined in 2003 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford? Hint: It is a technology used to differentiate between human and machine on the internet.

Ans. Captcha

Q6. Who wrote the influential book, “The Principles of Scientific Management”?

a) F W Taylor
b) Charles Darwin
c) Phillip Kotler

Ans. F W Taylor

Q7 Which English language newspaper founded by James Wilson claims that it “is not chronicle of economics”?

Ans. Economist

Q8 What was initially called “Presenter”. and was developed by Thomas Ruskin and Dennis Austin of Forethought, Inc?

Ans. Power Point

Q9 November 26 is celebrated as ‘National _____ Day’? Hint: India has a surplus production of this. One great man who lead a revolution made this happen.

Ans. Milk

Q10. Which term is derived from an Old French word meaning ‘dead pledge’? Hint: Common term used when you are applying for a loan

Ans. Mortgage

Q11. In his book, “Second Chance: For your money, your life, and our world,” he defines wealth as freedom from work. Hint: He also wrote ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’

Ans. Robert Kiyozaki

Q12. Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd is a 50-50 joint venture between Topshop and which famous musician?

a) Jennifer Lopez
b) Shakira
c) Beyonce

Ans. Beyonce

Q13. Its campaign “Play it Right” is a sort of repositioning for the brand. In the last campaign, the brand adopted a naughty, “Your time, your place” positioning. Which brand? Hint: Change your ____, Are you in the right ____ were two other famous campaigns.

Ans. Moods

Q14. Records from around 4000 BC refers to a substance called Kohl that was used to darken eyelashes, eyes, and eyebrows. Kohl was used to mask the eyes. How do we know it today?

Ans. Kajal / Mascara

Q15. Identify the cofounder of MindTree. (Visual)

a) Ramadorai
b) Subrato Bagchi
c) Kris Gopalakrishnan

Ans. Subrato Bagchi

Q16. Identify this famous lady from the banking industry. First Indian female to graduate from Harvard Business School?

download (3)

Ans. Naina Lal Kidwai

Q17. What did he invent?

download (2)

Ans. Mouse

Q18. Identify the logo from the world of online.

download (1)

Ans. Dubsmash

Q19. Who studied bureaucracy?
a) Max Webber
b) Vin Hall
c) James Smith

Ans. Mark Webber

Q20. Name the brand from the famous movie title starring Merryl Streep, Anne Hatheway.

Ans. Prada

Questions contributed by Jaiquizzi.

For more information and the latest updates on quizzing in Jaipur, Rajasthan do visit www.jaipurquizclub.com.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions


  • Taj Hotels – Shakti K and Pradeep Ludhani
  • Logisure – Ms. Jagrati and Avinash Maurya

Regional Round Questions:

1. What is this train is powered by to become a very special train in India ?


Ans. CNG

2. This style of management refers to keeping employees in the dark, restrict employee access to information and decisions. What?

Ans. Mushroom

3. Connect:


Ans. Perfetti Van Melle

[1. Izaak Van Melle: Founder of Van Melle 

2. Commercial of Centre Fresh (Indian tourist guide): One of the brands from the company.

3. Enric Bernat : Founder of Chupa Chups Candy which later merged to Perfetti Van Melle.

4. Salvadore Dali: The Chupa Chups logo was designed in 1969 by the artist.]

4. The first official HRD department in the Indian corporate sector was started in 1975 at ______ & _______ after recommendation by Uday Pareek and T.V Rao.

Ans. L & T

5. Identify the Company from its logo.


Ans. Seagate

6. Sunil Wadhwani and Ashok Trivedi founded Mastech in 1986. Following the 2001 market crash, it metamorphosed into _______, riding a different business model. The company got acquired recently. Fill in the blank.

Ans. I-Gate

7. Whose tagline is ‘Taste mein Twist’!?

Ans. Tata Salt

 8. Identify the suitings company.



[1. Ramesh Poddar:  Chairman, Siyaram Silk Mills

2. Parineeta Chopra: brand ambassador of Siya ( women’s wear of Siyaram’s)

3. Little Champs: Children’s wear from Siyaram’s

4. Moretti: Suitings brand from Siyaram’s]

9. Queen Ann’s government introduced a tax on this when home owner’s during the 18th century started decoreting their rooms . The monarch levied between a penny and a shilling, the tax lasted for a while till 1836. What we are talking about?

Ans. Wallpaper tax

10. Identify the media house he founded or his name.


Ans. Aroon Purie is an Indian businessman who is the founder-publisher and editor-in-chief of India Today and the chief executive of the India Today Group.

11. This offering from Tanishq is feminine Russian and Ukrainian first name meaning ‘Life’. In Arabic it means ‘life’ as well. It’s a common word in all these languages. This is a four letter word. What is the offer from the Tata world?

Ans. Zoya

12. In 1983, R Prabhakar, started the first of it kind in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The model focused on tasty, quick and efficiently produced local food at an affordable prices. Volumes contributed to profits, not style, elan or exotica. What is this ‘format’?

Ans. Stand and eat of Darshini restaurants.

13. Identify this brand.


Ans. Rotomac

14. Google introduced this font recently as the default font for their e-books. It replaced Droid Serif. Name this font which borrowed this font from the world of literature.

Ans.  Literata

15.Quilon & Bombay Brasserie are types of what from the Taj Group?

Ans. Restaurant

16. Which Vijayawada based airline, promoted by the LEPL group, says “happy flying!”?

Ans. Air Costa

17. Connect:


Ans. Western Union

[1. “It matters” : Western Union Ads by Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi

2. Saharukh Khan: Brand Ambassador of the company

3. Earlier name of the company.

4. Logo of the company]

18. ‘Laughing Man’ is a charity coffee brand from which Hollywood star?

Ans. Hugh Jackman

19. This is a glucose-based ready to serve beverage, which provides instant energy to consumers, available in a unique cup format.

Ans. Tata Gluco

20. Its a photo uploading website which actually resulted in this new type of spices being discovered and the spices is nicknamed after the website.


Ans.  Flickr (it actually flickers light)

[A charismatic new species of green lacewing discovered in Malaysia (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae).]

21. Connect:


Ans. Colombia Sportswear

[1. Logo of Colombia Sportswear

2. Colombia Sportswear commercial: Six fishing guides set out to catch some of the most notoriously ill-tempered fish in the world. These experts descend upon the Indian Ocean to reel in triggerfish.

3. Columbia Sportswear Company’s Greater Rewards program works by giving you points for purchases. You get 10 points for every $1 spent at the store or online. After 1,000 points you receive a $5 gift certificate. You also get free shipping, special discounts, and insider news.

4.Gert Boyle : Chairman of the company]

22. Who wrote the lines for RBI’s “Paisa Bolta Hain” advertisement?

 Ans. Gulzar

 23. Teddy Travelogues is travel advice from kids. Which holiday group is introducing this in India?


Ans. Club Mahindra

 Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal of BHEL Bhopal.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
    LNMIIT Jaipur 
    – Anivesh and Kushal Shah
    National Law School, Jodhpur
    – Sanjay K and Shashank N

Regional Round Questions:


  1. This is the advertisement for Irium. What do we know this as today?


Answer: Pepsodent

  1. What started off as Timely Publications was recently acquired by Walt Disney in 2009?

Answer: Marvel Comics

  1. Founded by Stepan Pachikov, the Chinese version of this called Yinxiang Biji Business?

Answer: Evernote

  1. Connect the given images.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.47.25 pm 

Answer: Future Group (Ashni Biyani, Aadhar and FLF) 

  1. First product of which company?

Answer: Sony

  1. Identify the person?

Answer: Kasthurbhai Lalbhai

  1. Identify the Family Tree?

Answer: Dabur Family

  1. What was the occasion?

Answer: Launch of iPhone 6 and 6 plus during which their new album was given away for free on iTunes

  1. Connect the following images.
    Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.48.47 pm

Answer: The Hindu (logo, Malini Parthasarathy and advertisement)

  1. Image: Identify this famous landmark in Jaipur?6

Answer: Head Quarters of Rajasthan Patrika

  1. This Thali restaurant was recently acquired by Mirah Hospitality?

Answer: Rajdhani

  1. Which Indian company bought noodle machines to manufacture a famous Indian savoury?

Answer: Bikaneri Bhujia by Haldiram’s

  1. Toys depicting which TV series?

Answer: Breaking Bad

  1. Twitter recently acquired which Video sharing Company?

Answer: Vine

  1. Identify the brand created by this man who also invented the product?8

Answer: Tupperware

  1. What does this diagram depict?

Answer: Einstein’s Refrigerator Patent

  1. ‘Chime for change’ is a social initiative by which company?

Answer: Gucci

18. Amul ad for?


Answer: Maruti 800

19. Question on G. K. Chesterton

20. Williams noticed his older sister Mabel applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to give them a darker, fuller look. He adapted it with a chemistry set and produced a product. Williams renamed his eye beautifier, in honour of his sister, who gave him the idea. Name the cosmetic company?

Answer: Maybelline

21. Question on Hallmark and Valentine’s Day

22. Question on V.G. Siddhartha and Cafe Coffee Day

23. RK Shanmukham Chetty was an Indian lawyer, economist and politician. He also served as President of India’s Central Legislative Assembly from 1933 to 1935 and Diwan of Cochin kingdom from 1935 to 1941. He was the first person to occupy what significant position post-independence in India?

Answer: Finance Minister

24. It is Japan’s national quality award for industry. It was established in 1951 by the Japanese Union of Scientists and engineers (JUSE) and it was named after W. Edwards. Tata Steel is the first integrated steel company in the world, outside of Japan, to win this prize. What prize?

Answer: Deming Application Prize


Questions contributed by Shashank N.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – Jaipur  – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :
    LNMIIT Jaipur 
    – Anivesh and Kushal Shah
    National Law School, Jodhpur
    – Sanjay K and Shashank N


Preliminary Round Questions:

1. Who wrote the book ‘How Not to Make Money’?

Answer: Raj Kundra

 2. Identify the logo.


Answer: Paragon

3. Big Cinemas, 92.7 FM are owned by which corporate group?

Answer: Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG)

4. ‘Nxt’ is a new service launched by which online trading platform?

Answer: Quikr

5. Capt. Gopinath is famous for starting which company?

Answer: Air Deccan

6. Ajay Banga is the head of which finance company?

Answer: Mastercard

7. Expand PBS.

Answer: Public Broadcasting Service

8. Which company founded by Deep Kalra has MMYT as its ticker sign?

Answer: Make My Trip

9. Which famous brand started as a car company but became famous for its scooters?


Answer: Vespa

10. Harsha Bhogle has been recently appointed as the Brand ambassador of which country?

Answer: Australia

11. Connect the images.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 12.54.33 am

Answer: Navratna Companies


12. Which travel accessories company gets its name from a biblical character that portrays immense strength?

Answer: Samsonite

13. ‘Standard of Living’ is a book written by?

Answer: Amartya Sen

14. Venus, Fusion are products of which brand owned by P&G?

Answer: Gillette

15. Which businessman owns the Bengal Warriors Pro Kabbadi team?

Answer: Kishore Biyani

16. Which term derived from the Arabic word ‘Araffa’ is often used to denote price?

Answer: Tariff

17. Identify the company?


Answer: Micromax

18. Which corporate group owns the Femina Miss India brand?

Answer: Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

19. Identifying the currency Yen/Yuan.

20. Which company came up with an advertisement for the now infamous South African Sprinter Oscar Pistorius?


Answer: Nike


Questions contributed by Shashank N.