Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Eastern Zonal Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Eastern Zonal Round


  • Bhubaneshwar : Reckitt Benckiser : Soubhagya Jena and Pramod
  • Guwahati : Pioneers and Partners : Syed Burhanur Rahman and Shah Syed Rahman
  • Vizag : Vizag Steel : J Rahul and AGK Murthy
  • Raipur : Bhilai Steel : Sanjay Shamkumar and Manoj Kumar Prasad
  • Ranchi : RSP Sail : SS Panda and Sampad Mishra
  • Kolkata : HSBC : Saurabh Deora and Anirvan Bhadra

Teams making it to the National Finals:


  • Vizag : Vizag Steel : J Rahul and AGK Murthy


  • Bhubaneshwar : Reckitt Benckiser : Soubhagya Jena and Pramod


Round 1:

Q.1 This Product was created by the Chinese in the 6th century for cleansing and hygienic purposes and is now used worldwide. It is a daily use product now. What?

Toilet paper or Tissue Paper

Q.2 In 1948, Candido created this to cure his son Kenneth, who had developed rheumatoid arthritis in 1943. What are we talking about?


Q.3 The word is derived from French for a bundle of notes tied together. It is also the name of a supplement from a business daily from India. What are we talking about?


Q.4 It was started by Hamdi Ulukaay a Turkish immigrant to the United States when he bought a plant in the town of New Berlin, New York, that was being closed by Kraft Foods. The brand name is derived from the Persian, meaning “shepherd”?

Chobani Yoghurt

Q.5 On the eve of 110 years of Harley Davidson celebration, 2000 Harley bikers congregated and two white classic Harleys were gifted to a certain person who at one point of time was a Chemical technician. Who was gifted these two special Harleys?

Pope Francis

Q.6 The company should satisfy the following criterias: a) Three years with an annual net profit of over Rs. 2,500 crore b)Net worth of Rs. 10,000 crore c)Turnover of Rs. 25,000 crore. Criteria for what?

Maharatna status to a PSU


Round 2:

Q.1 This map was shown and said that President Jefferson made a deal for this land in 1803 and took a big step towards making USA a big country in terms of Land mass. What?


Purchase of Louisannia state from France by President Jefferson for $15 million dollars.

Q.2 In the world of finance, what do these colors represent?

Mutual Funds

Risk ratings for Mutual funds.

Q.3 Connect these to give a brand name?

Lady Diana

Christian Dior; Lady Diana with the Lady Dior bag dedicated to her.

Q.4 [Image] Old advertisement of a fridge brand; Picture of Shilpa Shetty. Which brand?

Electrolux, she endorses Electrolux water purifiers. 

Q.5 What are these?


Monopoly Board game characters.

Q.6 Who is a fellmonger or what trade does he deal in and why is the trade banned everywhere?

He deals in Animal skins.


Round 3:

Q1. Expand SCIP?

Second Career Internship Program. For women who want to come back to corporate life after having kids.

Q. 2 TIFRAC was the name given by J L Nehru. (Buzzer pressed)

TIFR Automatic company

Q.3 Lord Chelmsford was the man responsible for this. (Buzzer pressed)

He renamed the city of Sakshi to Jamshedpur.

Q.4 This word of greek origin refers to light. This is a Tata offering and is creating a lot of hype. What?



Round 4:



Doordarshan – Philips provided the technology; Devashis created the logo; Miguel Sabido was the man behind DD’s longest running show Hum Log.



Amrutanjan – Dragon balm made by them; founder Nageswar Rao Pantulu also started Andhra Patrika; Bobby fisher used Amrutanjan balm and used to get them from Vishwanathan Anand.


Campbell Soup

Campbell Soup


Apple Connect

Apple Inc. – George Orwell; The girl who threw hammer in the 1984 advertisement; The binocular building was designed by Frank Gehry who has appeared in Think Different advertisement.


Round 4:

Q1. This company started when mines in the Andalusian Province of Huelva in Spain were handed over for mining. (Buzzer pressed)

Rio Tinto

Q.2  She was the first woman to win the Nobel in economics in 2009. (Buzzer pressed)

Elina Ostrom

Q.3 This economic indicator is named after a certain fellow from England who was considered a criminal?

Robin Hood

– Questions contributed by Soubhagya Jena. Congratulations to Soubhagya and his team mate! We wish him the best of luck for the National Finals.

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