Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Cochin – External Track Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Cochin – External Track Questions


  • Winners:

Malayala Manorama: Arun Thomas and Nithin Suresh

  • Runners-Up:

Federal Bank Ltd.: Nivesh Nair and Deepak P



Round 1:

1)      What was launched at the Frankfurt book fair that announced the company’s unprecedented foray into offline medium from its popular online medium ?

Google Books (Google).

2)      Which company started by making clothing for the people of the Italian Alps ? It gained prominence when a hugely popular sportsperson endorsed it ?

FILA (Bjorn Borg)

3)      In earlier days the Jews could not hold land in Italy so along with local traders they put up benches and began to trade . What was thus originated ?

Merchant banking

4)      The London Zoo has bust of which  personality of Indian origin ?

Lord Swaraj Paul

5)      Once upon a time ,________ was a Rice Exporter, had a business involving oil and grain exporting . Later he became a huge name in entertainment industry. Who ?

Subash Chandra ( Essel , Zee)

6)      Which brand derives its name from the oil of bean of a flowery plant ?

Castrol ( from castor oil)

Round 2:

1)      Print advert by which brand ?


– Nilkamal ( notice the blue plastic chair underneath the elephant )

2)      Identify (pictures of different products such as coirs, crops,paper were shown)


– Tihar Jail products

3)      Identify the infrastructure company?


– Part Logo of RITES.

4)     Who are behind this venture ?

Sri Lankan venture

– Mahela Jayawardene and Kumara Sangakkara

5)       Identify to a business group?


– Adlabs ( Imagica Theme Park )

6)      Identify the cement company founded by this person?

Binani Cements

–  Binani Cements

Round 3:

1)      Which Tata group company is into pharmaceutical and drugs research ?

Advinus Therapeutics

2)      Which Tata company is associated with the ‘The Victoria Jungfrau ‘ collection ?

Taj Hotels

3)      Which Tata brand positions itself as ‘We help you buy ‘ ?


4)      Which Tata group subsidiary companies services include water management, power distribution, infrastructure solutions, public health and horticulture services ?


Round 4:

(This round was the turning point as the duo from Malayala Manorama cruised with all 4 questions and 60 crucial points in their kitty.The visuals are just suggestive while the actual were on the same lines.)



– Pernord Ricard (Logo; Vikram Seth endorses Absolut Vodka; founders)



– Intel ( McAfee owned by Intel , founders )


Sara Lee

– Sara Lee ( old name ,owner,partnership)

Round 5:

1)      Who is the founder of Flag Foundation of India ?

– Naveen Jindal

2)      What connects: Spark, Dare, Woo, Storm, Rush ?

– Kamasutra (deodorant variants)

3)      Who is behind the Purti Group ?

– Nitin Gadkari

– Questions contributed by Mr. Nivesh Nair.

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