Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Chandigarh – External Track Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Chandigarh – External Track Questions


Bharat Petroleum, Proctor and Gamble, Indian Oil, Mind Tree Eduvation and two teams from Infosys.



Infosys – Manu Chugh and Jaspreet Singh Kapoor


BPCL – Nagesh Kumar Mittal and Kshtij Maheshwari


Round 1:

1.  Why are the sarees from a village named Dhaniakhali in India suddenly get famous some time back?

– Mamata Banerjee wears sarees made in this village.

2.  Which ‘human brand’ born as Kiranjit Kaur Vohra is worth more than Rs. 20 Crore?

–  Sunny Leone

3. In 1900s homes in the UK had very few windows and as a result people started falling ill because of claustrophobia. At the time a law was in place which led to relatively few windows in the homes. What law?

– The amount of tax you were liable to pay was based on the number of windows in your house.

4.  What are ‘SIMple Diapers’?

– Diapers that come with a sim card. Whenever the diaper is soggy, a text message is sent to the parents saying that it’s time to change the diaper.

5.  How did the Rava Idly come get invented?

During WW2,due to the shortage of rice MTR had to switch to semolina (Rava) to make idlys and thus the  Rava Idly was invented.

6. What is the Project Track Gandhi?

–  A project to track Indian currency notes.

Round 2-Think Pictorial

1. Which bank has launched a series of ad campaigns titles ‘Portraits’?


–  Bank of America

2. Image of Lee Iococca with an enlarged image of a cheque in the background. Id the incident.


– Chrysler paying back the loan it took from the US Government.

3. Image of Michael Kullen. What did he create?

Michael Cullen

– The idea of Supermarkets.

4. Logo of a famous stock exchange in India that has not changed its name.


–  Madras Stock Exchange

5. Which company’s first product was horse radish?

– Heinz

6. Image of the company’s founder and a piano. Id the company.


– Yamaha.

Round 3- Tata

1. The Taj group has a joint venture for catering at the airports of which country. (Something to
this effect)

– Singapore(SATS)

2. Rahul Bose, Carlos Moya etc have all endorsed which brand?

– Xylus

3. Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is considered the Nobel prize for engineering. Which Tata Company has won the award?

– Tata Steel

4. Great Indian achiever. Head of the Tata Adventure group.

– Bachhendri Pal

Round 4-Think Cryptic(Lateral Connect Rounds)





Verghese Kurien
– Verghese Kurien




– Huawei.
Round-5 Think Rapid

A question on screen with blanks. If you answer it 10 points. After a while some letters from the
answer are displayed. 5 points now.

1) Hublot Brand Ambassador and director of Beta Prema Pvt. Ltd.

– Bernie Ecclestone.

2)  Highest altitude gained traveling in a hot air balloon.

–  Vijaypat Singhania

3) Amazon boss who bought The Washington Post

– Jeff Bezos

Questions contributed by Mr. Gursheel Singh

Gursheel is a final year of engineering (Computer Science, Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh) student, who has been quizzing since school days. He loves to read and watch movies.

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