Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Raipur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Raipur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: BSP SAIL: Manoj Kumar Prasad and Sanjay Shamkuwar
  • RUNNER UP: BSP SAIL: Chandrashekar and Ramani

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1.In 1919, Frigidaire was acquired by which company founded by William C Durant was responsible for the development and production of the first electric refrigerator and the first room air conditioner.

Answer: General motors

Q. 2. Which logo comprises of a dual ‘B’ that hold the rays of the rising sun. (4-2-6)

 Answer: Bank of Baroda

Q. 3. A connect question on WOLVERINE

Q.4. Identify the logo of TV Channel?


  Answer:  LIFE OK

 Q.5.  In order to keep up with the increasing demand for those new fangled  contraption, horseless camages, RansomE. Olds created the ____ in 1901. The new approach to putting together automobiles enabled him to more than quadruple his factory’s output from 425 cars in 1901 to 2,500 in 1902. What?

 Answer:  Assembly Line Production

Q.6. “Helping you spend less”, says which Tata brand? (4-4-6)

Answer: Tata Star Bazzar

Q.7. Kimble Goes Monaco is self-financed documentary of a lavish trip made by this businessman to the Monaco Grand Prix.

Answer: Kim Dotcom

Q. 8.   Connect .


Answer: Arrow Shirts

Q.9. This scion of the Bombay business family was once asked by his  English schoolmaster to tell his family name or business. It seems that the young boy got confused and blurted out something. Since then, that word became his surname forever. Nevertheless, he saw one great advantage in beating a different surname he did not have the burden of carrying the reputation of a big family industrial house. Name him.

Answer: Vijay Merchant

Q.10. This brand successfully hosted the inaugural ‘Mini Miglia’ in                              Scotland.

Answer: Jaguar

Q.11. Who or which company has applied for copy right of words “HOT &                   CRISPY”?

Answer KFC

Q. 12. This US agency and Japanese automaker Nissan got into a five-year partnership recently, introducing plans to build an autonomous vehicle system and preparations to apply the technology commercially. Which US agency? (4 letters)

Answer: NASA

Q.13. Identify

     download (3)

Answer: Liu Chuanzhi of Lenovo

Q.14. The Landmark paper was published in the Harvard Business Review in 1960 and built around the question ‘What business are you in’. With a two-word title, the paper refers to firms or managers focusing on products rather than on the consumer. The second word is a medical term used to refer a refractive  defect. Name the Paper.

Answer: Marketing Myopia

Q.15. Connect


Answer: Zodiac.

Q.16. The products were sold under the trade name ‘Rocket Goldwyin’, White House’, ‘Howrah Bridge’, ‘Amar Deep’, ‘Akhand Jyothi’, ‘Akhand Society’, ‘Marble Tough’, ‘Knight Royal’, ‘Divya Kamal’, ‘Commodore’, etc. Which company?

Answer : Swadeshi Mills

Q.17. Founders of?


Answer: Hard Rock Café

Questions contributed by Mohibbul Hussain.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Nagpur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Nagpur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Persistent Systems – Kartik Vyas and Ms. Gayatri Phadnis
  • RUNNER UP: AG Enterprises – Mrinmay M and Piyush Ramteke

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Which is the glass company that has now become an integral part of all touch screen phones?

Ans. Corning

Q.2. Thomas Sullivan accidently invented a product that’s an integral part of our lives today. Sullivan packaged and shipped a product to his customers, who started using it without removing the packaging. Which is this product that is immensely popular now but still isn’t used the way it was designed to be?

Ans. Tea bags

Q.3. Firefly and MAS are the subsidiaries of which airlines?

Ans. Malaysian Airlines

Q.4. Pooch-o, an app to hire autorickshas was first launched in which city?

Ans. Delhi

Q.5. Question on Toshiba

Q.6. Which was the first private airline in India that began its operations in 1992?

Ans. East West Airlines

Q.7. Which Indian cosmetics brand has acquired Australian company Fravin and its three subsidiaries? (5)

Ans. Emami

Q.8. Connect question on Seiko.

Q.9. Identify the logo.


Ans. CK Birla Group

Q.10. What’s the name of this character from Tata Coffee? Hint- It’s same as that of a very popular character from TV/ movies.


Ans. Mr. Bean

Q.11. Which company has the motto ‘We only do what’s right for you’?

Ans. Tata Capital

Q.12. What do you get when you visit the website www.givitup.in?

Ans. Website for giving up gas subsidy

Q.13. Name the range of bicycles manufactured by Tata International. (7)

Ans. Stryder

Q.14. Israel and Saudi Arabia are two countries where the stock markets are open on the New Year day. Which is the third country?

Ans. India

Q.15. Connect question on Nestle.

Q.16. Question on JayZ

Q.17. Popularly known as the “Other Steve”, he is the founder of AOL. Identify.


Ans. Steve Case

Q.18. Identify the bank from the logo shown in the cheque.


Ans. SBI

Q.19. Connect question on Phillips.

Q.20. Which is the e-commerce company of Tata that has become an unprecedented success story in online commodity selling?

Ans. mjunction

Q. 21. What was a famous Indian TV brand before the 1991 reforms? (9)

Ans. Solidaire

Q.22. Identify the logo.




Questions contributed by Kartik Vyas.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Coimbatore – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Coimbatore – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Brookfields – Balasubramaniam and Ashwin
  • RUNNER UP: Chennai Silks – Arul Sarvanan and Yogesh Pai

Regional Round Questions:

1) Who was the owner of the pistols/gun that Vice president Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr used ? Hint: Famous Investor and Finance Man.

jp morgan

Ans. JP Morgan

2) Who wrote articles for National Geographic under the name H. A Largeham?

Ans. Alexander Graham Bell

3) Connect:


Ans. Wright Brothers [ 1) Bicycle company owned by them 2) Video: Bill Gates visit to their factory 3) Glen Martin (of Lockheed Martin), their Partner 4) Newspaper (West Side News) owned by them]

4) In 1904 Katie Frazer bought succulent Yang Tao to her home at Wanganui. Yang Tao became global in the 1960s, but the exporters failed to trademark the name. In 1980s,they renamed the local version as Zespri & trademarked it.What name that later became very popular did they fail to trademark in the 1970s?

Ans. Kiwi Fruit

5) Identify the company?


Ans. Tupperware

6) Softcard US mobile wallet platform was earlier known under a different brand name. They were forced to change due to a current affairs issue. What were they earlier known as?


7) Titan has signed on which actor for brand: “Glare”?

Ans. Jacqueline Fernandez

8) Connect.


Ans. All names taken from Islands. [1) Bikini from Bikini Atoll Island 2) Video: Capri Pant from Capri Island of Italy 3) Madeira Wine from Madeira Island of Portugal 4) Thousand Island Dressing from Thousand Island (of US)]

9) Why was Singapore trader Shrikant Bhasi in entertainment news recently? Hint: Acquisition spree

Ans. He bought FUN Cinemas

10) Why did they have to change the logo?


Ans. They moved to the Gulf and due to the cross on the crown

11) Paras 20:20:0:13 is a brand from this company?

Ans. Tata Chemicals

12) Identify the brand named after her?


Ans. The car Premier “Padmini” was named after the queen of Chittor.

13) First one was installed by BBC in 1990. It placed a Hitachi KP-D8s camera. If one camera is not enough, two can be placed, one with a wide-angle lens and the other with a narrow-angle lens, giving the broadcaster four different views. What is being talked about?

Ans. Stump Camera

14) Harley Davison, Nike, Playboy, Apple are some of the brands in the Top 10 of a list which indicate unbiased loyalty by some customers. What list?

Ans. Tattoos

15) Connect.


Ans. The word “Millionaire”. [1) First in print in Vivian Grey, a novel of 1826 by Benjamin Disraeli 2) Video: The song “ Who wants to be millionaire” 3) The first American printed use of the word is thought to be in an obituary of New York tobacco manufacturer Pierre Lorillard II in 1843 4) First recorded in English (millionaire, as a French term) in a letter of Lord Byron of 1816.]

16) In 1980, Arun Shourie criticized Indira Gandhi by saying she shed tears for an event. What event?

Ans. Maruti – Maa Roti

17) According to Merriam Webster word this word means highly fashionable or luxurious. Which word?

Ans. Ritz

18) Author ?

logo new

Ans. Michael Lewis

19) Which Egypt born Zimbabwe cricketer is currently Comp Secretary of Tanami gold NL a Australian mining comp ?

Ans. John Traicos

20) Identify the company.

logo new

Ans. Kalashnikov 

21) Which Tata Company has acquired SSAB’s strip products service centres in Sweden & Finland as well as the remaining 50 percent stake in Norsk Stal Tynnplater AS?

Ans: Tata Steel

22) Ques: Tata Salt’s campaign ‘ Maine Desh Ka Namak Khaya Hai’, featured which boxer?

Ans: MC Mary Kom


Questions contributed by Anuradha Pai. Additions meticulously contributed by Debasish Mandal.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Vizag – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Vizag – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Vizag Steel- Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey
  • RUNNER UP: Vizag Steel- Rahul and AGK Murthy


Few Questions from the Regional Round:

1) WIT in NASDAQ stands for which company?

A. Wipro Information Technology

2) Tata Steel has launched which brand with a Steel door that has the looks of wood as part of its continuing efforts to provide individual home builders in semi-urban and rural markets with affordable steel solutions?

A. Pravesh Doors

3) Connect:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.51.23 am

A. Eureka Forbes

4) Alterations to what has been done by FOX, Caltech, Go Navy, GO UCLA, Save the Peak, etc?

A. Hollywood Sign

5) Term coined to explain the apparently irrational feelings of some captives for their captors?


A. Stockholm Syndrome

6) What is this?


A. Airbus ‘Bicycle Seats’ Patent

7) Which Indian brand was the first to rope in cricketers as models?

A. Vimal

8) Logo of?


A. Air Vistara

9) He wanted to “look like a bulldog,” so he stuffed his cheeks with cotton wool for the audition. later, he wore a mouthpiece made by a dentist. This appliance is on display in the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York?

A. Marlon Brando for Don Corleone


Questions contributed by Nageshwar Rao!


Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions


  • Taj Hotels – Shakti K and Pradeep Ludhani
  • Logisure – Ms. Jagrati and Avinash Maurya

Regional Round Questions:

1. What is this train is powered by to become a very special train in India ?


Ans. CNG

2. This style of management refers to keeping employees in the dark, restrict employee access to information and decisions. What?

Ans. Mushroom

3. Connect:


Ans. Perfetti Van Melle

[1. Izaak Van Melle: Founder of Van Melle 

2. Commercial of Centre Fresh (Indian tourist guide): One of the brands from the company.

3. Enric Bernat : Founder of Chupa Chups Candy which later merged to Perfetti Van Melle.

4. Salvadore Dali: The Chupa Chups logo was designed in 1969 by the artist.]

4. The first official HRD department in the Indian corporate sector was started in 1975 at ______ & _______ after recommendation by Uday Pareek and T.V Rao.

Ans. L & T

5. Identify the Company from its logo.


Ans. Seagate

6. Sunil Wadhwani and Ashok Trivedi founded Mastech in 1986. Following the 2001 market crash, it metamorphosed into _______, riding a different business model. The company got acquired recently. Fill in the blank.

Ans. I-Gate

7. Whose tagline is ‘Taste mein Twist’!?

Ans. Tata Salt

 8. Identify the suitings company.



[1. Ramesh Poddar:  Chairman, Siyaram Silk Mills

2. Parineeta Chopra: brand ambassador of Siya ( women’s wear of Siyaram’s)

3. Little Champs: Children’s wear from Siyaram’s

4. Moretti: Suitings brand from Siyaram’s]

9. Queen Ann’s government introduced a tax on this when home owner’s during the 18th century started decoreting their rooms . The monarch levied between a penny and a shilling, the tax lasted for a while till 1836. What we are talking about?

Ans. Wallpaper tax

10. Identify the media house he founded or his name.


Ans. Aroon Purie is an Indian businessman who is the founder-publisher and editor-in-chief of India Today and the chief executive of the India Today Group.

11. This offering from Tanishq is feminine Russian and Ukrainian first name meaning ‘Life’. In Arabic it means ‘life’ as well. It’s a common word in all these languages. This is a four letter word. What is the offer from the Tata world?

Ans. Zoya

12. In 1983, R Prabhakar, started the first of it kind in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The model focused on tasty, quick and efficiently produced local food at an affordable prices. Volumes contributed to profits, not style, elan or exotica. What is this ‘format’?

Ans. Stand and eat of Darshini restaurants.

13. Identify this brand.


Ans. Rotomac

14. Google introduced this font recently as the default font for their e-books. It replaced Droid Serif. Name this font which borrowed this font from the world of literature.

Ans.  Literata

15.Quilon & Bombay Brasserie are types of what from the Taj Group?

Ans. Restaurant

16. Which Vijayawada based airline, promoted by the LEPL group, says “happy flying!”?

Ans. Air Costa

17. Connect:


Ans. Western Union

[1. “It matters” : Western Union Ads by Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi

2. Saharukh Khan: Brand Ambassador of the company

3. Earlier name of the company.

4. Logo of the company]

18. ‘Laughing Man’ is a charity coffee brand from which Hollywood star?

Ans. Hugh Jackman

19. This is a glucose-based ready to serve beverage, which provides instant energy to consumers, available in a unique cup format.

Ans. Tata Gluco

20. Its a photo uploading website which actually resulted in this new type of spices being discovered and the spices is nicknamed after the website.


Ans.  Flickr (it actually flickers light)

[A charismatic new species of green lacewing discovered in Malaysia (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae).]

21. Connect:


Ans. Colombia Sportswear

[1. Logo of Colombia Sportswear

2. Colombia Sportswear commercial: Six fishing guides set out to catch some of the most notoriously ill-tempered fish in the world. These experts descend upon the Indian Ocean to reel in triggerfish.

3. Columbia Sportswear Company’s Greater Rewards program works by giving you points for purchases. You get 10 points for every $1 spent at the store or online. After 1,000 points you receive a $5 gift certificate. You also get free shipping, special discounts, and insider news.

4.Gert Boyle : Chairman of the company]

22. Who wrote the lines for RBI’s “Paisa Bolta Hain” advertisement?

 Ans. Gulzar

 23. Teddy Travelogues is travel advice from kids. Which holiday group is introducing this in India?


Ans. Club Mahindra

 Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal of BHEL Bhopal.