Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2017 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2017 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Bokaro Steel : S. W. Kispotta and Anand Raj
  • RUNNER UP: SAIL : Sudhanshu Sekhar Panda and Ravi Banjare

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Barbeque Nation had this theme festival in 2014 wherein it wanted the customers to explore and experience about what it called “ India’s oldest party Highway”- where diners could start with Chapti Kebab, move on to Sheer Kurma, Khoya Khubani Kebab and finish with Kasundi Chingri(prawn). What was the theme all about?

Ans. Grand Trunk Road Delicacies served in Dhabas

Q.2. These six human values have been adopted by which human oriented company?

Ans. Being Human

Q.3. “Some former colleagues were making a pilot of a  show called Safecracker , which featured Sagarika Ghose, then a student at St. Stephen’s. They knew me from my brief stint as an event manager at the Taj, so they called me to Kamani Auditorium down the road at 10 Minutes’ notice to do a quick rah-rah intro of the show, host and contenstants..” Soon after this , this person’s life changed and he joined DD. Who was this former Tata employee?

Ans. Siddarth Basu

Q4. Connect.

Ans. Xerox

Q.5. Which company has launched Fast.com—a tool to help customers monitor their download speeds anywhere in the world?

Ans. Netflix

Q.6. The website says,” Some think that this name is the product of founder’s mind. Others are of the view that it came from a book of ancient myths. Of such books, one that is very famous is the “ Masnavi Gulzar-e- Nasam”.

In this book, there is a character who has the daughter of Muzaffer shah, the king of Firdaus(Heaven). Name the character/ product.

Ans. Rooh-a- Afza

Q.7. Old logo of which company?

Ans. Swarovski

Q.8. This is place designed to encourage the employees of large organization to come up with original ideas. The name is taken from the moonshine factory in a famous Al Capp cartoon series called” Li’l Abner”. This name is a registered trademark of Lockheed Martin Corp. What’s this?

Ans. Skunk Work

Q.9. Which Tata enterprise is associated with MAHLE company which is into cooling business?

Ans. Tata Motors

Q.10. Identify whose foundation.

Ans. Paul Walker Foundation

Q.11. In 1882 American express started its expansion in the area of financial services by launching which service to compete with the United States Post Office?

Ans. Money Orders

Q.12. Identify the company.

Ans. Suzlon

Q.13. Connect all these to a person.

Ans. Oprah Winfery

Q.14. On completing 25 years, this Indian company has unveiled a new corporate identity by changing its name and introducing a new logo. The new logo has taken the inspiration from the tiny twinkle that the company wants to bring to people’s eyes by providing elevated experiences. Identify the company.

Ans. Titan

Q.15. What’s the particular term/ name used for this five pound note?


Ans. Quid

Q.16. Which company is behind this?


Ans. Bacardi

Q.17. Which entity is called as Gray Lady and why?

Ans. New York Times. It has won maximum no of Pulitzer Trophies.

Q.18. Which automobile brand advertised with the given line,” The thrill starts with the grill” ?

Ans. Ford Edsel

Q.19. Connect to a brand and where it was founded.

Ans. Malboro Cigarettes and London

Questions contributed by Anand Kumar

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2017 – Jamshedpur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2017 – Jamshedpur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: Bokaro Steel : S. W. Kispotta and Anand Raj
  • RUNNER UP: SAIL : Sudhanshu Sekhar Panda and Ravi Banjare

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Identify

Ans. Lord Chelmsford

(Lord Chelmsford christened the steel city Jamshedpur, in memory of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, and renamed Kalimati railway station as Tatanagar.)

Q.2. Identify

Ans. Sajjan Jindal

Q.3. Which Fashion giant has started “By Appointment” Made-to-Measure Service where celebrities design the cloth?

Armani / Calvin Klein / Pierre Cardin

Ans. Calvin Klein

Q.4. S. Anantharamakrishnan founder of Simpsons & Co. established X, an auto ancilliary unit. Hint : A cricket team is named after X

Ans. India Piston

Q.5. Who owns Blaze Pizza’s?

Ans. LeBron James                     

Q.6. Which Fictional Restaurant chain is inspired from this real-life eatery?

Ans. Los Pollos Hermanos ( from Breaking Bad)

Q.7. John Mackey and Renee Hardy Laswon’s SaferWay store, founded in 1978, and Craig Weller and Mark Skiles’ Clarksville Natural Grocery, both in Austin, Texas. On September 20, 1980, these stores merged to open the first X Stores. Recently acquired by Amazon.

Ans. Whole Foods 

Q.8. X created the modern office chair was naturalistand put wheels on the chair in his study so he could get to his specimens more quickly. Hint : A great Scientist / Evolution

Ans. Charles Darwin                               

Q.9. Book about which Investment Banker?

Ans. Lazard Frères & Co                           

Q.10. If you are having a meat called “Australus”, which animal’s meat you are having?

Ans. Kangaroo

Q.11. Name the internet giant originally titled Phoenix, which carried the implication of the mythical firebird that rose triumphantly from the ashes of its dead predecessor.

Ans. Mozilla

Q.12. First vending machine was invented byHero of Alexandria, what did it dispense?

Ans. Holy Water

Q.13. House Wives earning money working from home using internet. What are they called?

Ans. Mouse Wives

Q.14. Which MNC Giant made these ear-rings ?

Ans. Believe it or Not, its Coca-Cola

Q.15. Advertisement by?

Ans. Brunswick

Q.16. Who is the man behind this brand of tequila?

Ans. George Clooney

Q.17. This award pertains to which industry. (Fi-Fi Award)

Ans. Fragrance Industry

Q.18. X was born to Frank and Isobel. He is a big name in the world of Science. Who?

Ans. Stephen Hawking

Q.19. X brand meaning translates into “Go hang yourself” is Spanish. Which brand is this? We use it every morning.

Ans. Colgate

Q.20. Advertisement by?

Ans. Smirnoff

Questions contributed by Anand Raj. 

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER : NIT Jamshedpur – Palak Kumar and Sudeep Saurabh
  • RUNNER UP :  NIT Jamshedpur – Ms. Swapnil and Kornala Arun

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Connect.

Ans. Hasbro

Q.2. What is GSTN in India’s tax world?

Ans. Goods and Services Tax Network

 Q.3. Which Tata company has partnered with ZipTel by integrating its voice termination into ZipTel’s product? This alliance is likely to result in improved quality of service ahead of rollout by offering competitive international calling bundles that yield recurring revenues?

Ans. Tata Communications

Q.4. This model or ‘grid’ originally identified five different leadership styles based on the concern for people and the concern for the product the optimal leadership style is based on the ‘Theory Y’. which model is this?

Ans. Managerial Grid model

Q.5. Byabsa Shiksha is a book on entrepreneurship which was written by Sashibhushan De in 1893. One of the weirdest ideas it propagated was keeping monkeys and and renting them to do certain jobs. What job was this?

Ans. Punkah Pullers

Q.6. Which wholly owned subsidiary of an American multinational chemical corporation headquartered in Midland, Michigan, USA is this?

Ans. Dow Chemical

 Q.7. Which female author has written the book ‘Business Maharajas’?

Ans. Gita Parimal

Q.8. Tata Trusts along with which famous personality from Bangladesh, unveiled organisations to create social businesses?

Ans. Muhammad Yunus

Q.9. A very wide reference to the word ‘Wages’ across most of India comes from this coin minted in Arakan, a coastal region in Burma in 1523. Which word comes from this coin to India?

Ans. Tankhwah

Q.10. This is a famous association in the USA. What do they govern?

Ans. Motion Picture Association of America covers the screening rights of the Oscars and movies

Q.11. Who are the people who make most of the highway signs in the USA?

Ans. Prison Inmates

Q.12. Japan’s Mitsubishi and Hitachi will join forces with the Tata Group to develop an artificial intelligence-based system to efficiently regulate coal-fired thermal power plants. Identify the Tata company.

Ans. TCS

Q.13. Richard Craib is a 29 year old South African who runs a hedge fund in San Francisco. What is special about this enterprise?

Ans. A Bitcoin based hedge fund

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2016 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2016 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: SAIL Ranchi : Srimanth Mallick and Sampad Mishra
  • RUNNER UP: Bokaro Steel : S.W.Kispotta and Anand Raj

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Identify.


Ans. Tata Management Trainning Centre

Q.2. 17 British provident associations joined together in 1947 to provide service known as British United Provident Association. What?

Ans. Max Bupa Insurance

Q.3. Question on CBS

Q.4. Identify this businessman turned politician.

vasant kumar

Ans. Vasant Kumar ( Vasant & Co.)

Q.5. Question on CNN

Q.6.Fabfurnish.com has been acquired by which business group?

Ans. Future Group

Q.7.What is India’s first nutrient water brand?

Ans. Tata Water Plus

Q.8. Identify the ad (which product)?

mountain dew

Ans. Mountain dew

Q.9.First operated by Economic conveyance company in 1847. The innovation was built by Adams & Co with a roof and a ladder. Commercial version of which icon?

Ans. Double Decker bus in London

Q.10. Identify the founder?

lady gaga

Ans. Lady Gaga

Q.11. Question on VIP

Q.12. It operates securelist.com and also owns a virus encyclopedia?

Ans. Kaspersky

Q.13. Identify this famous building?

tata hall

Ans. Tata Hall at the Harvard Business School

Q.14. Question on Big Basket

Q.15. Brand created by Rick Alden in 2003. He was on  a chairlift in Utah and wanted to close the music to receive a phone call and eventually developed this idea for the brand.

Ans. Skull Candy

Q.16.London based Ownfone used 3D printing technique to create World’s first what?

Ans. Braille phone (for blind)

Q.17. Question on HBO

Q.18. Identify this famous person.

verghese kurien

Ans. Verghese Kurien (photo taken at TATA Steel)

Q.19. Steensons jewellery, commissioned by a studio for sets in Ireland. It created which jewellery?

Ans. Game of Thrones jewellery

Q.20. Question on Edelweiss

Q.21.This country uses Linux based OS in 2002  that developed a calender chart which tells it is not 2014 but 103 years?

Ans. North Korea (uses its own calender since its birth)

Q.22.Identify the person


Ans. MA Yusuf Ali, Lulu Group

Q.23.Question on the logo of IMF

Questions contributed by Abhinav Bharat Jha

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2016 – Jamshedpur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2016 – Jamshedpur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: SAIL Ranchi : Srimanth Mallick and Sampad Mishra
  • RUNNER UP: Bokaro Steel : S.W.Kispotta and Anand Raj

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. X is a men’s ethnic wear brand founded by Entrepreneur Ravi Modi in 1999 under his company Vedant Fashions.

Ans. Manyavar

Q.2. The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .io is assigned to the?

Ans. British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT)

Q.3. AWS,offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. These services operate from 13 geographical regions across the world. Notable customers include NASA the Obama Campaign Pinterest Kempinski Hotels, Netflix Infor and the CIA. Which e-commerce giant behind this.

Ans. Amazon

Q.4. Logo of?

dainik jagaran

Ans. Dainik Jagran

Q.5. Ogilvy & Mather worked with food technologists at McCormick, the spice company that provides X’s secret mix of 11 secret herbs and spices, to crate the nail polishes for X. The polish flavors are sourced from natural ingredients and based on the brand’s two favorite recipes, Original and Hot & Spicy.

Ans. KFC

Q.6. AJIO is an Indian e-commerce company in the fashion space, by which conglomerate?

Ans. Reliance

Q.7. Let there be chill!”, says X in its latest air-conditioner commercial. That it resembles the Biblical line ‘Let there be light’ is no coincidence. X’s brand new mascot is God, the conceptual and visual polar opposite of its famous mascot.

Ans. Onida ( Devil)

 Q.8. Founders of?


Ans. Infosys

Q.9. Saarthi Abhiyaan, X’s Truck and Bus Division has launched various initiatives to better the transport ecosystem.

Ans. Mahindra

Q.10. Co-founded by Raizada, Manish Rathi and Sachin Saxena in 2014, this app provides information through crowd-sourcing. Nandan Nilekani has invested an undisclosed amount in this. Hint : Shadow of asia’s largest e-commerce site in terms of transactions.

Ans. RailYatri

Q.11. Budweiser new campaign , replacing replacing the word Budweiser with “X”.

Ans. America

Q.12. Founder of ?


Ans. ZOHO Corporation

Q.13. X has unveiled a new campaign Bachat Ka Baadshah’, with a range of great value holiday package. This campaign introduces a character called Bachat Ka Baadshah, with quirky, humour to drive home the benefits of being a ‘Smart Saver’ or Bachat Ka Badshah. The month–long campaign incorporates a healthy mix of, outdoor radio & digital focus, across Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore. The campaign is also being promoted aggressively on Social Media via Twitter and Facebook contests.

Ans. Thomas Cook

Q.14. Symbol of?


Ans. Kosher

Q.15. Logo of?

bombay dyeing

Ans. Bombay Dyeing

Q.16. Apple has invested in $1 billion in this Chinese giant. ( Chuxing meaning was explaned)

Ans. Didi Chuxing

Q.17. X bought 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi Motors Corp worth of $2.2 billion.

Ans. Nissan Motors.

Q.18. This retail giant introduced the first colored bath towels to America in 1932. X also introduced the tea bag and baked potato to American consumers

Ans. Macy’s

Q.19. Logo of?


Ans. Aquafina

Q.20. A doughnut brand has been acquired by JAB holding company.

Ans. Krispy Kreme

Questions contributed by Anand Raj, Anand Bharat Jha

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • NIT Jamshedpur – Palak and Aakash
  • IIT Kharagpur – Arjit Patra and Sayan Dutta

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Connect.


Ans. Women Time person of the year

Q.2. Internet Saathi is an initiative by whom to help rural Indian women get on to the Internet?

Ans. Google

Q.3. Which scientist is known for isolation of oxygen?

Ans. Joseph Priestly

Q.4. Question on Tenant farmers and Henry Ford

Q.5. Question on Didi Kuaidi.

Q.6. Ehuts are a initiative of which bank?

Ans. IDBI Bank

Q.7. Connection on Cycle agarbatti

Q.8. Expand FSSAI?

Ans. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

Q.9. Question on Cathedral builder 

Q.10. Question on Make in India’s Twitter hashtag smiley

Q.11. Question on Etymology of chauffeur

Q.12. Question on History of Cadilac

Q.13. Who is behind Tata Open?

Ans. Prakash Padukone

Q.14. Ice hat is a concept assocaited with which company?

Ans. Nike

Q.15. Which toy shop began as Noah’s ark?

Ans. Hamleys

Q.16. Question on Montblanc being the Patron of Art Luciano Pavarotti

Q.17. Question on Bang & Olufsen

Q.18. Question on History of Cummins

Q.19. Question on Etymology of Maybelline

Q.20. Which watch brand is officially allowed in Wimbledon?

Ans. Rolex

Q.21. Question on Guerilla marketing

Q.22. Question on History of CCD

Q.23. Santoor is owned by whom?

Ans. Wipro

Q.24. Chitra Ramakrishna associated with?

Ans. NSE

Questions contributed by Kautuk Raj. 

He has eached the national finals of Thomas Cook Travel Quest, won an all expenses paid trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Friends with top quizmasters in India, he studied at School Rajendra Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur. Jamshedpur = A city every Indian should visit. It makes you feel so proud, and in many ways laid the foundations of the business economy in India.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Jamshedpur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Jamshedpur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • NIT Jamshedpur – Palak and Aakash
  • IIT Kharagpur – Arjit Patra and Sayan Dutta

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Which Tata leader accompanied Albert Einstein on the violin, while he played the piano?

Ans. Russi Modi

Q.2. Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms. Everyday objects such as clothes and furniture can be transformed into interactive surfaces. Which tech giant is behind this?

Ans. Google

Q.3. Kevin Ashton is a British technology pioneer who cofounded the Auto-ID Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which created a global standard system for RFID and other sensors. He is known for coining which term?

Ans. Internet of Things

Q.4. AspireV Nitro is a laptop from which company? (Hint – 4 lettered)

Ans. Acer

Q.5. Which company acquired Savlon and Shower and Shower because the category it was in created bad image and was injurious to health?

Ans. ITC

Q.6. Which airline’s aircraft features JRD Tata livery?

Ans.Air Asia

Q.7. SCICI merged with ICICI. If ICI stands for Investment Corporation of India, what does SC stand for?

Ans. Shipping Credit

Q.8. Which company means a bank of softwares in Japanese? (Hint – In news for investing in Indian startups)

Ans. Softbank

Q.9. Which fitness company was founded by James Park and Eric Friedman?


Q.10. Which travel website was started by Microsoft and later spun off as a multibillion-dollar company because it was “no longer about software intensive technology” and they were “concerned that they would not do their best at this.”?

Ans. Expedia

Q.11. Which car rental company is CAR on NASDAQ?


Q.12. What connects a character on TBBT and a one cent coin?

Ans. Penny

Q.13. C-X75 is a car by which company that advertises itself as ‘Good to be bad’? It is the car of the villain in James Bond movie Spectre.

Ans. Jaguar

Q.14. Expand LGAP if AP stands for Accounting Principle. (Hint – A chocolate brand)

Ans. Lady Godiva

Q.15. Expand LVMH in which LV is Louis Vuitton.

Ans.Moët Hennessy

Q.16. He invented something to do with noodles that made national headlines in India. What?

download (2)


Q.17. Lime is a mobile wallet app from which bank? Screenshot from Google Play was given.

Ans.Axis Bank

Q.18. Which country issued panda coins, known for diplomatic relations with pandas?


Q.19. Screenshot of abc.xyz. Identify the company.

Ans. Alphabet

Q.20. This is Angela. She heads which company’s retail and online stores? She earns more than the CEO himself.

download (3)

Ans. Apple

Contributed by Kautak Raj. His bio: He has eached the national finals of Thomas Cook Travel Quest, won an all expenses paid trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Friends with top quizmasters in India, he studied at School Rajendra Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur. Jamshedpur = A city every Indian should visit. It makes you feel so proud, and in many ways laid the foundations of the business economy in India.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Tata Motors – Ms. Loveleen Mishra & Bismoy Pati
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Steel – Sharath & Ms. Lekshmy

Regional Round Questions:

1. Joseph Gayetty, the name of the person,New York Daily Tribune the newspaper, February 1859, he advertised saying all people anxious to be spared from piles or cure from the disease should start using my invention. Name that invention.


Ans. Toilet paper

 2. Which company’s employee are you if you are here?


Ans. Walt Disney

3. Connect:


 Ans. Pampers

[ 1. Old Procter & Gamble  logo 2. Babies movie by the brand 3. Old logo of Pampers 4. Victor Mills created the brand]

4. Identify the brand created by Joseph John Michael K created a very popular sanitaryware brand?


Ans. Kohler

5. In 1966, Ralph Baer & team at defence contractor Sanders Associates developed prototypes & came up with what?

Ans. First television video game console.

6. Connect:


Ans. Glaxo Smithkline

 [1. Henry Wellcome’s photo: was an American-British pharmaceutical entrepreneur. He founded the pharmaceutical company Burroughs Wellcome & Company with his colleague Silas Burroughs in 1880, which is one of the four large companies to eventually merge to form GlaxoSmithKline. 2. GSK concept ad 3. Smithkline Beecham’s old logo 4. In 1904 it began producing dried-milk baby food, first known as Defiance, then as

7. With which sport would you associate this name?


Ans. Rugby- named after William Webb Ellis who founded Rugby.

 8. Name this Indian entity.


Ans. Tafe

9. Titan Eyeplus started its first international venture in which country?

Ans. Sri Lanka

 10. Identify this Greek god of transitions & speed. A Famous luxury brand is named after him.


Ans. Hermes

11. Which travel company began as a division of Microsoft in 1996 has recently acquired Travelocity?

Ans. Expedia

 12. Which Indian owns Health City Cayman Islands in the Caribbean region?

Ans. Dr. Devi Shetty (of Narayana Health)

 13. Which Company is behind & TV?

Ans. Zee

 14. Prahaar is a ________ from Tata Motors?

Ans. Missile Carrier 

 15. This is Marquis de lessert enjoys light fresh taste of water from the spring from  M. Cachat’s Property which is the _________ les-Bains. He experiences the benifit of this magical water and his kidneys stone go away. Fill in the blank.


Ans. Evian

16. With which electronics company would you associate this?


Ans. Xiaomi

17. This gentleman created a well known bank in India. He is also well known in this city (Jamshedpur) . Its a rare photograph of a great Indian. Name him.

Ans. Sir M Visvesvaraya (created State Bank of Mysore)

 18. Chistophers Contigent was one of the first sports clubs (soccer) to tour India in 1922. Who gave Albert Christopher the idea to tour India?


Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal of BHEL, Bhopal 

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jamshedpur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jamshedpur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: Tata Motors – Ms. Loveleen Mishra and Bismoy Pati
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Steel – Sharath and Ms. Lekshmy

Preliminary Round Questions:

1. In 1792, Henry Walton Smith and his wife Anna established the business as a news vendor in Little Grosvenor Street, London selling newspaper and books. How do we know it better?

Ans. WH Smith

2. Logo of  which spark plug company?


Ans. Mico Bosch 

3. “Come oh come ye tea-thirsty restless ones- the kettle boils, bubbles and sings, musically.”Which eminent Indian endorsed Lipton tea in 1947 and was not paid for it?

Ans. Rabindra Nath Tagore

4. As it prepares a new regulatory framework for startups and alternative investments, regulator SEBI  set up an 18-member panel headed by whom to advise on policy matters? The Alternative Investment Policy Advisory Committee (AIPAC) includes representatives from the industry, private equity firms and start-up organisations, besides senior officials of Sebi, RBI and the Finance Ministry.
Ans. N R Murthy
5. Netdragon of China has set up a company to look like this. What has inspired it?
Inline image 2
Ans. Startrek US

6. Ferdinando Innocenti  gave the brand name of a line of motor scooters initially manufactured in Milan, Italy. What name?

Ans. Lambretta
7. Identify the logo.
Ans. Uber
8. Who is credited with 8 step process for leading change?
 Ans. John Cotter
9. Quote by Walter Chrysler
10. What 3 lettered word is now synonymous with heavy engineering equipment.
It is the world’s third-largest construction equipment manufacturer. Its headquarters is in n Rocester,Staffordshire?
Ans. JCB
11. Which company on June 20 announced it had reached an agreement to acquire AOL for $50 a share in a deal valued at about $4.4 billion? The telecommunications giant said at the time the acquisition would further its strategy to build out its LTE wireless video and streaming video strategy.
Ans. Verizon
12. The Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery product manufactured by the company for home use. It stores electricity for domestic consumption, load shifting, and backup power. Which company?
Ans. Tesla
13. Headlines Today and TV today have merged and changed their names to what entity?
 Ans. India Today
14. Identify the personality.
Ans. Rudolf Diesel
15. Identify the logo.
unnamed (1)
 Ans. Bangalore International Airport
16. The giant pediment at the centre is crowned with the statue of Minerva. Named so after the vocation of clerks who would initially work in this building?
 Ans. Writers Building
 17. He co-authored the 1991 book “The Japan That Can Say No” with politician Shintaro Ishihara, where they criticized American business practices and encouraged Japanese to take a more independent role in business and foreign affairs. Which great inventor and buisness person?
 Ans. Akio Morita
 18.In April 13, 2015, the market value of X Holdings exceeded US$200 billion for the first time, hitting US$206 billion. On September 8, 2015,it became the largest Internet company in Asia by value after Alibaba Group Holding Limited suffered a major drop ($141 Billion over 10 months) in its share value. Name X.
 Ans. Tencent Holdings

Questions contributed by Sneha Ranjan

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Jamshedpur– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER:  Tata Steel – Ms.Sneha Ranjan and Srijan Das
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Motors – Dr. Amitabh Thakur and Mrs. Bhawna Thakur

Regional Round Questions:

1.What game, earlier known as Pachisi & played by Akbar was introduced in England & later patented?

Ans. Ludo

2. Which currency do we get from this coin?


Ans. Dinar

3. What are Syngene & Clinigence subsidiaries of ?


 4. What in Portuguese Goa is Pensao de Shendy?

Ans. Tax Paid for permission to grow a beard or to shave.

 5. Connect:


Ans. WeChat

 [1. Partners with ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ 2. Owned by Tencent 3. Lionel Messi is also the brand ambassador 4. Varun Dhawan is brand ambassador.]

 6. Which Belgian city is called the Diamond Capital of the world?

Ans. Antwerp

 7. What is special about cereal available for children which includes free toys in Canada?

 Ans. Makers of childrens breakfast cereal are granted tax exemption if their cereals contains free toys.

8. Identify the flower?


Ans. Vicco Vajradanti

9. What is it?


Ans. A website for would-be whistleblowers

 10. Which company launched a messaging app for iOS & Android called ‘Pocket Avatars’ which allows one to take your face & superimpose it onto a cartoon avatar?

Ans. Intel

 11. Connect:


Ans. Nikon

 [ 1. Nikon runs the Nikon Salon exhibition 2.Owned by Mitsubishi Group 3. Priyanka Chopra is the brand Ambassador 4. David Douglas Duncan popularised Nikon with his photos of Korean War

 12. Connect:


Ans. Make my trip

 [ 1. Deep Kalra , the founder 2. Acquired Le Travenues Technology PvtLtd.  which owns ixigo.com 3. In-film branding in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ 4.TV Commercial]

13. Which game was created by Keith Shepherd & Natalia Luckyanova of Imangi Studios?

Ans. Temple Run

14. Which company has invested in the ailing battery company Toshiba Anand ( Punjab Anand)?

Ans. ITC

 15. In which company did French based Groupe SEB, buy the remaining 45% stake which was founded by Harish Kumar?

Ans. Maharaja Whiteline

 16. Identify.


Ans. Oswal Group

17. Which company began as Karnataka Consumer Products Ltd in 1962?

Ans. Kurl On 



Ans. Economic Times

[ 1. ‘Portfolio’ & ‘Vote on Account’ were offerings on their website. 2. ‘Half Knowledge campaign ‘ by ET. 3. Salomon Pink (after the colour of the fish) is the colour of the ET. ]


19. Identify this famous business person.


Ans. Gujjar Mal Modi of the Modi Group

20. In a series of which ads does actor Siddharth say , “Say it Sid”?

Ans. Frooti

21. MV Kamath authored the book ‘A Banking Odyssey- A Story of __________” (Fill in the blanks)


Ans. Canara Bank

 22. What are ‘Plantation Trails’ by Tata Coffee?

Ans. Guesthouses for Holiday Packages

 Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal of BHEL, Bhopal