Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Kolkata – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Kolkata – Preliminary Round Questions

Results (Tata Track):


TCS – Abhishek Das and Sudip Kalyan Dey


mJunction – Debasish Mukerjee and Abhishek Kar

Results (External Track):


HSBC – Saurabh Deora and Anirvan Bhadra


Emami Ltd – Abhishek Chakraborthy and Alekhya Chakraborthy


1. What in Gujarat is known as Chaar Bangadi?

– Audi

2. Which book published in 1859 is the largest selling single volume book ever? (Clue: It sold 2 Million copies till date)

– A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

3. Which beautiful consort wrote a book titled ‘The Sandwich Swap’ in 2011? (Clue: Think Royalty)

– Queen Rania of Jordan

4. Rellure a brand owned by the Reliance Life Science Pvt Ltd., is associated with which fruit?

– Mango

5. Who’s the author of the book?


– Benjamin Graham

6. First there were Harmony, Tempo and Allegro & then came Puma, Jaguar, Snow Leopard. What are these?

– Apple OS versions

7. In gaming what does RMG stands for?

– Real Money Gaming

8. Which actor aspired to be a professional photographer & started his career as an apprentice in A. Das & Co., Delhi? (Clue: We’ve lost him recently)

– Pran Krishan Sikand 

9. Who has unveiled the new search engine named PLUS D (The Public Library of United States Diplomacy)? (Clue: Very much in news)

– Julian Assange

10. Who’s the advertiser?



11. What is jointly owned by Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Essar and Idea Cellular?

– Indus Towers

12. Andhra Pradesh markets which of these coffee brands? (Options given: Araku/Tirumala/Telengana)

– Araku

13. What unique thing has been started by Samoa Air?

– Charging Passengers by their Weight

14. Satya Rajpurohit, calligrapher and co-founder of Ahmedabad-based design firm Indian Type Foundry, says he arrived at the perfect ‘L’ after trying more than 400 strokes over 2-3 weeks. And they’ve trademarked the letter ‘L’. Whose logo? (Clue: Hospitality)

– Leela Group

15. Identify her? (Clue: CRISIL)


– Roopa Kudva

16. Which series had inspired Martin Copper to conceive the idea of Mobile Phone in 1973?

– Star Trek

17. After which everyday product is Hyundai’s  vehicle, the E4U designed?


– Egg

18. By exporting which fruit from the national tree of Bangladesh has India got INR 800 Cr Revenue?

– Mango

19. This is a list of ______ per capita. What?

  • Monaco: 3/35,427
  • St Kitts and Nevis: 1/53,051
  • Guernsey:1/65,573
  • Hong Kong: 39/7.1 Million
  • Belize: 1/356,600
  • Cyprus: 3/1.1 Million
  • Israel: 17/7.8 Million

– Billionaires

20. Which Indian Group’s next generation are this?


– Parle (Chauhans)

21. This is a job for people who like globetrotting, Heinrich Kubis was first in the world in 1912?

– Flight Attendant

22. This American senator was the first to orbit the Earth and also the oldest person to travel in space. Who?

– John Glenn

23. A simple _________ from the White House wipes billions off US markets in the month of April, 2013. What?

– Tweet

24. Which adventurist Indian businessman is the founder of the Super Car Club in India & set the record for the fastest lap at the Buddh International Circuit in Ferrari 458 Challenge?

– Gautam Singhania; Raymond Group

25. Younger age picture of  which head of a global financial institution?


– Christine Lagarde; IMF

– Questions contributed by Rabi Shankar Saha

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