Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2016 – National Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2016 – National Finals Questions


  • WINNER : Misfits Media (Inc 42) : Ankan Das and Sreshth Shah
  • RUNNER UP: Social Udaan: Meghashyam S and Kushan Patel

National Finals Questions:

Q.1. Siobhan Sweeney advocated hat public companies should appoint a ‘contrarian director’ whose role would be to challenge management recommendations. The prize winning idea modeled-after the advocate- general of the European Union was inspired by which position established within Catholic Church in 1587?

Ans. Devil’s Advocate

Q.2. Ram and Shyam are related to which brand?


Ans. Parle Poppins

Q.3. Analytical Question.


Ans. ASLP (Age Sex Location Picture)

Q.4. What peculiar rule is exclusive to this restaurant?


Ans. Eat Alone

Q.5. This is Surround 360. Which company is associated with this technology?


Ans. Facebook

Q.6. Analytical Question.


Ans. IMHO (In My Honest Opinion)

Q.7. This is the currency of?



Q.8. Connect.


Ans. Canine Trademarks of Companies

Q.9. What is the speciality of this vehicle produced by Tata Motors. Its called MRAP.


Ans. Mine Resistant Ambush Protection Trucks

Q.10. Shiseido’s new interactive mobile site, “Rouge Rouge K M” seeks to create a shared experience between two people. What do you have to do to make it work? What does KM stand for?

Ans. Kiss Me

Q.11. Identify the petroleum brand, which gets its name from Will Rogers Highway?


Ans. Phillips 66

Q.12. Analytical Question.



Q.13. What is this?


Ans. Boot leggers adding animal soles to their footwear to cover their tracks

Q.14. This is a tailoring unit in Akola, Rajasthan. They recently recieved a huge order of fabric of same colour. What is being talked about?


Ans. RSS Uniform

Q.15. What is this?


Ans. Airbus has introduced this arrangement for short haul flights

Q.16. What is the special service provided by this bank?


Ans. Insurance against damage caused Pokemon Go

Q.17. This Olive Oil Company from the 1920’s, headquartered on Mott Street in Little Italy, grew to become the largest olive-oil importer in the US. Who’s company?

Ans. Al Capone

Q.18. Where can you find the EURion Constellation?


Ans. Security feature found on currency notes

Q.19. Connect


Ans. HMV

Q.20. Professor K Kurozawa from Kobe University thought that the book should be published in Japanese. The title of the book contains a word which in its larger context, it means the ‘the welfare of country or community; the general good’.

Its Japanese publishers Simul, got the point and added the words ‘and the use of it’ to the title. What book in Japan?

Ans. Creation of Wealth by RM Lala

Q.21. What?


Ans. Grexit

Q.22. Connect.


Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

Q.23. Question on Masks used in Sunderbans to prevent attacks by Tigers

Q.24. Why are movies at times called flicks?

Ans. In olden days, movies were basically moving or changing images, which made a flickering sound

Q.25. Which company has created these contraceptives?


Ans. Tata Motors