Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – East Zonal Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – East Zonal Round Questions


  • WINNER: Vizag Steel – Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey
  • RUNNER UP: Rourkela Steel (SAIL) – SS Panda and Sampad Mishra

East Zonal Round Questions:

  1. This party game for horrible people designed by Eli Halpern and Ben Hantoot, launched on New Years Eve’08, involves a group of players writing out the most abstract and, often, humorous response to the topic question. Id the game.
  • Cards Against Humanity
  1. This product is manufactured by the Chandras’ Chemical Enterprises (Pvt) Limited under the umbrella of the P. C. Chandra Group. Its marketing slogan is “Bonding our world together.” Which product?
  • Dendrite
  1. What is this product?
  • Solar Cells (Flexible Solar Modules)
  1. This company’s new logo is designed by Umbrella Design. According to an official statement by the company, the new design captures the elements of playfulness and youthfulness. The 3D design and contrasting colour palettes in the new logo helps break the clutter and stand out.Identify the company. (Oral Hint: Mobile platform)
    __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
  • Flipkart
  1. Connect:

    Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.25.23 PM

  • Amazon Kindle
  1. Which is the manufacturing company of the brand Society Tea, founded in 1933?
  • Hasmukhrai & Co.
  1. Fill in the blanks.
    Blues players have been known to use necks from _______   ________ to play slide guitar, coining the term “bottleneck slide”.
  • Coca Cola Contour Bottles
  1. Identify the entity. (Oral Hint: This entity which helps on our travels)
  • Higginbothams
  1. This company was founded in 1990 and it intended to “get customers to order within 20 minutes of landing and have the goods waiting for them on arrival”, before it switched to home delivery. It merged with Xhibit Corp in 2013 and filed for bankruptcy in Jan 2015. Which company?
  • SkyMall
  1. Connect:

    Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.26.51 PM

  • Charles Correa
  1. Logo of which famous institution established by the Tatas?


  • NIAS (National Institute of Advanced Sciences)
  1. One of the founding members along with Dustin Moskowitz, Marc Zuckerberg and others, this member worked as the Graphic Artist for facebook initially. He walked away from Facebook after two years, returned to Harvard to complete his education. This person is now the cofounder of JobSpice.com and a successful angel investor. Identify the person.
  • Andrew McCollum
  1. G. Thompson Pty Ltd known for making harness and horse saddles, used their expertise in leather to turn to manufacture their most iconic product when the company’s existence was threatened by the advent of the motor car. How do we know this company today?
  • Kookaburra/ Kookaburra Sport
  1. The relatives of Anna Short Harrington, claim that her family is entitled to a percentage of the company’s revenue every time her likeness was used. They’re now seeking $2 billion in compensation, plus a share of future revenue from the parent company of the brand. Who was she? (Oral Hint: Two word brand with a relation as one of the words)
  • Aunt Jemima
  1. Identify the brand.


  • Abercombie & Fitch
  1. This is the grave of Sir Dorabji Tata and Lady Meherbai Tata. It is based on/ inspired by the mausoleum of a famous Iranian/Persian historical figure. Identify on whose mausoleum is this grave/mausoleum based.


  • Cyrus the Great
  1. Connect:

    Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.29.01 PM

  • All India Radio (Pictures in order: M V Gopalswamy – coined the term “Akashvani”; Hawa Mahal; Sanatogen:Comedy Ki Mehfil)
  1. From 1957 until 1992 the headquarters of this major electronics company were located in a former wool mill inMaynard. Identify the company.


  • Digital Equipment Corporation
  1. Connect:

    Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.31.33 PM

  • Volkswagen (Picture of Daniel Carder who led the team that uncovered the scandal)
  1. Question on brand origin of Welspun Group.
  2. Question on Rahul Bajaj & Rupa Golap naming their son Rajiv and Rajiv & Sonia Gandhi naming their son Rahul.
  3. As a part of its new advertising campaign, German beer maker Astra has come up with a billboard designed by Phillip Keuntje, featuring German Comic Uke Bosse. What is so special about this billboard?
  • Gender detecting billboard, ads play only for women
  1. Identify the logo.7
  2. What is this word which has been named the children’s word of the year for 2015 by the Oxford University Press?
  • Hashtag
  1. Connect:

    Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.32.33 PM

  • Allwyn (Pushpak Scooters, Shaktiman Trucks, JV with Seiko)


Questions contributed by Viraj Bake.

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