Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Gurgaon – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Gurgaon – Preliminary Round Questions

The second edition of the Gurgaon Crucible saw a modest turnout but there were no let-ups in the quality of quizzing though. In the end, the usual suspects Genpact (with the old warhorse Rohan and the campus winner from earlier this year, Leo Thomas) defended their title with ease. The emergence of some fresh faces in the stage does augur well for the possible next editions of the quiz in this region.



Genpact (Rohan Khanna & Leo Thomas)


Reckitt Benckiser (Mohit & Rajeev)

Other Finalists- DY Works, Bacardi, 2 teams from Reckitt Benckiser, Google. 


1)     Which economist was Chidambaram quoting in his 2013 Budget statement when he said- ‘There is compelling moral case for equality, but it is also necessary if there is to be sustained growth’?

– Joseph Stiglitz

2)     This idea originated from the School of Salamanca in the 16th century. Developed in its modern form by Gustav Cassel in 1918?

– Purchasing Power Parity

3)     After Christian Dior’s untimely death in 1957, who succeeded him as head designer of Christian Dior?

– Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

4)     Which cosmetics billionaire, notorious for the Lipstick Index, has given the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, his entire collection of Cubist art worth $1 billion in April 2013?

– Leonard Lauder

5)     Which European car brand has advertised with the following print campaign (issued in public interest not to text while driving)?



6)     This Gurgaon based cola giant has announced a one year strategic partnership with the Asian Football Development Project with the theme “Live for Now”?

– Pepsi

7)     Iconic brand with the memorable slogan- “The road starts here, it never ends”.

– Harley Davidson

8)     Which internet company was co-founded by Fabrice Girinda and Alex Oxenford in 2006?


9)     In the TAPI pipeline, if A stands for Afghanistan, P for Pakistan, I for India, then what does T stand for?

– Turkmenistan

10)  Print Ad campaign for (Hint: coming to India soon) –



11)  Which carmaker roped in Jeev Milkha Singh as a brand ambassador in India?

– Volvo

12)  Which former Miss Universe has launched a Bollywood production house called Bheegi Basanti Entertanment?

– Lara Dutta

13)  Which company has a restorative water drink called B’Lue with the tagline “At Your Best Hamesha”?

– Danone

14)  Which diamond brand from the stable of Gitanjali is being endorsed by Sanjay Dutt and Manyaata?

– Sangini



Co-Authored by Karl Marx and ______ ________?

– Frederick Engels

16)  Which FMCG decided to exit the branded rice segment with ‘Arise’?

– Marico (Saffola Arise)

17)  Which English football club owned by the Fenway Sports Group & has the anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’?

– Liverpool F.C

18)  This company founded in 1994 spurred by what its founder called ‘regret minimization framework’?

– Amazon

19)  This new term is used to describe office organizational system wherein multiple workers are using a single physical workstation or surface during different time periods?

– Hotdesking

20)  Identify the personality-


– Rajiv Takru

21)  This country’s intelligence agency advertised on the social media with the following- “If you possess daring wits and finesse, you can make an impact and perform a personal and national service”.

– Israel

22)  GZ-19, GZ-20, GZ-22. Whose airships are these?

– Goodyear (Blimps)

23)  This ‘sexy bread’ maker – 1st in india – packed bread in hygienic and convenient poly-wrapping. Who?

– Harvest Gold

24)  Rana Kapoor: Yes Bank; Radha Kapoor: X?   [Hint: Live Clean]

– Pressto (Dry cleaning service)

25)  ID the newsmaker:


Rohan Murthy

– Questions reviewed by Subhodeep Jash.

Subhodeep is currently working as a Consultant (Regulatory Affairs) with Dua Consulting. He is an avid (quizzer + movie buff + ManUtd fan ).  He won the Tata Crucible Campus Edition from Pune in 2008 as well as the ‘ET in Campus’ Business Quiz from Pune in 2008 & 2010.

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