Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: Infosys – Gaurav Parab and Mehul Jain
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Motors – Raghav Saxena and Arindam Pal

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q1) Copy of an interview magazine, an interview T-shirt & a bottle of the Estée Lauder perfume “Beautiful” was dropped into his grave after his death. He had so many possessions that it took Sotheby’s nine days to auction his estate. Whom are we talking about?

A) Andy Warhol

Q2) Which common Hindu/Indian surname derives from ‘a piece of land’ and referred to as landowner / tenant farmer?

A) Patel

Q3) The Loksabha in 2011 passed the budget proposals minus the 5% service tax on healthcare & diagnostic services provided by high end hospitals that was withdrawn following widespread criticism. What name was given to the tax?

A) Misery tax

Q4) Carnegie Institute of Technology, mathematical genius, letter about a famous Nobel laureate who died this year. Who?


A) John Nash

Q5) B.K. Modi brought global firms like Xerox, Disney, Olivetti, Gaurdian, Continental Tyres& Telstra to India before liberalization began in 1991 which nickname did he earn because of this?

A) Joint Venture Modi

Q6) Which is the world’s most sold copyrighted book?

A) Guinness Book of World Records

Q7) Hyderabad in Pakistan is the largest producer of these items in the world. Moradabad is India’s largest producer? Identify the item described.

A) Bangles

Q8) Which brand gets its name from this lady? Hint: Brand from Illinois.

Options: 1)Maybelline 2)Perfetti 3)Sara Lee


A) Sara Lee  

Q9) What brand, first produced as a new bar soap, talcum powder, was launched in 1954 by Henkel subsidiary Dreiring?

A) Fa

Q10) What portmanteau word for a type of low-powered motorcycle was coined by Swedish journalist Harald Nielsen in 1952

A) Moped

Q11) What was formed by Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company of Australasia Ltd in 1899, when the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company of the UK incorporated its Australian branch, formed in 1893, and floated it on the Australian stock exchanges?

A) Ansell Corporation

Q12) Identify the person.


A) Gerard Pique

Q13) 1000 skyshot comes in a 3 foot long bar & is worth Rs. 12,000. There is a smaller version too, it is called the 500 sky shots and is priced at Rs. 7,000 it is one of India’s most costliest _________.

A) Crackers

Q14) What trademarked color motion picture process was founded in Boston in 1914 by Herbeof Kalmo, Daniel Frost Comstock &W. Burton Wescott?

A) Technicolor

Q15) Who is the first woman to head a Fortune 500 company in India?

A) Arundhati Bhattacharya (SBI)

Q16) Identify this product from Microsoft.


A) Edge

Q17) Which iconic design inspired by an Encyclopedia Britannica illustration was described by Andy Warholl as the design of the decade in 1960,s although it was already 50 years old at that time. Hint: Design was inspired from the shape of a skirt.

A) Coca Cola bottle

Q18) Percy Pig is a brand of pig shaped gummy raspberry, strawberry, cherry & grape flavoured confectionery products made under license in Germany for which company?

A) Marks & Spencer

Q19) This University of Texas dropout earned $2000 at 12 years in his first business venture of selling stamps. At 16, he earned $18000 selling newspaper subscriptions to The Houston Post. At 27, he achieved a great feat by going on the top of a well known list. Who is this person? Hint: He changed the way computers were sold in this world.

A) Michael Dell

Q20) A unique CSR initiative to create road safety awareness in India by whom?


A) Mercedes Benz

Questions contributed by Vrushabh Gudade! He is a First Year student at College Of Engineering, Pune who loves quizzing.

Hat-tip to Debasish Mandal for pointing out a correction!

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