Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Delhi – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Delhi – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER:  RBS – Pankaj Jain and Abhinav Kishore
  • RUNNER UP: Hero Motocorp – Pankaj Jindal and Prashanth Potana

Regional Round Questions:

1. Speedo’s US Men’s collection – Competition Racing, Boat Tracks, Fashion is what?


Ans. Lifeguards

2. “Phubbing” -What does it mean?

Ans. Phone Snubbing

3. Connect question on Oberoi Hotel

4. Which company was founded in 2010, by Maheshwari & Amitava Saha? The products range from maternity wear to baby products.

Ans. First Cry

5. Identify this value investor. He is the author of the book- ‘Stocks to Riches’. He passed away recently.

parag parikh

Ans.Parag Parikh   

6. It is a JV between Tata Advanced Systems (TAS) and Lockheed Martin. Founded in 2010 to address homeland security needs. Which company?

Ans. Avani

7. Introduced in NYC, by a 2800 sq ft billboard and with sales over 120$ million. By end of 1994, brand entered into Fortune’s products of the year. Which brand?

Ans. Berlie  

8. Connect.


Ans. Shalimar Paints    

9. Free desserts were offered by McDonalds, 20% voucher was given by Dominos, free checkup by Sankara Eye clinics- are all Freebies offered as incentive of doing what during Apr/May 2014?

Ans. Voted during Indian General elections.  

10.  World’s most famous drooping design was trademarked to design for this creation. Name it.


Ans. Concorde

11. It was developed as a Cyrus Mistry project. It is a Tata  concept car for Geneva Motor Show. What?

Ans. Hexa  

12. This test targeted to an audience unaware of existence of McDonalds/Burger King- and who had never eaten burger before. Name it.

Ans. Whopper Virgin Test

13. How was this countered in India?


Ans. Amul Girl  

14. In HR recruitment circles, what is GAFA?

Ans. Google, Amazon, Facebook & Apple

15. Team from Manipal Institute of Technology and Tata Power unveiled a solar car prototype. It is being explored for commercial viability.

Ans. Serve   

16. He is the person behind which shoe brand? His name is  PV Gopalakrishnan.

shoe brand

Ans. Bachi Shoes

17. Connect.



Ans. Bottom of the Pyramid concepts

18. Question on Masuria (Mysore weavers)

19. Give the iconic phrase by Maurice Drake, an advertising executive.It is one of the most well known ad slogans written in a Victorian pub over two pints of beer. 3 word phrase.

Ans. Beans means Heinz  

20. Car interiors made of original items collected from the Maracana. What?


Ans. The grass from the stadium

21. Connect question on Auric Goldfinger

22. Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year 2014?

Ans. Vape

23. Nippon Airways endearing design?


 Ans. R2D2 Star Wars Design.

Questions contributed by Shubhodeep Jash

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