Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – West Zonal Round Questions

*Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – West Zonal Round Questions


  • WINNER: Saregama – Avinash Mudaliar and Siddhartha Banerjee
  • RUNNER UP: L&T – Ms. Tamanna and Nisarg

West Zonal Round Questions:

1. _____ & I- Raff Simons. Its Tagline is Irrestible.


Ans. Dior

 2. It was played by animal called Shepton Dash who was of the Old English sheep dog breed.Which famous character?

Ans. Dulux Dog

 3. Setup in 1981, ___ bank is the Japanese for bank of software. Name it.

Ans. SoftBank

 4. Ryan Cardell made use of virality to republish poems, write-ups etc printed in other forms of media which gave rise to a certain term. Which term?

Ans. Listicles

 5. Coined in the 1560s, pertaining to public revenue. It is theLatin word for state treasury and originates from “money bag,purse,basket and twig”. What term?

Ans. Fiscal

6. DK Jain from Amritsar,Punjab moved to New Delhi and set up a pen manufacturing factory. How do we know the company?

Ans. Luxor

 7. On 30th January,1948, Sri Lankan Radio stopped broadcasting for a whole day, for the only time in their history. Why?

Ans. In rembrance of Mahatma Gandhi

 8. Lifetime says it’s the first instance of marketing using audio sensory tech in the MTA subway. What is being advertised?

Ans. Secrets of Marilyn Monroe- the famous billowing skirt scene

 9. Identify.


Ans. Jayalalitha

 10.  Identify.


Ans. Yogi Berra

11. Name it.


Ans. Casablanca

12. Identify.


Ans.Daniel Kahneman

13. Known as “Pill-Man”. Identify him.

pill man

Ans. Carl Djerassi, father of the birth control pill

 14. Identify. He is also known as “The Undercover Economist”.


Ans. Tim Harford

 15. Connect.


Ans. America’s Cup Hall of fame

16. Question on  Kannan Devan and  Tata Global Beverages

 17. In November 2014, this man insured something that put him among the A-listers. What?


Ans. He has insured his tongue as he is a top tea/coffee taster

 18. Connect.


Ans. Museum of Modern art                     

19. Identify this person associated with Performance enhancement”.


Ans. Malcom Gladwell

20. Roy Export and Bubbles Inc helped which celebrity?

Charlie Chaplin

Ans. They helped Charlie Chaplin to shift

 21. Edward and Cecilia Atkins are a coupke. In 1982, she was warming bottled milk and her husband offered to help with the bottle and teat made by Cannon Rubber. Name this brand owned by Phillips.

Ans. Avent

22. Connect. Rajasthan, Goa, Dubai and Andhra Pradesh.


Ans. Location of BITS campuses- Pilani, Goa, Dubai and Hyderabad

 23. Prabuddha Bharati, an English daily is in publication since 1896. It featured a line by JRD Tata- “ The making of a prosperous nation depends upon the qualities of its youth”. Who started this newspaper?

 Ans. Swami Vivekanand

24. Connect question on Jagermeister

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