Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Guwahati – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Guwahati – Preliminary Round Questions

Preliminary Round Questions:

1. Which Indian Businessman was kidnapped in 1997 in Ahmedabad and was also trapped inside Taj Mahal hotel when it was attacked on Nov 26?

Ans: Gautam Adani
 2. Which country has the maximum number of LinkedIn users?
Ans: USA
 3. Which website for Online shopping means ‘searching for treasure’ in Chinese?
Ans: Taobao
 4. ‘The Course of my Life’ is the autobiography of which Indian who was closely related to RBI?
Ans: CD Deshmukh 
 5. What was launched in 1944 in the USA as a replacement brand by Wrigley due to rationing of gum-making ingredients in World War II?
Ans: Orbit
 6. Which watch brand was used for the first time in sports during the international ballooning for the Gordon Bennet Cup in 1909?
Ans: Omega
7. In Pakistan, which brand is so popular for decades that the generic word used for any detergent is the name of this brand?
Ans: Surf
 8. Which is the only card brand that is accepted at all Olympic venues?
 9. Who was the first Indian Prime Minister who signed on currency notes?
Ans: Manmohan Singh
 10. Who was the longest serving Finance Minster of India?
Ans: Morarji Desai
 11. Whom did Esquire Magazine in 1960 describe as “lean, relaxed outdoorsman, a cattle rancher, a Navy Officer, a flyer, whose tattooed wrist suggested a romantic past, a man who had once worked with his hands, who knew the score, who merited respect”?
Ans: Marlboro Man
 12. “It was 1983 and I was working with Indian Airlines when I happened to win a lottery to buy the first……..produced in India. Rajiv Gandhi, who was then a pilot with Indian Airlines, announced me the winner. I bought it as a gift for my wife Gulshanbeer Kaur”. What?
Ans: First Maruti car
13. ‘Urzza’ is an energy drink from which brand?
Ans: Bisleri
 14. Who, in 1943, co-founded Travancore Chemical and Manufacturing company along with Dr. Krishnamurthy?
Ans: Dr. CV Raman
 15. Who trademarked the phrase “India ka Tyohaar”?
Ans: IPL
16. “Sometimes there’s a bit of a pain in achieving more”, says this brand’s ATL campaign during Mumbai Marathon. Which brand?
Ans: Volini
17. Antonio Latini’s 1694 book of recipe ‘Lo scalco alla moderna’ had a handful of recipes using X and included the first published recipe for something using X. What?
Ans: Tomato
18. ‘Dil ki deal’ ad featuring Aamir Khan. Identify the company?
Ans: Snapdeal
19. The company was founded in Santiago de Cuba in 1862 and in 1910, became the nation’s first multinational company when it opened its operation in Spain?
Ans: Bacardi
20. Identification of logo of Google Maps.
Questions contributed by Kumar Shivam! He runs a Quiz Page in Facebook named Quizzing India (www.facebook.com/quizzingindia) and was the East Zone Champion and National Finalist of Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2015.

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