Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2016 – Ahmedabad – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2016 – Ahmedabad– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Social Udaan: Meghashyam S and Kushan Patel
  • RUNNER UP: Gujarat Gas: Sumit Bengali and Hiren Gajjar

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. What makes Air Asia’s aircraft “The Pioneer” special?

Ans. Aircraft with a livery dedicated to JRD Tata as a mark of respect to the pioneer of civil aviation in the Indian sub-continent. Thus the aircraft has been christened as ‘The Pioneer’.

The livery of AirAsia dons an image of JRD Tata with a Puss Moth, the aircraft he flew on October 15, 1932, leading to the birth of Tata Airlines and starting civil aviation in the sub-continent.

 Q.2. He formed his eponymous company in 1930 to focus on the body design and detailing of high-priced, limited-run cars. His initial clients were members of European and Asian royalty, celebrities, and land-rich aristocrats; his most famous work was done for Ferrari, starting in 1952. He died in 1966 at the age of 73 after passing control of the firm to his son, Sergio, and his son-in-law, Renzo Carli. Who?

Ans. Battista Pininfarina

Q.3. What is the context of this campaign?


Ans. Mercedes Benz congratulated BMW on their 100th anniversary. As Mercedes Benz is 130 years old so first thirty years they’ve not faced any competition and that’s why it was boring for Mercedes Benz.

Q.4. Crack the formula :




Q.5. The Challenge by this company to Australia’s plain packaging law for tobacco products is perhaps the best known example of how companies try to use corporate sovereignty provisions in trade agreements to force nations to change their policies – in this case, one designed to save lives. Ultimately, Australia was able to convince the tribunal that the company should not be permitted to plead the merits of its case because it engaged in “treaty shopping”. In other words, it was an American invertor when plain packaging was introduced and only adopted a “flag of convenience” in order to access arbitration. Which company?

Ans. Philip Morris

Q.6. Connect the following :


Ans. Sun Pharma

[1) Sun Pharma has signed former Miss India and actress Dia Mirza as Suncros’ (sunscreen) brand ambassador.

2) Israel Makov: Chairman of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited.

3) Logo of Sun Petrochemical : It began in 1999 following a partnership with Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited (now owned by Reliance Industries Limited) to utilize their waste acetylene gas to produce acetylene carbon black.

4) Bhai Mohan Singh of Ranbaxy which was took over by Sun Pharma.

5) In 2010, the company acquired a large stake in Taro Pharmaceuticals, amongst the largest generic derma companies in the US, with operations across Canada and Israel. The company currently owns ~ 69% stake in Taro.]

Q.7. 1664, a beer brand owned by Heineken, got this brand to record an acoustic blues version of “Ace of Spades” for its “Slow the Pace” ad campaign from BBH London, advancing the idea that 1664’s complex flavor needs to be savored. The band founder’s explanation for why they went commercial was an honest one. “We got paid a lot of money by a beer company,” he told Q magazine. “They asked us to do it and I said yes. How much? None of your business”. Name the band/founder?

Ans. Lemmy (Motörhead singer/bassist Ian Kilmister’s)

 Q.8. Which brand is this?


Ans. Coca Cola

[Teaser campaign in Denmark by Coca-Cola (for color blind peoples) ]

Q.9. Connect the following :


Ans. Zydus Cadila

[1) Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra, the brand ambassador for Sugarfree (product of Zydus Wellness)

2) Pankaj Patel , the chairman and managing director of Cadila Healthcare.

3) Tagline of Zydus.

4) Mr. Indravadan A. Modi  : Cadila Laboratories was established by him along with Mr. Raman Patel in 1951 in Ahmedabad.]

Q.10. DuPont Scientist Joseph C. Shivers invented DuPont’s spandex fiber in 1959 after a decade of research. Originally designated Fiber K, Dupont subsequently chose the more mellifluous trade name _______ to distinguish its brand of spandex fiber. What?

Ans. Lycra

Q.11. This company came about in 1969, when the young university student Paolo Vitelli founded began chartering sailing boats. In 1985 it acquired Benetti, the historical brand, based in Viareggio, which had been building boats since 1873, and designed the concept of the megayacht. Name the firm.

 Ans. Azimut Yachts

Q.12. Identify this from Brewster Kahlewho stands in front of servers that housed 1 petabyte of something. What are on these servers?


Ans. Internet Archive

Q.13. Who is this famous man from the world of business in India?


Ans. Manu Chhabria (Jumbo Group of Dubai)

Q.14. This business can be traced back to two Quakers called John Freame and Thomas Gould, who established themselves as goldsmith bankers in Lombard Street in the City of London in 1690. Name the organization.

Ans. Barclay’s

Q.15. Which company from Sweden has joined with Tata Power SED to manufacture the Land Electronic Defence System (LEDS) for the first time in India.


Q.16. Crack the formula :




Q.17. “Those days I was working for New India Assurance Co. in Hyderabad. I had a friend, A.V.S. Raja, working for the Railways. Both of us were associated with this organization called Kalasagaram which work to promote music. Raja wanted to get out of the Railways, and start a business of his own for which he needed capital. So, we decided to start this venture as that was the easiest way to get capital. We started the chit fund with Rs. 1 lakh as capital, and he became its managing director. I, however, continued to work for New India Assurance and later for Vysya Bank and J. B. Boda & Co until 1990.” Who are we talking about and which firm ?

Ans. Sriram (Quotation by co-founder R.Thyagarajan.  He has been listening to music since he was five and is an ardent admirer of violin maestro Lalgudi.G. Jayaraman, to help whom he even started a business.)

Q.18. What is this? It’s the world first….


Ans. This is a rally of Grammar Nazis.

[ Grammar Nazi : A person who habitually corrects or criticizes the language usage of others.

TENS of thousands of self-confessed grammar Nazis flocked to the German city of Berlin on 6th March, 2016 to march against the ongoing problem of poor use of grammar online. An estimated 64,000 people marched through the capital city, vowing to correct the world’s spelling and grammatical errors regardless of whether anyone wanted them or not, claiming it is their God given right to do so.]

Q.19. This man’s name is Hrush Bhatt. What did he gave India?


Ans. Cleartrip

Q.20. This gentleman is Guenter Butschek. He is the CEO and Managing Director of which company?


Ans. Tata Motors

Q.21. Crack the formula :




Q.22. Connect the following :


 Ans. Gawker Media

[ 1) Terry Gene Bollea (person with red headware) , known as Hulk Hogan ( professional wrestler)  sued Gawker Media, for  invasion of privacy, infringement of personality rights, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Eventually Gawker media went bankrupt.

2) Logo of Gawker Media

3) Peter Thiel (of Paypal) funded the case.

4) Nick Denton and Elizabeth Speirs : Founders of Gawker Media ]

Q.23. In 2012, this man, affectionately known as Larry, “ underwent a subtle makeover including getting back in shape by eating right and exercising, trimming his famous coif and revealing more radiant skin from daily ________ masks” as per the brand’s website. Identify this mascot. Name the brand.

 Ans. Quaker Oats

 Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal and Meenakshi Verma of BHEL, Bhopal

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