Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2016 – Chandigarh – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2016 – Chandigarh– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Fresh Bite : Shantanu and Akul Tandon
  • RUNNER UP: Indian Oil : Vipin Austin and Deepak Taneja

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1.This village was cleared for constructing Viceroy’s residence. Which place?

Ans. Raisana Hills

Q.2. Who made a deal to purchase this golf course in Ireland?

Ans. Donald Trump

Q.3. ’Ruk jana nahin’ was an Amul campaign for what on Jan 18,2014?

Ans. Last Maruti 800 produced 

Q.4. Analytical Question.


Ans. NBC

Q.5. Game of pachisi lead to which board game?

Ans. Ludo

Q.6. Connect question on Sahara

Q.7.Which brand dropped their name, now only their logo is displayed?

Ans. Nike

Q.8. Identify him. He was the first railway minister.


Ans. John Mathai

Q.9. Question on Google.

Q.10. Analytical Question.


Ans. LED

Q.11. ”Development As Freedom” book by which Nobel laureate?

Ans. Amartya Sen

Q.12. Connect on WeChat

Q.13. Which city has Magadh stock exchange?

Ans. Patna

Q.14. This is the currency of which country?


Ans. Israel

Q.15.Which bank started as UTI Bank?

Ans. Axis Bank

Q.16. Which company offers holiday among plantations?

Ans. Tata Global Beverages

Q.17. Which organsiation’s old logo was this?


Ans. SBI

Q.18. American Express had started money transfer service. What service started by US Post to beat American Express?

Ans. Money Order

Q.19. In government, information is given through this, when a topic is not part of official discussion. What?

Ans. White Paper 

Q.20. Connect question on Indian Railways.

Q.21. Analytical Question.


Ans. NCR

Q.22. First logo of facebook has whose face?


Ans. Al Pacino

Q.23.First escalator in india was installed in this building.


Ans. Air India Building, Mumbai

Questions contributed by Mittal Nagesh Kumar

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