Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chennai – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chennai – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER:  TCS- Jayakanthan and Himadri
  • RUNNER UP: Matrimony.com- Kiran and Aditya


Regional Round Questions:

Rounds 1 & 2:

1) Identify. (Clue: Famous from Canterbury [Buzzed])


Ans. Baedeker Travel Guides  (Karl Baedeker)

2) What was done to Kerosene distributed through PDS in the 1980s to counter pilferage?

Ans. Tinge of blue was added.

3)  Connect:


Ans. Filmfare

4) A six-foot high dollar sign was erected on this novelist-philosopher’s coffin when she died in 1982. Who?

Ans. Ayn Rand

5) NY central in 20th Century (1902-1967) advertised that it used a famous item to direct people into the train. What was it ?


Ans. Red Carpet

6) The copyright was seized by the US Govt under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Later in 1979, Houghton Mifflin, the US publisher of the book, bought the rights from the government and more than 15,000 copies are sold a year. The manga form is produced by East Press, as part of its Manga de Dokuha (Read it via manga) series. What?

Ans. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

7) This Tata company is predominantly in the business of manufacturing Axles & Transmissions for Commercial Vehicles. In the year 2000, the erstwhile Axle & Transmissions manufactuging divisions of Tata Motors, were spun off as 100% subsidiaries HVAL & HVTL respectively. HVTL was amalgamated with HVAL and HVAL was then renamed to its current name in FY 2011-12?

Ans. Tata Drivelines

8) Connect:


Ans. Nintendo

9) In keeping with the company’s strategy to garner a greater percentage of sales from virtual shopping, Kishore Biyani’s Future Group acquried online and telephone shopping portal ______ Bazaar in 2010. Future Ecommerce acquired ________ Bazaar in an all-stock transaction. _____ Bazaar operates the web portal _______.in and pegs itself as ‘India’s phone bazaar’. FIB with the name that literally means ‘Four Creeks of channels’?

Ans. Chowpatty

10) Which tool is used to collect a product spread over India has been estimated to have a $3.5 Billion production? The plant is shallow and has a capsule.


Ans. Nushtar – Tool Used to Cut & Collect Opium

11) Tata Motor’s new engine is India’s first 1.2 liter MPFi turbocharged petrol engine to power new Tata Motors cars – Zest and Bolt. Name it?

Ans. Revetron

12) Identify the scenario.


Ans. Goldilocks Economy – Not Too Hot or Cold Economy

13) He was well known for his sleek signature line of Fila ‘BJ’ sportswear. Although he wore Fila throughtout the world (except in his native country where he was contracted to Jockey) he used different rackets and shoes for different parts of the world. His label has since become second only to Clavin Klein in his home country. World Brand Management has exclusive rights to the brand whose largest selling prodcut is underclothes. Who is this famous person after whom the eponymous brand is named?

Ans. Bjorn Borg

14) The first sketches of the WWF logo were by a British enviromentalist and artist, Gerald Watterson. Based on these, Sir Peter Scott, one of the founders, drew the first logo. He said at the time that ‘We wanted and animal that is beautiful, endangered, and loved by many people in the world for its appealing qualities. There was one more significant yet practiacal reason as to why they chose a ‘Panda’. What was the reason?

Ans. It was black and white and it was ideal to save money on printing.

9) This Tata company in partnership with Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop, announced the certification of Big Data Solutions on Cloudera Enterprise through the Cloudera Certified Technology Program (CCTP). Which company?

Ans. CMC

10) Connect:


Ans. Jaguar

11) The earliest use of this term indicating a phrase of transition from hand production methods seems to be in a letter of July 6 1799 by French envoy Louis-Guillaume Otto. Freidrich Engels, the social scientist and Karl Marx’s companion also spoke about this in 1844 in his book The Condition of the Working Class in England. Credit for popularising the term may be given to Arnold Tonybee, whose lectures given in 1881 gave a detailed account of it. What term?

Ans. Industrial Revolution

12) This Tata company says it has become the first company to manufacture a submerged acr welded longitudianal (SAWL) line pipe installed through reeling method in the North Sea?

Ans. Tata Steel

Round 3:

1) It is an absorption refrigerator which has no moving parts and requires only a heat souce to operate. It was jointly invented in 1926 by X and his former student Leo Szilard and patented in the US on November 11, 1930. The refrigerator was not immediately put into commercial production, the most promising of their patents being quickly bought up by the Swedist company Electrolux?

Ans. Albert Einstein

2)Who is this man at the Indianopolis Museum?


Ans. Louis Chevrolet Memorial in Indianapolis Speedway

3) Connect:


Ans. Insead

4) Which company’s mascot was once known as the ‘The Road Drunkard’?

Ans. Michelin Man

5) Robert Bourke ‘1st Baron _________’ is associated with what in Chennai?


Ans. Vivanta by Taj – Connemara named after him.

Questions contributed by Jitendra Gaglani & Samyuktha Raman!

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER:  TCS- Jayakanthan and Himadri
  • RUNNER UP: Matrimony.com- Kiran and Aditya

Preliminary Round Questions:

 Q.1. John D Rockerfeller set-up Standard Oil in 1863 to refine oil for what specific purpose?

Ans. Lighting lamps

Q.2. Which essential part of celebrations come from Italian for “Small Sweet”?

Ans. Confetti

Q.3. What ceremony marks the beginning of printing of the budget documents in India, each year?

Ans. Halwa Ceremony

Q.4. Farida Khambatta was the first woman to occupy what position in Tata?


Ans. First woman director of Tata Sons

Q.5. Name of which automobile is also the highest singing voice for male?

Ans. Alto

Q.6. Kapashi, Kachkadi, Pukari are the names of this product which was made out of Buffalo hide in 13th century?

Ans. Kolhapuri Chappal

Q.7. Whose company, MPL Communications owns the copyright to more than 3000 songs including that of artists such as Buddy Holly?

Ans. Paul McCartney

Q.8. Identify this composer who is associated with Tata Tea and composed the ‘Raag Darjeeling’ for them.


Ans. Niladri Kumar

Q.9. SJM Holdings Ltd, with 9.7 bn in 2011, followed by LV Sands Corporation and Caesars Entertainment are the top 3 companies in which category? (Clue: Focus on LV)

Ans. Casino

Q.10. Tax literally meaning ‘according to value’ in Latin; based on real estate. What? (Clue: 1st word has only 2 letters)

Ans. Ad Valorem

Q.11. Euromonitor estimates a huge business for these products. The product has atomizer,LED,battery and a vapourising chamber. Identify.

Ans. E-Cigars

Q. 12. Business leader, engineer, chemist, scientist, inventor. Founded Nitroglycerin Aktiebolaget AB in Sweden. Who?

Ans. Alfred Nobel

Q.13.  In 1963, who was the 1st head of government to have appeared in famous Playboy interview series?

Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru

Q.14. ‘A Bald telepathic villain seeking world domination’. Who was first conceived thus for a series of short stories in 1933?

Ans. Superman

Q.15. Which brand is associated with the line ‘Stop me and buy one’? (Clue: It is sold in trucks across India)

Ans. Walls Ice Cream

Q.16. Identify the entity.


Ans. Versace

Q.17. Which famous hyphenated brand, noun & verb fills the line “Im stuck on _____ because ____ is stuck on me”?

Ans. Band-aid

Q.18. Which item which is extensively used in work-place was conceived by Martin Hert to note down messages close to a phone?

Ans. White-Board

Q. 19. Which product of Kimberly–Clark gets name from St. Andrews Mill?

Ans. Andrex

Q.20. Bharat Airways (seen below) in 1947 was from which Indian business house?


Ans. Birla


Questions contributed by Jitendra Gaglani & Samyuktha Raman!


Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Lucknow – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Lucknow – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Tata Motors – Lokesh and Saud Usmani
  • RUNNER UP: NTPC – Sanjit Dutta and Chandan Shahi  

Regional Round Questions:

1. Australia’s leading chocolate brand cadbury, created the ‘Joy Generator’- a vending machine that dispenses chocolate flavors based on what?


Ans. A person’s facebook likes and interests.

2.Founded by R Subramanium  in 1989, which company pioneered the concept of timeshare vacation. Members pay upfront for holidays for 25 years in India?

Ans. Sterling Holidays

3. Connect


Ans. HTC

(Robert  Downey Jr. Launched HTC’s campaign, High Tech Computer, Founder Cher Wang, HTC’s old logo)

4. William Addis, born in 1734, manufactured what item of daily use using thigh & buttock bones of ox & horsehair?

Ans. Toothbrush

5.Identify the gentleman & the company he belongs to?


Ans. CEO of Surveymonkey

6. Which American statistician said – “ In God we trust, everybody else brings data?”

Ans. Edward Deming

7. Connect:


Ans. Videocon

(Gauhar Khan brand ambassador of Videocon Telecom, Founder Seth Nandalal Dhoot, Deepika also brand ambassador, Partnership with BPCL)

8. Which company was incorporated in January 1921 to build Bombay House?

Ans. The Asscociated Building Company

9. Names this legendary fashion designer who passed away last year?


Ans. Oscar de la Renta

10.  Identify this logo of an erstwhile brand?


Ans. Edsel Ford

11. In 1938,Kanhaiya Lal learnt the basics of making what product at the Benaras Hindu University from a Czech couple, invited by Madan Mohan Malviya?

Ans. Benaras Glass Beads

12. Name it.


Ans. Defense Make In India

13. In 1962, Budhichand Maroo, co-founded a circulating book library along with his friend Shethia, how do we know this Business?

Ans. Shemaroo Entertainment

14. Connect


 Ans. UC Browser

(A promo song, logo, Yuvi is the brand ambassador, partnership with Vodafone India)

15. According to Malcolm Gladwel, Victor Gruen was the most influential architect of the 20th century. What idea did he pioneer in 1956?

Ans. Shopping Mall

16. What furniture sold by a Union territory as scrap ,sold at auctions in London for millions?

Ans. Corby (Le Corbusier ) Furniture

17. Identify this Indian brand that has gone global


Ans. Zomato

18. Connect.


Ans. Nike

(Designer of swoosh logo, Deepika Padukone brand ambassador, Bill Bowerman prime designer, Rory Mcllory brand ambassador)

19. A US company has come up with an apparel brand named AR Wear that has 132 combination waist lock that only the wearer can take off. What do the letters AR stand for?

Ans. Anti Rape

20. How does Lucknow know “ Bank kothi” or “Hayat Baksh” meaning “life giving” better?

Ans. Raj Bhavan, Lucknow


Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal!

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Ahmedabad – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Ahmedabad – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER:  L&T- Tamanna and Nisarg
  • RUNNER UP:  Triton Communication- Mayur Rana and Sachi Mehta

Regional Round

1) Thomas Adams Sr. invented this product as a cure to tooth ache but it ended up being a lifestyle products, which product?

Ans. Chewing gum

2)  Tata Swach came up with a water purifier that doesn’t need electricity. Name the brand.

Ans.Tata Swach Smart

3)  Connect question on Lowe Lintas

4) Four letter car brand from Nissan that is energy efficient.


5) Mikhael Gorbachev’s letter to world leader quoting which law?

Ans. Parkinsons law

6) Which company’s logo resembles Pacman?

Ans. LG

7) Name of a newsletter was given for a Tata steel subsidiary. Name the subsidiary.

Ans. Tata Alloys

8) Arvind and Sharad Kajaria started which website that sees lot of traffic during festive season?

Ans. 123greetings

9) Identify the Media company logo. The name conflicts with name of a car company.


Ans. Vox media

10) Joseph Nathan who left UK in 1876 created something in New Zealand that’s a huge brand today.

Ans. Glaxo

11) Eric Ries book name?

Ans. Lean start-ups

12) Chaux de fonac started this brand and sold it to an American company in 1980s. Which watch brand?

Ans. Movado

13) After which business tycoon is the stadium in Pittsburgh named?

Ans. Heinz

14)  Question around a digital initiative of Tatas.

Ans. TCS

15) Connect


Ans. Rasna

16) Seth Sitaram Poddar started which bank?

Ans. Union Bank of India

17) Who tied up with movie Linga to market product FRC 72?

Ans.: Tata Docomo

18) Which brand was manufactured exclusively in Goa till very recently?

Ans. Old Spice

19) Connect question on Bernard Arnault of LVMH

20) Which brand changed its punchline after joining the Kraft group of brands?

Ans. Maxewell house

21) Which .com was started by Jeff Taylor that changed the entire industry?


Ans. Monster

22) Connect.


Ans. The Dawn newspaper that has exclusive rights of publishing Wikileaks.

23) Which company has adopted a simple logo of a blue triangle?

Ans. Garmin

Questions contributed by Dhaval Thakker from ‘The Original Business Quizzing’. You can visit them at: http://theoriginalquizzing.blogspot.in/

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Ahmedabad – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Ahmedabad – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER:  L&T- Tamanna and Nisarg
  • RUNNER UP:  Triton Communication- Mayur Rana and Sachi Mehta

Preliminary Round Questions:

1. Give the name of Chinese electric and telecommunication brand from China that started in 2004 and now is famous across the world.

Ans. Oppo

2. This Indian was among the wealthiest people in Asia and one of the few billionaires under 40. He developed the second most used word processor way back in 1998. Who is he?

Ans. Arun Pudur

3. According to Sports pro magazine she is the most marketable player in the world, who is this Canadian sportswoman?


Ans. Eugenie Bouchard

4. Name the chemical giant from Germany. (Hint: It’s a four letter world)


5. What is LTE?

Ans. Long term evolution

6. Honda published this vision in 1950s saying that their product will be in _____& Harmony with the society. The company later came-up with brand with the same name.

Ans. Accord

7. Which company is trying to get back to laptop market by introducing product like Toughbook. It was famous for its 2 in 1 players in 90s.

Ans. Panasonic

8. What is full of MUDRA in MUDRA bank.

Ans. Micro units development and refinance agency

9. Which part in South India near Cochin is named after a spice and which spice?

Ans. Cardamom

10. Which product came in existent because of wheat shortage and replaced product like Glucon and Monaco biscuits?

Ans. Parle biscuits

11. Logo of ?


Ans. BASEL World

12. Glycodin brand of which company?

Ans. Alembic pharma

13. What is the term described to use when a small firm takes over much bigger firm?

Ans. Leveraged buyout

14. Why was bite taken off the apple logo? To differentiate it from which fruit?

Ans. Cherry

15. Who was India’s first and only woman finance minister?

Ans. Indira Gandhi

16. Which French author wrote Capital in 21stcentury ?

Ans. Thomas Piketty

17. Which company owns the deo brand HE?

Ans. Emami

18. Which fashion designer found talent like Isabella blow and committed suicide in 2010?

Ans. Alexander Mcqueen

19. Jean Nidtech started which company?

Ans. Weight watchers

20. Rajen Sethi is overseeing an art collection worth 1.6 billion USD at a location that brings a lot of people together.

Ans. Mumbai Airport

Questions contributed by Dhaval Thakker from ‘The Original Business Quizzing’. You can visit them at: http://theoriginalquizzing.blogspot.in/

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Pune – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Pune – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Infosys – Gaurav Parab and Mehul Jain
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Motors – Raghav Saxena and Arindam Pal

Regional Round Questions:

1.Identify this PSU.


Ans. Fresh n Healthy Enterprises

2. “Honestly, my interest at that stage was not promoting or learning English. I was young and looking to make money. The offer meant I was going to make some money and also, as I realized later, inspire many like me to try and learn a new language.  This product, priced at Rs.150 and more than 25 million products sold. Launched as a CD in 1976  and                   used by PM, G.Z Singh. Identify the sportsman and Product.

Ans. Rapidex-  Kapil Dev

3.  Connect.


Ans. Shakespeare (1. Shakespeare & Company bookshop owner is talking here 2. Romeo & Julietta cigars 3. Shakespeare programming language 4. Lord Chamberlain’s Men: Shakespeare theater company.)

4. This is a common trick played , where a customer buys a cocktail dress, wears it once, manages to look dazzling for a few hours and then returns the dress. All this, while ensuring to get back a full refund. How do we better know this trick?

Ans. Wardrobing

5. Identify.


Ans. Jagdish Seth

6. Helped by Amar Chitra Katha, Tata Asset Management had obtained license to use Suppandi. Here a new character helps Suppandi deal with everyday issues including banking, finance and savings. Who is this character?

Ans. Prof. Simply Simple

7. This is the Maori symbol for Koru. The leaf represents new life and growth along with strength and peace. It has prominent presence in which entity?


Ans. Air New Zealand

8.  Connect.


Ans. Sherlock Holmes (1. The Strand Magazine where Sherlock Holmes first published 2. used Webley bulldog revolver 3. listed in Guinness book (video is for performing with maximum no. of hula hoop in the record) 4. His bankers were Capital & Counties Bank)

9. This term has multiple origins. In Dutch it would mean ‘swamp’. Its other sources: This term was  were in Paris and they were called marché aux puces, it is named after Siphonaptera, that infested all the upholstery.

Ans. Flea or Flea Market

10. Connect.


Ans. San Miguel

11. Name this Tata Brand that partnered major teams in World Sailing. It all started with Cowes Week 1988.

Ans. Land Rover

12. Going back to 18th Century Bengal, A permit was issues that allowed for a levy against paying normal customs duty for Officials of The British East India Company. Its origins lie in the Persian word for “Pass”. This concept was started by Robert Clive. What is this free trade permit known as? How do we know it today?

Ans. Dastak

13. Connect


Ans. Amartya Sen

14. Giganomics has its origins in bad labour markets. Giganomics is the branch of social with the impact of entrepreneurial activity across a specific market.What exactly does Giganomics mean?

Ans. Combining multiples skills, talents and abilities to generate income for living

15. Name India’s only free DTH Service.

Ans. DD Direct

16.  Connect.


Ans. Abduction of Business Personalities (1. Theo Albrecht 2. John Paul Getty III 3. Freddy Heineken all were kidnapped 4. Roja was based on abduction)

17. A company called ROMEC, established in 1989 in the UK, through a Joint venture with Haden Buss & Co. Engaged in producing something termed by English legislation as ‘Street Furniture’ What is maintained by Romec Ltd?

Ans. Telephone Boxes in London

18. This Tata Company a leading infrastructure brand in India partnered with Brookefield.

Ans. Tata Housing

19. What made its debut in 2000 at the bottom of North West corner of the Conde Nast Building, 4 Times Square?

Ans. Nasdaq MarketSite

20. Connect.


Ans. Globalisation Index (1. Coined by Theodore Levitt 2. Peter Drucker called it a psychological phenomenon 3. KOF publishes the annual globalization index for countries 4. Harvard business Review published it.)

21. Gaurav Singh founded a film news site in 2006, aged 27. This Bolywood news site was his first major project and it was acquired by Flipkart after becoming a major hit. He continued experimenting till he went on to found BlueStone.com

Name the Bollywood News Website he founded. Hint: Rhymes with a childrens comic book

Ans. Chakpak.com

22. Best selling Corporation named after this map.


Ans. Subway

23. The logo derived from a ‘yantra, a perfect mathematical form that reflects the unbounded universe.Which brand is this?

Ans: Vistara

Questions contributed by Nikhil Joy! Additions meticulously contributed by Debasish Mandal.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: Infosys – Gaurav Parab and Mehul Jain
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Motors – Raghav Saxena and Arindam Pal

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q1) Copy of an interview magazine, an interview T-shirt & a bottle of the Estée Lauder perfume “Beautiful” was dropped into his grave after his death. He had so many possessions that it took Sotheby’s nine days to auction his estate. Whom are we talking about?

A) Andy Warhol

Q2) Which common Hindu/Indian surname derives from ‘a piece of land’ and referred to as landowner / tenant farmer?

A) Patel

Q3) The Loksabha in 2011 passed the budget proposals minus the 5% service tax on healthcare & diagnostic services provided by high end hospitals that was withdrawn following widespread criticism. What name was given to the tax?

A) Misery tax

Q4) Carnegie Institute of Technology, mathematical genius, letter about a famous Nobel laureate who died this year. Who?


A) John Nash

Q5) B.K. Modi brought global firms like Xerox, Disney, Olivetti, Gaurdian, Continental Tyres& Telstra to India before liberalization began in 1991 which nickname did he earn because of this?

A) Joint Venture Modi

Q6) Which is the world’s most sold copyrighted book?

A) Guinness Book of World Records

Q7) Hyderabad in Pakistan is the largest producer of these items in the world. Moradabad is India’s largest producer? Identify the item described.

A) Bangles

Q8) Which brand gets its name from this lady? Hint: Brand from Illinois.

Options: 1)Maybelline 2)Perfetti 3)Sara Lee


A) Sara Lee  

Q9) What brand, first produced as a new bar soap, talcum powder, was launched in 1954 by Henkel subsidiary Dreiring?

A) Fa

Q10) What portmanteau word for a type of low-powered motorcycle was coined by Swedish journalist Harald Nielsen in 1952

A) Moped

Q11) What was formed by Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company of Australasia Ltd in 1899, when the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company of the UK incorporated its Australian branch, formed in 1893, and floated it on the Australian stock exchanges?

A) Ansell Corporation

Q12) Identify the person.


A) Gerard Pique

Q13) 1000 skyshot comes in a 3 foot long bar & is worth Rs. 12,000. There is a smaller version too, it is called the 500 sky shots and is priced at Rs. 7,000 it is one of India’s most costliest _________.

A) Crackers

Q14) What trademarked color motion picture process was founded in Boston in 1914 by Herbeof Kalmo, Daniel Frost Comstock &W. Burton Wescott?

A) Technicolor

Q15) Who is the first woman to head a Fortune 500 company in India?

A) Arundhati Bhattacharya (SBI)

Q16) Identify this product from Microsoft.


A) Edge

Q17) Which iconic design inspired by an Encyclopedia Britannica illustration was described by Andy Warholl as the design of the decade in 1960,s although it was already 50 years old at that time. Hint: Design was inspired from the shape of a skirt.

A) Coca Cola bottle

Q18) Percy Pig is a brand of pig shaped gummy raspberry, strawberry, cherry & grape flavoured confectionery products made under license in Germany for which company?

A) Marks & Spencer

Q19) This University of Texas dropout earned $2000 at 12 years in his first business venture of selling stamps. At 16, he earned $18000 selling newspaper subscriptions to The Houston Post. At 27, he achieved a great feat by going on the top of a well known list. Who is this person? Hint: He changed the way computers were sold in this world.

A) Michael Dell

Q20) A unique CSR initiative to create road safety awareness in India by whom?


A) Mercedes Benz

Questions contributed by Vrushabh Gudade! He is a First Year student at College Of Engineering, Pune who loves quizzing.

Hat-tip to Debasish Mandal for pointing out a correction!

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Navi Mumbai – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Navi Mumbai – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER : Idea Forge Technology – Shubhankar Gokhle and Piyush D
  • RUNNER UP: Kotak Mahindra Bank – Ajitabh J and Samrat Mukherjee

Regional Questions:

1.What invention is credited to her?


Answer: Kevlar

2.Which group in 2007 announced its plan to purchase an Island called Sealand and become an Independent nation ?

Answer: Pirate Bay



Answer: Rupee

4.The origin of this can be traced back to an Italian monastery in 1792. As befits something made from a simple paste of sugar, almonds and free-range eg whites, they take their name from Italian word for ‘paste’.

Answer: Macarons

5. This is a book by?


Answer: Arun Firodia

6. Name the floriculture business set up by Tatas in 1990.

Answer: Oriental Floratech

7. Connect


Answer: Polio Vaccine

8.Oklahoma City, USA was the site for the world’s first such devices, where it was installed in July 1935. An invention of Gerald A Hale and Professor H .G Thuesen of Oklahoma State University, the first person to be arrested for an offence related to this was the Reverend C.H.North of the Thir Pentecostal Church of Oklahoma City in August 1935. What are we talking about?

Answer: Parking meter

9.The TATA brand has partnered with Sony Music Entertainment to reveal unique ‘My Land, My Msic’ collaboration to create a powerful celebration of music and cultural diversity across the Arab region.

Answer: Land Rover

10.Who gave the United nations a USD 8.5 million cheque to pay for the land site for its headquarters?

Answer: John.D.Rockefeller

11.It was invented by English engineer Richard Clyburn in 1842. Then known as an English key, the design was improved upon by Johan Petter Johansson and marketed by the Bacho company of Sweden in 1892. Which tool?

Answer: Adjustable spanner

12. The Tata Steel subsidiary was earlier known as Rawmet Ferrous Industries Pvt. Ltd?

Answer: T S Alloys Ltd.

13.This guy’s wife lent him Rs.50,000 to set up a garage in Andheri. He realized that business is what he wanted to do. In 1999, he started a garage named Elite class. He used to offer vehicles repair and annual maintenance services to customers. Name the businessman and his most popular business.

Answer: Meru cabs, Neeraj Gupta

14. Connect


Answer: Skybags

15.ATM outsourcing service provider, Tata Communications Payment Solutions, plans to provide value-added services to make WLAs more viable. Expand WLAs.

Answer: White Label Atms

16. Connect


Answer: Skechers

17.In 1918, Ford Edison, Burroghs and Firestone set off on a lengthy camping trip from Pennsylvania to Tennessee through the Great Smoky Mountains. What did they call themselves?

Answer: Vagabond,

18. What is Vaping?

Answer: An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered vaporizer which simulates the feeling of smoking, but without tobacco combustion. Their use is commonly called vaping.

19. Name the company this Gentleman founded.


Answer: Cadillac

20. What is Bill Gates doing?


Answer: Bill Gates is drinking water that was sewage 5 Minutes before converted through the steam engine-powered device called the Omniprocessor.

Questions contributed by Viraj Morabia

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Navi Mumbai – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Navi Mumbai – Preliminary Round Questions


WINNER : Idea Forge Technology – Shubhankar Gokhle and Piyush D

RUNNER UP: Kotak Mahindra Bank – Ajitabh J and Samrat Mukherjee

Preliminary Questions:

1) Which annual parade associated with a department store started in 1924 and was suspended during WWII?

Ans. Macy’s

2) FS Index includes countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Cayman Island, etc. What does FS stand for?

Ans. Financial secrecy

3) Name the tea brand named after this personality?


Ans. Oprah Chai

4) Name the chocolate brand name after him.


Ans. Ferrero

5) Some of the other names considered were Pontella, Filosel, Poa, Eido, Mestal, etc. What is the name that was chosen?

Ans. Nylon

6) TAG Heuer’s “Seafarers” had special dials—blue, green and yellow patterns to represent what?

Ans. High and low tides

7) This is a patent for which machine?


Ans. Bread Slicer

8) Which pharmaceutical company’s logo is made up of a capsule and two pills?

Ans. Merck

9) The origin of the word comes from Persian word for “place of price”. What is the word?

Ans. Bazaar

10) It is a term used for business networking while taking physical exercise. What is the term?

Ans. Sweatworking

11) Which organisation is responsible for cleanliness at Kashi Vishwanath temple?

Ans. Sulabh International

12) Which helmet company was founded by Subhash Kapur?

Ans. Steelbird

13) Kolkata based company J Thomas & Co. is in the business of ______ auction.

Ans. Tea

14) Francisco Hernández de Córdoba gives his name to which country’s currency? (Clue: Name of the country starts with N)

Ans. Nicaragua

15) V Balakrishnan came out with the idea of Selfie with ________ campaign.

Ans. Mufflerman

16) In 1882, American Express started what to compete with US Post Office?

Ans. Money Order

17) Question on Domex.

18) In 1864, Webster’s Dictionary officially defined it, referring to it as “a coarse cotton drilling used for overalls, etc.” What term?

Ans. Denim

Questions contributed by Viraj Morabia

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Indore – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Indore– Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: Connekt Technologies – Vikas P and Tarang G
  • RUNNER UP: BHEL Bhopal – Debasish Mandal and Vivek Pathak

Preliminary Round Questions:

1.What was started as a motion picture film format and a set of cinema projection standards created by the Canadian company, developed by Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William C. Shaw?

Ans. IMAX (an acronym for Image MAXimum)

2. The Ediswan company was formed in 1883 with the collaboration of Swan United Electric Light Company with the merger of another company. If Joseph Swan was from Swan United Electric Light Company then who is the other collaborator?

Ans. Edison

3. Which instiutes were set up by the 22 member committee headed by Sri N.R.Sarkar, in its report, recommended the establishment of Institutions in the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern regions of India?

Ans. IIT

4. This optician brand started in 1877, started by two Jewish families , with the inauguration of its first showroom in Calcutta (Kolkata) a few months shortly after Queen Victoria declared herself Empress of India. In 1938,it was incorporated Private Limited Company under the leadership and guidance of Mr. I C Mendonsa of Goa. Name the Brand?

Ans. Lawrence & Mayo

5. This is the mascot of which food brand?


Ans. Cerelac

6. Henry ford took two vital decision in Ford Motor Company , one was in 1914 by offering a $5 per day wage so which was the other one also connected with number 5?

Ans. 5 days week

7. What was built in 1930, by British aero engineer and aircraft builder Richard Fairey who paid the Vicar of Harmonds worth 15000 pounds for a 150 acre plot to build it to assemble and test aircraft?

Ans. Heathrow

8. This is a book written by Bloomberg about whom?

download (4)

Ans. Bloomberg

9. Which company created one of the first infant foods in response to the need for a healthy and affordable baby food named as Farine Lactée ?

Ans. Nestle

10. Which organization started EndangeredEmoji Twitter campaign, which prompted the organisation’s supporters to donate through tweeting emojis of endangered animals?

Ans. WWF

11. There was a series of lawsuits between Mattel and MCA Records that resulted from a 1997 Aqua song mentioning the brand of Mattel. Name the brand of Mattel for which the lawsuit was filed by Mattel?

Ans. Barbie

12. This is the old logo of an online e-commerce company. Name the company?

download (3)

Ans. Myntra old logo

13. Which Chinese company launched the “Honor” mobile which is famous for largest selling dongle company in India?

Ans. Huawei

14. It was first invented in the 1980s by Hiroshi Ueda, an employee of the Minolta camera company, and was a keen photographer. While travelling in Louvre Museum in Paris, he asked a child to take a photo of them, but the child ran away with his camera. So invented this gadget and later one Canadian Wayne Fromm patented his invention as Quik Pod. The gadget was listed in Time magazine’s 25 best inventions of 2014. How we know this gadget today?

Ans. Selfie Stick

15. The company was founded by Late Mr. Jagjivanbhai Karsanbhai Chandra. He was a man of vision. A Dreamer. An Inventor. A Strategist. And an ingenious master-mind who loved challenges. And like father like son, Mr. Jayantibhai Chandra also joined this mission. He introduced unique diesel version of a vehicle , and soon 150,000 nos. were rolling all over Saurashtra making it easy for passengers. Name this unique vehicle?

Ans. Chhakada

16. This is a shoe museum of a world famous company. Name it?

Bata shoe museum

Ans. Bata Shoe Musuem

17. In 1889 two brothers, André Jules along with his brother Édouard, opened a rubber factory in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Name this tyre giant company of the world?

Ans. Michelin

18. Which bank’s slogan is “Empowering Women, Empowering India”?

Ans. Bhartiya Mahila Bank (BMB)

19. Which dessert was originally prepared by Emperor Jehangir’s wife, Noorjehan, to create and serve for Jehangir, mixing sweetened milk and an array of fruit pulps with crushed ice imported from the frozen Himalayan lakes?

Ans. Kulfi

20. Logo of which company?

download (1)

Ans. Max Life Insurance

 Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal