Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2018 – Kozhikode – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2018 – Kozhikode – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER : IIM Kozhikode – Ms. Anji Aisham Sinha and Ashrav Gupta
  • RUNNER UP : Govt. Victoria College Pallakad – Abdul Vahid and Jameer

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Who is the President who appears on the One Dollar US note?

Ans. George Washington

Q.2. What was created in 1928 by the County Chemical Co. Ltd. in Birmingham and was basically an emulsion of water, oil and beeswax?

Ans. Brylcreem

Q.3. Old Monk is one of the largest selling rum brands in the world. Which company produces it?

Ans. Mohan Meakins

Q.4. He is Otto Beisheim. He was the founder of which German retail chain?

Ans. Metro AG

Q.5. Where in this world would you find the ‘Jules Verne’ restaurant?

Ans. Eiffel Tower

Q.6. Which e-commerce company has acquired this famous mobile repair start-up?

Ans. Flipkart

Q.7. Which brand means ‘destiny’ in Latin?

Ans. Lotto

Q.8. ‘4810’ is a recurring theme in the products of which company?

Ans. Mont Blanc

Q.9. Which company was founded by Ezra Cornell and Hiram Sibley in 1857? They were also the financers to Samuel Morse’s telegraphic experiments. Today, they are big in money transfers.

Ans. Western Union

Q.10. Which entity in the world will you associate with this logo?

Ans. World Trade Organisation

Q.11. Which hotel occupies the first 37 floors of Burj Khalifa?

Ans. Armani Hotel

Q.12. Which company has launched this brand?

Ans. Maruti Suzuki

Q.13. He was born to Florence Spellman, an unwed mother at the age of 17. His adoptive father was a Jew who came from Ellis Island. Name this business tycoon being spoke about here.

Ans. Larry Ellison

Q.14. Which brand had organized Durathon, family run marathon in Mumbai in Nov 2017?

Ans. Duracell

Q.15. Which Japanese company’s name literally means ‘The Rising Sun’?

Ans. Hitachi

Q.16. Which word comes from the Roman term meaning ‘cooked twice’?

Ans. Biscuit

Q.17. Who, along with Steve Coomber, has authored this book?

Ans. Karan Billimoria

Q.18. When it was invented it was called the ‘Pappin’s Digester’. How do we know it today?

Ans. Pressure Cooker

Q.19. Logo of which airline?

Ans. Lufthansa

Q.20. This is the identity of which South Indian jewellery brand?

Ans. Kalyan Jewellers

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Kozhikode – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Kozikhode – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • NIT Calicut – Nakul and Ameen M
  • NIT Calicut – Sreerang and Shubham

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. What in the modern world are social ghosts?

Ans. Notifications from social media accounts of dead people

Q.2. Sir Anthony H has given names to many liquor brands. What does H stand for?

Ans. Hayward

Q.3. Computer Masti and Words Worth are offerings by which Tata company?

Ans. Tata Class Edge

Q.4. Connect.


Ans. Don’t be Evil

Q.5. This company expanded its entry level bike range by launching the 100cc bike, Livo. Which company?

Ans. Honda

Q.6. Who is called the Warren Buffett of Mexico?

Ans. Carlos Slim Helu

Q.7. Wherever wheels are rolling, no matter what the load, the name that’s known is _________. Where the rubber meets the road. Which famous tyre brand’s jingle?

Ans. Firestone

Q.8. Identify the person with Ratan Tata.

sal khan

Ans. Sal Khan of Khan Academy

Q.9. ‘The Case of the Bonsai Man” is written by?

Ans. R Gopalakrishnan

Q.10. Connect.


Ans. Chivas Regal

Q.11. David and Simons Reuben control Plaza and Dream Downtown Hotel in the United States. With which Indian group would you associate this deal?

Ans. Sahara

Q.12. Which famous brand came up with this campaign- “How far are you from the real bumper”?

Ans. Fiat

Q.13. In typography, this is a little extra stroke found at the end of the main vertical and horizontal ends of a letter. What is this entire family of font called?

Ans. Seriff

Q.14. What is Inemuri in Japan?

Ans. Allowing employees to sleep during work hours

Q.15. Which world agreement gave the world, IMF and World bank?

Ans. Bretton Woods Agreement

Q.16. Complete the list of 4 great inventions of China- ______, compass, gun powder, printing?

Ans. Paper

Q.17. Tangerine movie was shot on?

Ans. iphone

Q.18. “How Not To Make Money” is a book by?

Ans. Raj Kundra

Q.19. The effect of 1973 energy crisis was forcing Ford to experiment with a small car. Which brand thus resulted?

Ans. Fiesta

Q.20. “To the Brink and Back” is a book about Manmohan Singh by?

Ans. Jairam Ramesh

Q.21. What is the tribal conference held by the Tata steel at Jamshedpur called?

Ans. Samvaad

Q.22. Connect.


Ans. Marico Industries

Q.23. Question on Ambuja Cement

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Kozhikode – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – Kozhikode – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • NIT Calicut – Nakul and Ameen M
  • NIT Calicut – Sreerang and Shubham

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Which airlines advises to wear wigs as part of their attire?

Ans. Indigo

Q.2. Which giant’s logo was based on Larry Bird ?

Ans. Twitter

Q.3. Which magazine was founded by a couple (Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon)? It was named after the wife’s name.

Ans. Elle

Q.4. Name the brand first produced by a person named William R Warner. It was initially branded as ” Gastrointestinal Reliever “?

Ans. Gelusil

 Q.5. It is present on Grocery items. Norman Joseph Woodland is credited for its creation. What?

Ans. Bar Code

Q.6. It was founded by Eli Harari, Sanjay Mehrotra and Jack Yuan. Which non volatile memory device producer?

Ans. SanDisk 

Q.7. Question on subsidiaries of GAP

Q.8. Who was Google’s first female engineer and later became the CEO of another Tech Giant?

Ans. Marissa Mayer

Q.9. About which magazine founded by Henry Luce did he say “This is not a sports magazine, it is the sports magazine”?

Ans. Sports Illustrated

Q.10. Which Central Bank was headed by Mario Draghi?

Ans. ECB (European Central Bank)

Q.11. After Google launched its ear app, which major rival came up with an app called Carplay?

Ans. Apple

Q.12. Expand LCD.

Ans. Liquid Crystal Labs

Q.13. Which dental care major came up with a toothpaste containing charcoal?

Ans. Colgate

Q.14. Question on Macbeth Strategy

Q.15. Identify the logo?


Ans. Hutch 

Q.16. He is the founder of?

download (2)

Ans. Sun Pharma

Q.17. Identify.


Ans. Raghunandan Saran

Q.18. Logo of?

download (1)

Ans. Harley Davidson

Q.19. Book about which company?


Ans. Huawei

Q.20. Logo of?


Ans. Crocs

Questions contributed by Ameen M

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – Kozhikode – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – Kozhikode  – Preliminary Round Questions



NIT Calicut 
– Nayan Nitesh and Adithya Das

IIM Kozhikode – 
Pranshumaan and Sandesh


Preliminary Round Questions:

1. After whom this Jacket named?


A. Jawahar Lal Nehru

2. Which famous silent film actor was one of the co-founders of “United Artists”?

A. Charlie Chaplin

3. Inspired from male and female toilet symbols what was designed by Irina Blok?

A. Android logo

4. Identify the person.


A. E. Sreedharan


5. What was first created by Will Keith? Now this item features in our breakfast tables.

A. Cornflakes

6. What is the most famous product a of a Russian company named IZH?

A. AK 47

7. Which company is nicknamed Big Brown?


8. Identify the logo.


A. Qantas Airlines



9. Who was the founder of a service called Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, which presents science in a more entertaining manner to children?

A. Walt Disney

10. Which company’s name means “Leave luck to heaven”?

A. Nintendo

11. Question on identifying Revlon from a print advertisement featuring its water resistant eye liners.


12. Which company’s name derives from Voice Data Phone?

A. Vodafone

13. Inspired from the Bourse of Antwerp, what was founded by Thomas Gresham in 1571 in England? Inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth 1.

A. Royal Exchange

14. What is this Amul advertisement featuring?


A. Nelson Mandela’s death

15. Which company was founded by him?


A. Sony

16. Who is the official time keeper of Wimbledon?

A. Rolex

17. Once owned by MGM which entertainment company was founded and named after William and Joseph?

A. Hanna Barbara

18. Which company owns these brands?



19. Question on identifying Platinum Jewels from a print advertisement.

20.Identify the person.


A. Naina Lal Kidwai


Questions contributed by Arjun Tendulkar and Abhijith Sugathan.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Kozhikode – Preliminary Round Questions

 Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Kozhikode – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :

IIM Kozhikode – Ms. Surbhi Verma and Utkarsh Rastogi


IIM Kozhikode – Ms. Sulanga Dutta and Prabhakar Kumar


Preliminary Round:

1) Which company was founded by Colonel Harland S. in the early 1950s?
Ans: KFC
2) The Moto G was launched in India through an exclusive tie-up with which Indian e-tailer ?
Ans: Flipkart
3) Swirls is an offering by which brand ?
Ans: Kwality Wall’s
4) Viva Kerala FC was the former name of which present day football club in Kerala ?
Ans: Chirag United Kerala FC
5) Tamil actor Vijay has been their brand ambassador in Tamil Nadu and Kerala while they have signed up Mahesh Babu for Andhra Pradesh. Which retail jewellery chain is this ?
Ans: Jos Alukkas
6) The film Hotel Ustad is from the studios of which production house ?
Ans: Magic Frames
7) Who is he ?
Ans: Mr. Anand Sharma, Union Cabinet Minister of Commerce & Industry and Texiles
8) Identify the logo.
Ans: Deutsche Bank
9) Identify the logo.
Ans: United Colours of Benneton
10) The  Self MNA is a new test devised by Nestle and is being highly recommended by them to everyone to use it. It is not specific to an illness. Expand MNA.
Ans: Mini Nutritional Assessment
11) What is this brand about ?
Ans: Tihar Jail
12) This company started off in the rubber industry making bicycle tires and rubber boots before moving on to paper and pulp products. It was recently bought over by Microsoft after seeing some troubled times. Which company is this ?
Ans: Nokia
13) This company is the largest Gold Loan NBFC and has the largest network of branches for a Gold Loan NBFC in India. It is also the highest credit rated Gold Loan company in India. What company is this ?
Ans: Muthoot Finance
14) The Sarong Kebaya is the official uniform for the air-hostesses of which country’s national airlines?
Ans: Singapore
15) What are these called ?
Ans: Cufflinks
16) Who is the designated team principal of the Force India F1 Team ?
Ans: Mr. Vijay Mallaya
17) Which organisation has come up with a character called Chintamani ?
Ans: ICICI Bank
18) What was invented by Dr. David “Crash” Warren in 1956, the exterior of which is coated a bright orange in colour for high visibility and is in current news ?
Ans: Black Box
19) What in this world does Carl Zeiss manufacture ?
Ans: Optical Lenses
20) Michael Schumacher has been associated with Renault, Ferrari and which other F1 team ? The brand name of an automobile corporation is required.
Ans: Mercedes

Questions contributed by Surbhi Verma and Utkarsh Rastogi from IIM Kozhikode.