Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Kolkata – Regional Round Questions

                              Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Kolkata – Regional Round Questions


Regional Questions:

1. A Russian author Victor Pelevin wrote a famous book Generation P. This reflected the reform policy ‘perestroika’ under Mikhail Gorbachev’s regime, a policy , which ushered western products. In the early 1990s,a term ______________,which was a pun on ‘perestroika’, began appearing. What term, which is based on a famous brand?

Ans. Pepsistroika based on Pepsi

2. Identify this two into an entertainment corporation.


Ans. Amblin Entertainment

(The famous film was produced by the entity and the logo of the company has been inspired by the film ET)

3. In 1794, he was guillotined in Paris for “adding water to the people’s tobacco”. Name him.

Ans: LAVOSIOR (The French Chemist)

4. Connect for a famous personality:


Ans. Indira Gandhi

(Indira Gandhi International Airport , New Delhi entrance, Nani Palkivala: On being peremptorily asked by Indira Gandhi in 1975 to plead her appeal before the Supreme Court, against the Allahabad High Court decision which invalidated her 1971 election to the Lok Sabha, Palkhivala simply returned her brief expressing his inability to take up the case. He risked taking on the might of Indira Gandhi, but did not compromise on his values,  Xtramile of Indianoil: During the 1971 war against Pakistan, foreign-owned private oil companies had refused to supply fuel to the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. In response, Gandhi nationalised Indianoil in 1973, Sambalpuri saree was favourite of Indira Gandhi)

5. New cars used by the Kolkata tram system were delivered by this company in 2012.

Ans. Jessop

6. Identify the person. This was a tribute to a great Jack Daniel’s customer.


Ans. Frank Sinatra

7. Earlier vodka which was made from potatoes had an oily aftertaste. Today’s grain vodka has no oily aftertaste. Experimenters found that potato vodka when properly mixed with ice will more completely dissolve the vermouth, giving a less oily mouth feel to the drink and were also colder to drink. This was an explanation provided for what popular habit?

Ans. James Bond said “shaken, not stirred”

8. It was the first chain store company in the world, and was responsible for the creation of the ISBN book catalogue system.

Ans. W H Smith

9. In association with the United Nations, this former railway minister helped the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust to start the first Demographic Research Institute in India in 1956?

Ans. Sir John Mathai

10. Formed in June 1828 in Antwerp by underwriters Alexandre Delehaye and Louis van den Broek, and insurance broker, Auguste Morel. The name was adopted in 1829. This included the adoption of the figure of truth logo designed by Achille Deveria?

Ans. Bureau Veritas

11. Connect:


Ans. Rabindranath Tagore

( Tagore gave his name  as Amartya,Standard Chartered bank logo: Rabindranath Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913, the draft representing the prize money was drawn on the Chartered Bank. The bank had the rare fortune of handing over the draft to him. Tagore advertised for Godrej soap  & Bournvita)

12. What is the specific name given to this, a concept of a curve called proposed by Stan Shin  the founder of Acer . Today it is taught in management schools an illustration of value adding potential of different components of value chain especially in IT related manufacturing industries. Its called a very simple term most curved do. Name the curve.


Ans. Smiling Curve or Bathtub Curve

13. This is TomoDachi life. This is Nintendo it features the mii characters of real life charecters A yong 23-year old called Marini from Arizona campaigned hard on twitter with the # mii quality for equality it wanted game us to allow what? Significant in the modern world the world is going this game of campaign for something to be allowed to gamers, it’s a life simulation.


Ans. To choose the sexuality

14. Famous model Heidi Klum designs footwear for this brand. The brand traces its roots to the German Johann Adam, registered in 1744 as a “subject and shoemaker” in local church archives.

Ans. Birken Stock

15. In 1986, Japan’s All-Nippon Airways discovered a unique way to frighten away birds and prevent collisions. All-Nippon Airways estimated that the reduction in bird strikes during the testing period reduced the damage to its aircraft from $910,000 to $720,000. Consequently, All-Nippon planned to extend the experiment to all its large-body aircraft. What did it do?

Ans. by Painting menacing-looking eyes on the engine intakes of its  planes like birds to frighten the smaller birds

16. This industry in Sialkot faced huge bump in 1990s when human rights organizations voiced concerns over child labor. Now a sign at the Forward Sports’ factory gate reads: “We don’t employ under 15”. And they have got a huge contract. Factory owner Khawaja Masood Akhtar, marked by his small black beard and a beaming smile, keenly inspects the work at his plant. What is the product that Factory Sports manufactured was used in 2014?

Ans.The official FIFA world cup Brazuka Football

17. What did Baba Budan smuggle into India from Yemen in 17th Century?

Ans. Coffee

18. Connect:


Ans. Rhodes Scholarship

(Both Bono & Montek Singh Ahlualia were Rhodes Scholar, Logo of Rhodes Scholarship)

19. Identify:


 Ans. Dean P. Baquet

(He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist and the executive editor of The New York Times. He is the first Black American to serve as executive editor, the highest-ranking position in the paper’s newsroom)

 20.“Husbands are useless” says this brand.

Ans. Asian Paint

21. Connect:


Ans. Rudyard Kipling

(He worked for local newspapers “the Civil and Military Gazette” in Lahore and  “The Pioneer” in Allahabad. Kipling Brand’s Richard Macey tells  how the brand began.Wolcott Balestier  was writer and editor notable primarily through his connection to Rudyard Kipling’s books and later Kipling married his sister)

22. Which award is named after him?


Ans. Sir Frederick Alfred Laker 

(The Freddie Awards, named after Sir Freddie Laker in honor of his accomplishments in marketing travel during the 1970s, is the “oldest and most prominent”  recognition award for frequent traveler reward programs)

23. He was selected as one of the five Wisden Cricketers of the year in 1952. A Street in the Moorhead district Shipley has been named after him. Who is this well known BBC commentator with unique record matched by one other in the world?

Ans. Jim Laker (Record was repeated by Anil Kumble)

Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal

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