Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Anand – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Anand – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: GCET : Digant B. and Dehit Garaga
  • RUNNER UP: University of Baroda : Jay Rana and Shashank

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. What was the name Gaurav Jain chose for his restaurant?

Ans. Mast Kalandar

Q.2. Connect.

Ans. India Post

Q.3. Indian aviation took off in 1932 when Tata Sons was permitted to operate a mail service linking _____, Ahmedabad, Bombay, Bellary and Madras.

Ans. Karachi

Q.4. Sassoon David and Ratanjee Dadabhoy Tata were the founders of this 1906 established bank?

Ans. Bank of India

Q.5.  What is so special about this device?

Pokemon Go

Ans. Pokemon Go Watch which alerts 

Q.6. Tata CliQ sells only C.A.M.E.L.S. Expand M in the term. Certified Authentic ______ Everybody Loves.

Ans. Merchandise

Q.7. Which tax on imports and exports originated from the Arabic word ‘arrafa’ meaning ‘to notify’?

Ans. Tariff

Q.8. Which country was the first to execute this in a huge manner?

Ans. Australia

Q.9. Pardot- B2B Marketing automation & Heroku- build engaging customer-facing apps are their products.

Ans. Salesforce

Q.10. Connect

Ans. Coal India

Q.11. This is a game called Guardians of the sky. Who is its developer?


Ans. Indian Air Force

Q.12. Connect.

Ans. ProKabaddi League

Q.13. Tata Solar power has commissioned a 100 MW solar power project in this Indian state which is the biggest solar power project commissioned using domestically manufactured solar cells and modules, in-line with the Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. Which State?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh

Q.14.  The term X originally comes from Broadway theatre, where it was used to describe wealthy individuals who provided money for the theatrical productions that would otherwise have to shut down. What is X?

Ans. Angel Investor

Q.15. Which symbol was designed by Harvey Ball in 10 minutes, an artist for the State Mutual Life Assurance as a friendship campaign to make people happy?

Ans. Smiley

Q.16. Identify the logo.

Ans. Nalanda University

Q.17. The franchisee is owned by Vita Dani, Abhishek Bachchan and MS Dhoni. What are we talking about?

Ans. Chennaiyin FC

Q.18. (Bonus Question) The performance partner of Chennaiyin FC is a sports efficiency company named Catapult. It is based in which country?

Ans. Australia

Q.19. Which company is working on this product?

Ans. Google Cardboard

Q.20. Its dubbed the Ultimate Banking Unit. Which game?

Ans. Monopoly

Q.21. (Bonus Question) What are the following: a dog, a cat, a shoe, race car, battleship?

Ans. Pieces in Monopoly

Q.22. Amazon coin has created some tension in the US. What?


Ans. This fictional currency is more valuable than US Dollar

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Anand – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Anand – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: GCET : Digant B. and Dehit Garaga
  • RUNNER UP: University of Baroda : Jay Rana and Shashank

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Ashok Leyland recently launched their electric bus. The name they chose was trademarked by a movie director. Which word?

Ans. Circuit

Q.2. Usha Sangvan, the first woman MD of LIC, is the daughter of the man who gave rural India a famous tractor?

Ans. Sonalika

Q.3. Expand CRDI.

Ans. Common Rail Diesel Injection.

Q.4. Name the sauce created by Steve Ells, which is popular across subway?

Ans. Chipotle

Q.5. Dr. Burman founded which company?

Ans. Dabur

Q.6. Who founded Catamaran Ventures?

Ans. Narayan Murthy

Q.7. Which product gets its name from Harry Pick?

Ans. Harpic

Q.8. Crown Property Bureau manages the investment of which royal family? Hint: South east Asian Country

Ans. Thailand

Q.9.  Jeetho is a mini truck by which Indian automobile company?

Ans. Mahindra

Q.10. Identify the logo.


Ans. Coal India

Q.11. This company recently introduced packaged coconut water under Cocoma brand. Which company?

Ans. Cavin Kare

Q.12. Voyolla co-launched a jewellery brand Navrang with this company. Which company?

Ans.  Network 18 

Q.13. This Canadian firm is buying 51% stake in Catholic Syrian Bank?

Ans. Fairfax

Q.14. This global container shipping carrier is to acquire German container shipping line Hamburg Sud, termed the seventh largest container shipping line and a leader in the North-South trades?

Ans. Maersk

Q.15. Identify the logo.

Del monte

Ans. Del Monte

Q.16. Higher Taste and Govinda are restaurant brands from this organisation?


Q.17. “Come quickly, I am drinking the stars”– this is a quote attributed to him. Who?

Ans. Dom Perignon

Q.18. With which private bank did Ola tie up to offer mobile ATMs across 10 cities?

Ans. Yes bank

Q.19. Indian merchants came from Africa and started which industry at Surat?

Ans. Diamond industry

Q.20. Identify

Bata Shoe Museum

Ans. Bata shoe museum


Q.1. An early 17th Century term, which meant an early payment to ensure promptness.

Ans. Tip

Q.2. A historic fee paid to the territorial lord of travelers and merchants which was given in return for permission to use waterways of a particular country. Initially for waterways. Which term?

Ans. Toll

Q.3. What is the Persian word for a place of prices or bargain?

Ans. Bazaar

Q.4. Kopi Luwak, a beverage is produced in a peculiar way. Explain.

Ans. It is a variety of coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet

Q.5. The Burj Khalifa became the location for a fashion designer to launch his first hotel. Who?

Ans. Armani

Q.6. Finance secretary of India has the privilege of signing currency of which denomination?

Ans. 1 Rupee Note

Q.7. BBC described which Nobel laureate as “The Conscience and Mother Teresa of Economics?

Ans. Amartya Sen

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Ahmedabad – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Ahmedabad – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: LDCE – Shrey Shylesh and Vyom Vyas
  • RUNNER UP:  GNLC – Jalaj Maheshwari and Vikas Thakur

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. On 10th October 1995,what did Netscape launch that was related to its Netscape Navigator 2.0 Beta and was called the bounty program?

Ans. The bug bounty program

Q.2. Name the author of the book ‘Who moved my interest rate?’

Ans. Duvviri Subbarao

Q.3. Identify the connect.

Ans. Goal line technology

Q.4. Which standardised fragrance is being introduced by the Taj Group to bring about uniformity in fragrance and music across its properties?

Ans. Jasmine

Q.5. What does the “L” in Revlon stand for?

Ans. Charles Lachman

Q.6. Which Anglo-Australian multinational mining, metals and petroleum company headquartered in Melbourne is led by CEO Andrew Mackenzie?

Ans. BHP Billiton

Q.7. Identify the connect.

Ans. Leonardo Da Vinci

Q.8. Which collective group CSR programme has been launched by the Tatas to enable India with skills and development?

Ans. Tata Strive

Q.9. Identify the artist.

Ans. Adolf Hitler

Q.10.Why can’t one buy a Tesla in Texas yet?

Ans. Texas requires that cars can be bought only through dealers and not directly from manufacturers.

Q.11. In 1936, what material or resource did Vladimir Lukyanov use to power this computer built by him?

Ans. Water

 Q.12. Identify the connect.

Ans. IDBI bank

Q.13. Tata global beverages and Tata Trusts are collaborating with ______ train, an international children’s cleft charity, to raise awareness and extend support for cleft lip palate repair and comprehensive cleft care.

Ans. Smile Train

Q.14. Which brand does he endorse?

Ans. Pan Bahar

Q.15. ‘Expert service. Unbeatable Price.’ Which famous brand’s tagline is this?

Ans. Best Buy

Q.16. Which product’s cleverest ad ploy in the 1920s was possibly to distribute an unlimited number of them to Boy Scouts and local butchers?

Ans. Band Aid

Bonus Question:

Q.17. What name was given to self-adhering sports tape manufactured by Band Aid?

Ans. Coach

Q.18. Question on Ulysse Nardin Rooster watch.

Q.19. This Indian internet media and news company was founded in August 2013 by Sattvik Mishra, Suparn Pandey, Debarshi Banerjee, Rishi Pratim Mukherjee, Sriparna Tikekar, Saransh Singh. Which one?

Ans. ScoopWhoop

Tie Breaker Questions: 

Q.20. Who is the author of the book ‘Not just an accountant’?

Ans. Vinod Rai

Q.21. In the world of chemical industry,what does ‘S’ stand for in BASF as in Badische Anilin S____ Fabrik?

Ans. Soda

Q.22. Question on the founders of Patni Computers. 

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Ahmedabad – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Ahmedabad – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: LDCE – Shrey Shylesh and Vyom Vyas
  • RUNNER UP:  GNLC – Jalaj Maheshwari and Vikas Thakur

Preliminary Round Questions:

 Q.1. Which Gujarat based group has tied up with Israeli firm Elbit Systems for manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles or drones?

Ans. Adani Group

Q.2. This is Roshini. She is the CEO of which Indian technological giant?

Ans. HCL (Roshni Nadar)

Q.3. Question on Kiran Mazumdar Shah

Q.4. This company recreated the iconic song ‘School Chale Hum’ and through this song, it drew support towards the corporate social initiative, #EducateTheGirlChild. Which company?

Ans. Nestle

Q.5. Question on Pringles

Q.6. Identify this logo of a person, whose father is internationally famous and thus rise in her brand value.

Ans. Ivanka Trump

Q.7. Harman International Industries, a car tech manufacturing company has been acquired by which electronic manufacturing giant?

Ans. Samsung 

Q.8. Radio Mantra got merged with which major private radio station?

Ans. Radio city

Q.9. Essel Group promoted by Subhash Chandra acquired which mutual fund management company?

 Ans. Peerless Mutual Funds

Q.10. Identify.

Raspberry Pi

Ans. Raspberry pi

Q.11. Question on Chandrababu Naidu and Heritage Foods

Q.12. Question on ABN Amro Bank.

Q.13. Band Aid is a product of ?

Ans. Johnson and Johnson

Q.14. Question on Shobhana Bhartia

Q.15. Question on Sun Pharma

Q.16. Question on Nitin Nohria

Q.17. Cippy Wallet is the mobile banking app of which private sector bank?

Ans. DCB bank

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Pune – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Pune – Regional  Round Questions


  • WINNER:  AFMC – Anmol Dhawan and Prabhav Vasistha
  • RUNNER UP: SIBM – Ritesh and Prateek

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. What?


Ans. Hollywood – Hollyweed = Marijuana legalization

Q.2. Jonah Peretti is Founder and CEO of ____, the social news and entertainment company that provides a pioneering mix of breaking news, entertainment and shareable content.

Ans. Buzzfeed

Q.3. This was the first car launched by which brand?

Shelby Cobra

Ans. Shelby Cobra

Q.4. Connect question on Roche

Q.5. Which banking group gets its name from the capital of Cantabria?

Ans. Santander

Q.6. Name the news agency founded by Prem Prakash in 1975 as the defacto monopoly supplier of news for Reuters Television.

Ans. ANI (Asian News International)

Q.7. In 2010, Greg Moran, and David Back, started discussing the infrastructural challenges in India. They came up with this idea of not having a car and still self-drive a car. Which business was born thus?

Ans. ZoomCar

Q.8. When David Novak retired as the chairman of this company, he left behind a legacy of 41,000 restaurants across 125 countries. His book, “O Great One!” is based on leadership lessons. Which company are we talking about?

Ans. Yum Brands

Q.9. Why did Tata Motors arrive at the name ‘Dipper’?

Ans. Male contraceptive brand targeted at truck drivers to promote safe sex

Q.10. Tata Steel created a special campaign – ‘We make ____, not just steel’ – to highlight its contribution to the development of India since 1948. What is it that Tata Steel has invested in?

Ans. Olympians

Q.11. This program aims to build capacity to train youth for employment, entrepreneurship and community enterprise. What is this program called?

Ans. Tata Strive

Q.12. The company’s first product was a face cream. To save money, it moved to manufacturing its own plastic containers for the cream. This led to the formation of a chemical company deriving its name from the Chinese words for Happiness & Joy; and is a large electronic giant today. Name the company?

Ans. LG

Q.13. ‘Aao Khushiyan Manaye’ is a campaign by which Tata brand celebrated 10 years of its existence in India.

Ans. Tata Sky

Q.14. In the 1920s, the British decided to print money in India. They began constructing the printing press in this city due to its proximity to a key railway line that connected it to the rest of India. Which city are we talking about?

Ans. Nasik

Q.15. There are just two countries where Coca-Cola cannot be bought or sold. One being Cuba, which is the other?

Ans. North Korea

Q.16. Connect

Ans. Ajanta Clocks

Q.17. Which company made the first phone?

Ans. Motorola

Q.18. Connect question on Gatorade

Q.19. Connect

Ans. Loreal

Q.20. Question on Complan and World War II. 

Q.21. Connect question on Pantene 

Q.22. Question on Andy Halve

Questions contributed by Vrushabh and Viraj Morabia  

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER:  AFMC – Anmol Dhawan and Prabhav Vasistha
  • RUNNER UP: SIBM – Ritesh and Prateek

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Which country was second to adopt a currency based on block chain technology?

Ans. Senegal

Q.2. Playbook is a product by which company?

Ans. Blackberry

Q.3. Syncopy Films Inc. is owned by which filmmaker?

Ans. Christopher Nolan

Q.4. Which bank gets its name from the fact that it was Bank inaugurated on the day of Vijayadashmi?

Ans. Vijaya Bank

Q.5. Identify the logo.


Ans. GoDaddy

Q.6. Identify.

Radha Mohan Singh

Ans. Radha Mohan Singh

Q.7. Identify the logo.

Bombay Burmah Trading

Ans. Bombay Burmah Trading Co.

Q.8. There four Cs of a diamond. Cut, Colour, carat and ?

Ans. Clarity

Q.9. Question on Fenway Sports and Liverpool

Q.10. Question on Gala logo.

Q.11. Question on Boomerang employees

Q.12. Question on Thailand Stock Exchange

Q.13. Identify.


Ans. Venu Srinivasan

Questions contributed by Vrushabh and Viraj Morabia  

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: LNMIIT – Dheeraj Gupta and Dikshant Rathi
  • RUNNER UP: BIT Mesra – S. N. Saurav and Shubham Israni

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Which brand do you associate this person with?

Ans. Airtel 

Q.2. Speaking at a programme titled ‘Dostur – Ek Parampara’, Social Activist Dr. Munda appreciated which Tata company’s efforts for preserving & promoting the tribal language ‘Ho’?

Ans. Tata Steel

Q.3. This is Alibaba’s ticker on NASDAQ. What is it?


Q.4. Connect

Ans. ICICI Bank

Q.5. What’s named after Tony Stark’s ____ from the Iron Man movies & has Morgan Freeman ‘behind’ it?

Ans. JARVIS AI from Facebook

Q.6. Which Tata company has completed acquisition of 100% shareholding in Welspun Renewables Energy & its subsidiaries?

Ans. Tata Power

Q.7. Which famous company is known as the merger?

Ans. ACC Cements

Q.8. Connect

Ans. Barcodes

Q.9. Whose login page reads- Bringing joy to messaging?

Ans. Dubsmash

Q.10. Connect


Ans. Airtel Money

Q.11. Identify the advertiser

Big Basket

Ans. Bigbasket.com

Q.12. How do we now better know North Delhi Power?

Ans. Tata Power

Q.13. In 2000, the Vatican stated that this game franchise did not have “any harmful moral side effects” & was based on “ties of intense friendship”. What was being described?

Ans. Pokemon

Q.14. Kolakta based Te-A-Me Teas delivered a huge consignment containing 6000 bags of famous Assam green tea to him. Whom was this particular consignment sent to?

Ans. Donald Trump

Q.15. Who introduced the concept of One Page Banking?

Ans. Axis Bank

Q.16. ‘Third Rock’ is an internet radio station from which organisation?


Bonus Question:

Q.17. Spaceport, a NASA publication, serves the employees of which particular place and organisation?

Ans. Kennedy Space Centre

Q.18. Identify the advertiser.

Ans. Hotstar

Q.19. Known as Sistem Penerbangan Malaysia in Malay, which company owns the two subsidiaries called Firefly and MASwings?

Ans. Malaysian Airlines

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jaipur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Jaipur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: LNMIIT – Dheeraj Gupta and Dikshant Rathi
  • RUNNER UP: BIT Mesra – S. N. Saurav and Shubham Israni

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. How do we better know UTI Bank in today’s world?

Ans. Axis Bank

Q.2. What two-word term did Ericsson use to describe its GS 88 “Penelope” in 1997,that is so much a part of our lives today?

Ans. Smartphone

Q.3. Which Indian company sold Thumbs Up to Coke?

Ans. Parle

Q.4. Ronald Wayne, along with two others, is the founder of which famous company?

Ans. Apple

Q.5. What airline that caters to Jaipur is promoted by the Wadia group?

Ans. GoAir

Q.6. Which famous brand features Harlistas in its commercials? Hint: An Indian company is giving them a run for their money

Ans. Harley Davidson

Q.7. Sameer and Vinit Jain run which famous national daily?

Ans. Times of India

Q.8. Which group earlier owned Lakme before HUL?

Ans. Tata Group

Q.9. What does QR in QR Code stand for?

Ans. Quick Response

Q.10. In Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice, what was the name of the moneylender?

Ans. Shylock

Q.11. In 2014, Belgium made a bid for World Heritage status for which very common food item?

Ans. French fries

Q.12. Who has written the book, “How Not to Make Money”?

Ans. Raj Kundra

Q.13. Old logo of which famous company?

Ans. Shell

Q.14. National Milk Day – 26 November is celebrated every year in whose memory?

Ans. Verghese Kurein

Q.15. Identify.

Ans. Nirmala Sitaraman

Q.16. Whose campaign?

Ans. Airtel

Q.17. Identify.

Ans. Evernote

Q.18. Identify the airline run by this man.

Ans. Jet Airways

Q.19. Which famous place is this?

Ans. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, London

Q.20. Identify.

Ans. Urjit Patel

Cutoff: 15-16

Highest: 19

Questions contributed by Sakansh Mittal

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Nagpur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Nagpur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: IMT – Gopal and Avikshith Shetty
  • RUNNER UP: VNIT – Mukund Srinivasan and Aditya Prava

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Hallmarks started this event. Which event?

Ans. Valentine’s Day

Q.2. An early 17th Century term, which meant an early payment to ensure promptness.

Ans. Tip

Q.3. Banca Monte Dei Paschi di Siena, the oldest bank still in existence, is located in which country?

Ans. Italy

Q.4. A question on Amartya Sen.

Q.5. An English word which is derived from the Persian word meaning “a place with different prices”.

Ans. Bazaar

Q.6. Which famous person collaborated with Knowledge Adventures and created “Director and his Chair”?

Ans. Steven Spielberg

Q.7. Recent Discoveries of punched mark ‘Mudras’ at under water city of Dwarka has brought to light something that was used as coins. What item?

Ans. Cowrie Shells

Q.8. Which word originally meant a bag holding provisions, especially when travelling, typically used by peddlers and pilgrims which came from a Germanic word related to well?

Ans. Wallet

Q.9. As on 22nd December 2016, the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine became the first of its kind to have a 70-100% chance to prevent which disease?

Ans. Ebola

Q.10. What are these?

Ans. Talking ATMs (for the blind)

Q.11. Studiowest is a brand from which Tata company?

Ans. Westside

Q.12. Which term was first used in Chicago Tribune of Christmas Eve, 1986 that means the practice of shopping in order to make oneself feel more cheerful?

Ans. Retail Therapy (Shopping Therapy)

Q.13. What word coming from Sanskrit means “An icon or figure representing a particular person in a computer game or internet forum”?

Ans. Avatar

Q.14. A connect question on IndusInd Bank.

Q.15. Identify the couple.

Ans. The couple behind Freedom 251 (Ringing Bells)

Q.16. Give funda.

Ans. Trump Palace being renamed.

Q.17. Identify the hotel group.

Ans. Sayaji Group of Hotels

Q.18. Identify the company.

Ans. Yamaha

Q.19. Who has the sole license to use the spectacles of Gandhi?

Ans. Sabarmati Ashram

Q.20. This Tata company traces its lineage to 1961, when it was incorporated as National Iron and Steel Mills. Which one?

Ans. NatSteel

Q.21. Identify the brand of perfume.

Ans. Skinn Perfumes

Q.22. A connect question on Asian Paints.

Q.23. A connect question on Nestle.

Q.24. What currency connects the countries Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Colombia?

Ans. Peso

Bonus: The Mexican Peso is dived into a Hundred Centavos. Which other currency, the code for which is PHP, uses the same fractional method?

Ans. Philippines

Q.25. What does BHIM stand for?

Ans. Bharat Interface for Money

Bonus: BHIM was developed for which entity?

Ans. NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India)

Q.26. Which cosmetic brand was created by Tom Lyle William and named after his sister?

Ans. Maybelline

Bonus: What is the 3 word tagline used by them for their campaigns involving the youth?

Ans. Make It Happen

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Nagpur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2017 – Nagpur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: IMT – Gopal and Avikshith Shetty
  • RUNNER UP: VNIT – Mukund Srinivasan and Aditya Prava

Preliminary Round Questions:

Q.1. Which Japanese PR and Advertising firm recently bought another PR firm, Perfect Relations?

Ans. Dentsu Advertising

Q.2. Which German drug company took over Monsanto Co.? (Hint: The answer is a 5 letter word)

Ans. Bayer

Q.3. Identify the company.

Ans. Durex

Q.4. Which company, owned by Jasper Infotech, recently unveiled their new logo, titled Unbox Zindagi?

Ans. Snapdeal

Q.5. Which women magazine has co-created a car with Seat named ‘Seat Mii’? (Hint: No one knows women better than ______)

Ans. Cosmopolitan

Q.6. What event, which happened around 350 years ago, gave rise to the business of insurance?

Ans. The great fire of London

Q.7. Sanjeev Gupta, who is the head of the LH Group, shot into prominence when he took over Tata Steel’s entire UK business. What does LH stand for?

Ans. Liberty House

Q.8. Which camera brand gets its name from the diminutive form of Leitz Camera?

Ans. Leica

Q.9. “What hath God wrought” was the first message sent through which medium of communication?

Ans. Telegram

Q.10. This is Manikandan, who developed this electric bicycle. What modern form of funding did he use to fund his project?

Ans. Crowdfunding

Q.11. Which very common communication machine was invented by Alexander Bain, which was slowly overtaken by the email?

Ans. Fax Machine

Q.12. Which actor was the brand ambassador of the Samajwadi Pension Yojana in UP?

Ans. Vidya Balan

Q.13. Which company sold its tower operations to Brookefield for $1.6 billion?

Ans. Reliance

Q.14. Which company has the largest refining operations in India, estimated at 60 million tones?

Ans. Reliance

Q.15. A question on Sellwell Advertising.

Q.16. Which company recently purchased Mahindra’s Babyoye?

Ans. Firstcry

Q.17. Which Indian oil company was recently sold to Rosneft?

Ans. Essar

Q.18. Which engineering company traces its origins back to the 1925 merger of Holt Manufacturing Co. and C. L. Best Tractor Co.? (Hint: It is very evident from its yellow color)

Ans. Caterpillar

Q.19. Which company introduced the Driver Seva Kendras for the comfort of the truck drivers, so as to lessen the number of road accidents? (Hint: It is a packers and movers Co.)

Ans. Agrawal Packers and Movers

Q.20. Identify the company.

Ans. Messe Dusseldorf (MD)

Questions contributed by Aniruddha Morarka