Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Coimbatore – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Coimbatore – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Brookfields – Balasubramaniam and Ashwin
  • RUNNER UP: Chennai Silks – Arul Sarvanan and Yogesh Pai

Regional Round Questions:

1) Who was the owner of the pistols/gun that Vice president Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr used ? Hint: Famous Investor and Finance Man.

jp morgan

Ans. JP Morgan

2) Who wrote articles for National Geographic under the name H. A Largeham?

Ans. Alexander Graham Bell

3) Connect:


Ans. Wright Brothers [ 1) Bicycle company owned by them 2) Video: Bill Gates visit to their factory 3) Glen Martin (of Lockheed Martin), their Partner 4) Newspaper (West Side News) owned by them]

4) In 1904 Katie Frazer bought succulent Yang Tao to her home at Wanganui. Yang Tao became global in the 1960s, but the exporters failed to trademark the name. In 1980s,they renamed the local version as Zespri & trademarked it.What name that later became very popular did they fail to trademark in the 1970s?

Ans. Kiwi Fruit

5) Identify the company?


Ans. Tupperware

6) Softcard US mobile wallet platform was earlier known under a different brand name. They were forced to change due to a current affairs issue. What were they earlier known as?


7) Titan has signed on which actor for brand: “Glare”?

Ans. Jacqueline Fernandez

8) Connect.


Ans. All names taken from Islands. [1) Bikini from Bikini Atoll Island 2) Video: Capri Pant from Capri Island of Italy 3) Madeira Wine from Madeira Island of Portugal 4) Thousand Island Dressing from Thousand Island (of US)]

9) Why was Singapore trader Shrikant Bhasi in entertainment news recently? Hint: Acquisition spree

Ans. He bought FUN Cinemas

10) Why did they have to change the logo?


Ans. They moved to the Gulf and due to the cross on the crown

11) Paras 20:20:0:13 is a brand from this company?

Ans. Tata Chemicals

12) Identify the brand named after her?


Ans. The car Premier “Padmini” was named after the queen of Chittor.

13) First one was installed by BBC in 1990. It placed a Hitachi KP-D8s camera. If one camera is not enough, two can be placed, one with a wide-angle lens and the other with a narrow-angle lens, giving the broadcaster four different views. What is being talked about?

Ans. Stump Camera

14) Harley Davison, Nike, Playboy, Apple are some of the brands in the Top 10 of a list which indicate unbiased loyalty by some customers. What list?

Ans. Tattoos

15) Connect.


Ans. The word “Millionaire”. [1) First in print in Vivian Grey, a novel of 1826 by Benjamin Disraeli 2) Video: The song “ Who wants to be millionaire” 3) The first American printed use of the word is thought to be in an obituary of New York tobacco manufacturer Pierre Lorillard II in 1843 4) First recorded in English (millionaire, as a French term) in a letter of Lord Byron of 1816.]

16) In 1980, Arun Shourie criticized Indira Gandhi by saying she shed tears for an event. What event?

Ans. Maruti – Maa Roti

17) According to Merriam Webster word this word means highly fashionable or luxurious. Which word?

Ans. Ritz

18) Author ?

logo new

Ans. Michael Lewis

19) Which Egypt born Zimbabwe cricketer is currently Comp Secretary of Tanami gold NL a Australian mining comp ?

Ans. John Traicos

20) Identify the company.

logo new

Ans. Kalashnikov 

21) Which Tata Company has acquired SSAB’s strip products service centres in Sweden & Finland as well as the remaining 50 percent stake in Norsk Stal Tynnplater AS?

Ans: Tata Steel

22) Ques: Tata Salt’s campaign ‘ Maine Desh Ka Namak Khaya Hai’, featured which boxer?

Ans: MC Mary Kom


Questions contributed by Anuradha Pai. Additions meticulously contributed by Debasish Mandal.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Vizag – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Vizag – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Vizag Steel- Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey
  • RUNNER UP: Vizag Steel- Rahul and AGK Murthy


Few Questions from the Regional Round:

1) WIT in NASDAQ stands for which company?

A. Wipro Information Technology

2) Tata Steel has launched which brand with a Steel door that has the looks of wood as part of its continuing efforts to provide individual home builders in semi-urban and rural markets with affordable steel solutions?

A. Pravesh Doors

3) Connect:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.51.23 am

A. Eureka Forbes

4) Alterations to what has been done by FOX, Caltech, Go Navy, GO UCLA, Save the Peak, etc?

A. Hollywood Sign

5) Term coined to explain the apparently irrational feelings of some captives for their captors?


A. Stockholm Syndrome

6) What is this?


A. Airbus ‘Bicycle Seats’ Patent

7) Which Indian brand was the first to rope in cricketers as models?

A. Vimal

8) Logo of?


A. Air Vistara

9) He wanted to “look like a bulldog,” so he stuffed his cheeks with cotton wool for the audition. later, he wore a mouthpiece made by a dentist. This appliance is on display in the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York?

A. Marlon Brando for Don Corleone


Questions contributed by Nageshwar Rao!


Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Vizag – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Vizag – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: Vizag Steel- Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey
  • RUNNER UP: Vizag Steel- Rahul and AGK Murthy

Preliminary Round Questions:

1) RSS stands for what in rubber trade?

Ans. Ribbed Smoke Sheets

2) Moms who push their child for academics and lead them to a financially secure but emotionally drained life. This term is mostly used in social media with animal behaviour and hunting nature?

Ans. Tiger Mom

3) Mamy Poko Pants, Sofy and Lifree are products of which Japanese company?

Ans. Unicharm

4) What pattern would you derive from this image?


Ans. Head and Shoulders

5) Which Indian company has the tagline “Builders to the Nation”?

Ans. Gammon

6) A Silicon Valley entrepreneur sued ____ founder and CEO Travis Almanack for $1 billion, accusing him of ripping off his car service idea?

Ans. Uber

7) Watch brand endorsed by Sharapova?

Ans. Tag Heuer

8) Identify the logo.


Ans. State Bank of India Logo

9) A new way of budgeting in which you have to factor in all costs for a given period?

Ans. Zero Based Budgeting

10) It was created by Rudy Perz, a copywriter at Leo Burnett while sitting in his kitchen in the spring of 1965. This mascot is like a clay action model and laughs when poked?

Ans.Pillsbury Doughboy

11) Logo of?


Ans. Abbott Logo

12) Hansie Cronje and Lance Klusener starred in which clothing company brand?


Ans. J Hampstead

13) Which Dutch company that produces navigation and mapping products was originally named Palmtop Software?

Ans. Tom-Tom

14) Chisel brand of gyms is started by which Indian cricketer?

Ans. Virat Kohli

15) Pulse XT female sports footwear from which brand?

Ans. Puma

16) Illuminati Films was started in 2009 by Dinesh Vijan along with which actor?

Ans.Saif Ali Khan

17) Kwid car is from which company?

Ans. Renault

18) Which bathroom brand is derived from two Japanese words forming its full name, Tōyō Tōki, meaning Oriental Ceramics?


19) Kitkat tied up with which other company to advertise _________ break in the UK?

Ans. You Tube

20)  Identify.


Ans. Shikha Sharma


Questions contributed by Nageshwar Rao!

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions


  • Taj Hotels – Shakti K and Pradeep Ludhani
  • Logisure – Ms. Jagrati and Avinash Maurya

Regional Round Questions:

1. What is this train is powered by to become a very special train in India ?


Ans. CNG

2. This style of management refers to keeping employees in the dark, restrict employee access to information and decisions. What?

Ans. Mushroom

3. Connect:


Ans. Perfetti Van Melle

[1. Izaak Van Melle: Founder of Van Melle 

2. Commercial of Centre Fresh (Indian tourist guide): One of the brands from the company.

3. Enric Bernat : Founder of Chupa Chups Candy which later merged to Perfetti Van Melle.

4. Salvadore Dali: The Chupa Chups logo was designed in 1969 by the artist.]

4. The first official HRD department in the Indian corporate sector was started in 1975 at ______ & _______ after recommendation by Uday Pareek and T.V Rao.

Ans. L & T

5. Identify the Company from its logo.


Ans. Seagate

6. Sunil Wadhwani and Ashok Trivedi founded Mastech in 1986. Following the 2001 market crash, it metamorphosed into _______, riding a different business model. The company got acquired recently. Fill in the blank.

Ans. I-Gate

7. Whose tagline is ‘Taste mein Twist’!?

Ans. Tata Salt

 8. Identify the suitings company.



[1. Ramesh Poddar:  Chairman, Siyaram Silk Mills

2. Parineeta Chopra: brand ambassador of Siya ( women’s wear of Siyaram’s)

3. Little Champs: Children’s wear from Siyaram’s

4. Moretti: Suitings brand from Siyaram’s]

9. Queen Ann’s government introduced a tax on this when home owner’s during the 18th century started decoreting their rooms . The monarch levied between a penny and a shilling, the tax lasted for a while till 1836. What we are talking about?

Ans. Wallpaper tax

10. Identify the media house he founded or his name.


Ans. Aroon Purie is an Indian businessman who is the founder-publisher and editor-in-chief of India Today and the chief executive of the India Today Group.

11. This offering from Tanishq is feminine Russian and Ukrainian first name meaning ‘Life’. In Arabic it means ‘life’ as well. It’s a common word in all these languages. This is a four letter word. What is the offer from the Tata world?

Ans. Zoya

12. In 1983, R Prabhakar, started the first of it kind in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The model focused on tasty, quick and efficiently produced local food at an affordable prices. Volumes contributed to profits, not style, elan or exotica. What is this ‘format’?

Ans. Stand and eat of Darshini restaurants.

13. Identify this brand.


Ans. Rotomac

14. Google introduced this font recently as the default font for their e-books. It replaced Droid Serif. Name this font which borrowed this font from the world of literature.

Ans.  Literata

15.Quilon & Bombay Brasserie are types of what from the Taj Group?

Ans. Restaurant

16. Which Vijayawada based airline, promoted by the LEPL group, says “happy flying!”?

Ans. Air Costa

17. Connect:


Ans. Western Union

[1. “It matters” : Western Union Ads by Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi

2. Saharukh Khan: Brand Ambassador of the company

3. Earlier name of the company.

4. Logo of the company]

18. ‘Laughing Man’ is a charity coffee brand from which Hollywood star?

Ans. Hugh Jackman

19. This is a glucose-based ready to serve beverage, which provides instant energy to consumers, available in a unique cup format.

Ans. Tata Gluco

20. Its a photo uploading website which actually resulted in this new type of spices being discovered and the spices is nicknamed after the website.


Ans.  Flickr (it actually flickers light)

[A charismatic new species of green lacewing discovered in Malaysia (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae).]

21. Connect:


Ans. Colombia Sportswear

[1. Logo of Colombia Sportswear

2. Colombia Sportswear commercial: Six fishing guides set out to catch some of the most notoriously ill-tempered fish in the world. These experts descend upon the Indian Ocean to reel in triggerfish.

3. Columbia Sportswear Company’s Greater Rewards program works by giving you points for purchases. You get 10 points for every $1 spent at the store or online. After 1,000 points you receive a $5 gift certificate. You also get free shipping, special discounts, and insider news.

4.Gert Boyle : Chairman of the company]

22. Who wrote the lines for RBI’s “Paisa Bolta Hain” advertisement?

 Ans. Gulzar

 23. Teddy Travelogues is travel advice from kids. Which holiday group is introducing this in India?


Ans. Club Mahindra

 Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal of BHEL Bhopal.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Mumbai – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Mumbai – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER- Tata Industries – Nikhil Sonde and Sidharth Srinivasan
  • RUNNER UP- JP Morgan – Dhananjay Shettigar and Geo Thomas

Regional Round Questions:


1. It is the first heritage building to get a Gold rating from the Indian Green Building Council. The plot for the building was bought in South Mumbai in 1904. The building was completed in 1924. The Associated Building Company owns the building and is responsible for maintaining it. Which heritage building?

Ans. Bombay House



Ans.  Ideal description of office cubicle by Scott Adams

 3. True Value: Maruti : :First Choice :   ?

Ans. Mahindra

4. Name the city.


.Ans. Bombay

 [Harsh Mariwala : Marico is an Indian consumer goods company providing consumer products and services in the areas of Health and Beauty based out of Mumbai ((previous name Bombay. 

Amrutanjan Healthcare Limited is an Indian pharmaceutical company established by Kasinadhuni Nageswara Rao in Mumbai (previous name Bombay) in 1893.

Bombay Sapphire is a brand of gin owned by Bacardi.]

5. According to National Geographic, it has become a junkyard.A single cleanup in spring 2011 removed over 8 tons of trash.People now run the risk of losing a deposit of $4000 if they do not clean up their trash. The entity in question is also big business with people spending $40,000-$50,000 on an average. Name the entity.

Ans. Mount Everest

 6. Some people say that the word is derogatory and is also a means to exploit poor. What is the form of informal employment in which a homeless person is paid to display advertising?

Ans. Bumvertising

7. This term was often used during the cold war era because of its political, social, and economic relevance. This term itself was first introduced in the late 1940s by the United Nations. Today, the term is slightly outdated and has no official definations; however, it is generally thought of as the capitalist, industrial, wealthy, developed countries that aligned with the United States after World War II. What term (two words answer)?

Ans. First World

8. Who is this named after : distilled eight times for the essence of vodka purity ?


Ans. Mendeleev (of periodic table)

 9. Known as the Hoover Index, this measure of income inequality is commonly named after an ‘outlaw’. Which index?

Ans. Robinhood Index

 10. Connect for an entity.


Ans. Planning Commission of India

[ India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, a socialist who admired Joseph Stalin’s drive to industrialize the Soviet Union, set up and chaired the Planning Commission to map out a development path for India’s agrarian economy.

P.C. Mahalanobis,Indian statistician who was instrumental in formulating India’s strategy for industrialization in the Second Five-Year Plan (1956–61).

 The Gadgil formula is named after Dhananjay Ramchandra Gadgil, a social scientist and the first critic of Indian planning. ]

 11. The brand’s first product was launched in 1958 in Spain by Javier de Barberá Sanromä Cruz. Today it is common in cars.Name the brand.

Ans. Ambi Pur

 12. Which corporation? What first in the world?


Ans. First industrial Robot by GM

13. Through its commercial titled ‘Everyone can with _________’, the camera brand attempts to dismantle, and then reconfigure, consumer perception of the category. The message is: the segment is not just for professional; it is for everyone.

Ans. Canon

 14. Over the past 200 years,It has been cancelled 24 times due to cholera epidemics and war. In 1811, an agricultural show was added to promote agriculture. The horse race which started in 1812 persisted until 1960; the agricultural show still exists and is held every four years. What is that which the locals simply call wiesn after the colloquial name of the fairgrounds , Theresienwiese ?

Ans. October Fest

15. Connect.



 [Cardiac Monitor developed by NASA

 NASA SPINOFF technologies are commercial products and services which have been developed with the help of NASA, through research and development contracts (such as SBIR or STTR awards), licensing of NASA patents, use of NASA facilities, technical assistance from NASA personnel, or data from NASA research.

 Ray-Ban, Survivors and Diamond Hard are registered trademarks of Bausch & Lomb, Inc.

 Ray-Ban Survivors Collection sunglasses feature a coating that offers 10 times the scratch-resistance of conventional glass lenses.]

 16.Confession of an Advertising Man is a 1963 book by David Ogilvy. In the final section he posed a question and makes one think as to why a genius in advertising and an advocate of this medium even wants to raise such a thought. What is the question , he raised?

Ans: If all humans can think , “Should Advertising Be Abolished?”

17. Connect.


Ans. Versace

 18.This Suzuki bike’s name means “Peregrine Falcon” in Japanese.

Ans. Hayabusa

 19. Connect


Ans.  Nobel Prize

 [Jean Henri Dunant was the founder of the Red Cross, and the first recipient of Nobel Peace Prize.

 The Grameen Bank is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning microfinance organization and community development bank founded in Bangladesh.

 Aga cooker was invented in 1922 by the Nobel Prize-winning Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalén

Guglielmo Marconi won the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics with Karl Ferdinand Braun “in recognition of their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy”]

20. Which company is the sponsor of this program?


Ans.Happily Unmarried

21.The brand once used the slogan”The original. If your grandfather didn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist”

Ans. Old Spice

22. A British retailer Francis Place was one of the first to experiment with this new retailing method at his tailoring establishment in Charing Cross. He wanted to take advantage of the increasing levels of conspicuous consumption and thought of a novel  way to attract customers. What did he start?

Ans. Display Window

 23.Connect :


 Ans.Steve Jurvetson

 [The photograph of Steve Jurvetson

He was a venture capitalist investor in Hotmail.

The term ‘viral marketing’ was invented by Tim Draper and Steve Jurvetson of VC Draper Fisher Jurvetson, early investors in Hotmail. It was their idea to include the ‘Get your FREE Web-based email…’ message and URL the bottom of every Hotmail sent. Believe it or not, the founders were reluctant at first – they thought it was too much like spam. But, of course, they eventually agreed and the rest is history. For the record, Hotmail had one million registered users in less than six months from launch. Five years after launch they had 65 million. Draper and Jurvetson chose the term ‘viral’ because they felt it best described this infectious spread of the Hotmail word.]

 Questions contributed by Ms Meenakshi Verma of BHEL Bhopal.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Pune – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Pune – Regional Finals Questions


    Barclays –
    Asish Behera and Amogh Deshpande
    Tata Motors –
    Prathmesh and Aditya Ramani


Wild Card Questions:

1. Which pharma company logo consists of a capsule and 2 pills?

A. Merck

2. It takes its name from a German word for ‘Seagull’; started as an ice cream brand?

A. Movenpick

3. Juice is a fashion and lifestyle magazine published by?

A. Jabong.com

4. Which company launched the business vertical ‘Happy Nest’?

A. Mahindra

5. Dimitry and Justin Frankel launched this in 1997, initially called Nullsoft. What?

A. Winamp

6. Its NYSE ticker symbol is BID. Which company?

A. Sotheby’s

7. Which Japanese company known for camera translates to ‘ripening field of rice’?

A. Minolta

8. Which brand is named after the species ‘Pelia caparilos’?

A. African antelope giving the word Reebok


Regional Finals Questions:


Round 1:

1. What made Jim Goetz reach the top of the Midas list in the business world?

A. Funded Whatsapp in its initial days

2. This book is based on which financial firm?



A. Lehman Brothers

3. In July, 2011, TITAN launched HTSE collection of watches which run on light. If HT stands for High Tech, what does SE stand for?

A. Self Energized

4. Connection:

Intel Malala ad (video); b) Louis Edward Walker and c) OMNI Hotels and resorts

Ans: CNN Studios

5. The entire crown of this national historic landmark is clad with shiny silver ‘Endura KA-2’ stainless metal developed by Krupp and marketed under the trade name ‘Nirosta’. Which iconic building?

A. Chrysler building

6. Chocolatines Savory Wine Flight Pairing ($80) , Halo Natural Pet Food ($6,142.89) , Max Martin Shoes ($750) , Dosha Tea-Based Pops ($35) , Blossom Blends Tea ($49.95) , Hydroxycut Weight Loss Products ($38.96), Narrative Clip camera ($279) , Polar Loop Activity Tracker ($109.95) , Steamist Home Spa System ($2,560) , M3K Beauty Products ($100) , Best of Vegas Tour Package ($9,000) , Rouge Maple Syrup ($250) , House Call From Nutritionist Heather Lounsbury ($500) , Slimware Dinnerware ($59) , Huntley Drive Fitness Training Sessions ($850), Le Petit Cirque Troop ($575) Le Petit Cirque Troop ($575), Jan Lewis Designs Bracelet ($400) , Walk Japan Tour of Japan ($15,000) , Epic Pet Health Therapy ($1,571.98) , Acure Skincare ($300) , Rocky Mountaineer Train Trip ($4,078.00) Gizara Arts Print ($1,000)  Jitseu Handbags ($279) , Imanta Mexico Resort Stay ($3,300), Koala Landing, Resort Stay in Kauai ($2,000) , Aviv 613 Vodka ($30). These are the contents of what?

A. Academy Award goodie bag package for the nominees who don’t win


Round 2:

1. The rule of three in business and economy is a rule of thumb in the business world. Who gave this theory?


2. Identify the person who gave Mosaic and Netscape.


A. Eric Bina

3. P. Ramachandra started this in 1983 with a single product and 5 employees. What?

A. Jyoti Laboratory

4. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.48.59 pm

Hint: started with pale ginger oil. Which company?

Ans: Canada dry

5. Constructed by Gaget, Gantheir and Co., it was funded by a lottery. By the end of 1879, about 2,50,000 francs have been raised. What?

A. Statue of Liberty

6. Childhood picture of P.P. Chhabria and K.P. Chhabria was shown. What did they find?

A. Finolex

7. Edward Bernays, the father of public relations threw green parties to make the colour of what packaging fashionable to women?

 A. Lucky strike

8. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.36.32 pm

A. Lady Godiva

9. Introduced in 1953, Johnson’s baby shampoo was the first special formulated product. What was the formula called?

A. No more tears


Round 3:

1. Logo of which apparel brand.


A. Best Seller

2. The classification of this chart was developed in 1983 by Michael Edwards with standard families such as Woody, fresh, oriental etc. What chart is this?

A. Perfume chart

3. To which company did HUL sell Glucovita in 2003?

A. Wipro

4. Which retailer has been trying to trademark it footlong brand?

A. Subway

5. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.21.47 pm

A. TTK Hawkins Cooker

6. It is named after a type of mango that originated in Jamaica and was originally grown from a seed brought by immigrants from India.

A. Bombay Mango

7. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.18.27 pm

A. Vineyard tourism



Questions compiled by Kamanasish Chowdhury of Q-factor Knowledge Solutions.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Navi Mumbai – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Navi Mumbai – Regional Finals Questions


  • WINNER :
    Cap Gemini –
    Rajashri Chanda and Mayank Shah
    Idea Forge Technologies –
    Shubhankar Ghokale and Piyush D


Regional Finals Questions:

1. A company named Ivoclar Vivadent of Liechtenstein manufactures 60 million of these annually in 10,000 different shades and shapes, which account for 40 per cent of all sales in Europe and 20 per cent worldwide. With a turnover of some 600 million Swiss francs, Ivoclar has 1.3 million consumers in 120 countries using its products. What product, which is the country’s leading export?


2. Identify.


A. Father of Public Relations

3. What engineering company was founded in Turin, 1978 by Franco Mantegazza and taken over in 2002 by Rieter Holding Ltd. They designed Tata’s Nano?

 A. I.DE.A Institute

4. Connect:


A. Ranbir Kapoor

5. This e-com portal was co-founded by Arun Chandra Mohan, Praveen Sinha and Lakshmi Potluri after which Manu Jain and Mukul Bafana joined the organisation. 

A. Jabong

6. In marketing of Scandinavian beers (like Carlsberg, Tuborg etc.), what is J-day?

A. Julebryg Day – The day of the Danish Christmas Beer

7. Bugs Bunny for promoting Tang, Fred Flintstone for Winston cigarettes, Dennis the Menace for Dairy Queen are all examples of __________.  What?

A. Spokestoon

8. Explain.


A. Billboard captures moisture and converts it into water

9. In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence. How do we know this principle as? (_ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)

A. Peter’s Principle

10. Connect.



11. Founded in Turin in 1895 by Luigi, it was initially run from a small grocery store at Via San Tommaso. Identify this coffee brand.

A. Lavazza

12. This pharma company was founded by KB Suri. (_ _ _ _ _ _ _)





14. Indian Bank first set up a pilot branch here in 2005, when business began to boom in the area due to what was called ‘urban financial inclusion’. Two years later the bank called the place a showcase of Indian entrepreneurship with bustling of economic activities like tanneries, plastics, garments, confectionaries etc and converted the pilot with 6317 accounts into a full-fledged branch with an ATM. Within three years, the brand had 35,578 account and deposits of Rs.41.29 crores. Which area/place?

A. Dharavi

15. Identify.


A. P C Parekh

16. The phrase first originated in a music tune by Fred W Leigh. It was popularised by a famous brand in 1924 through a series of ads featuring a pitiful woman by the name Edna or Eleanor who was unfortunate in love and for reasons unknown to herself and was never able to find love. But people around her knew the reason and since it was an embarrassing subject they never told her about it. What phrase?

A. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

17. What innovative concept is introduced by this beer vending machine?


A. Operates only through passport

18. “India’s largest publisher of mass appeal books” (_ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _)

A. Pustak Mahal

19. What is the significance of this machine?



A. Kirloskar

20. Connect.


A. Maruti

21. The creators of Angry Birds chose pigs as the enemies of the birds because something was in the news world over at that time. What?

A. Swine Flu

22. Identify.


A. Khan Academy


Questions contributed by Viraj Morabia.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Bangalore – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Bangalore – Regional Finals Questions


    IAME –
    Mahantesh and Prasad Shetty
    Oracle –
    Mitesh and Yaggy

Regional Finals Questions:

1. [Silver] Coldiretti, which represents agricultural producers, has called on foreign governments and the European Union to stamp out what it called a “market of horrors”, encompassing pasta, pizzas and other Italian-type foods which are sold under a what theme?

A. Mafia

2. [Silver] Advertisement of Kleenex which is a tribute to tearjerkers such as Kaagaz Ki Phool.

3. [Bronze] Which place of learning with a motto “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow”, started in 1961, is the only one in its category to receive college  credit recommendations from the American Council of Education (ACE), has interpreters like the UN and can teach its students in 28 languages including Spanish, German, French, Chinese and Mandarin Chinese?

A. Hamburger University

4. [Gold] Nicolas Jacques Conte, (1755 – 1805), Paris), was a French mechanical genius who developed the method on which the manufacture of modern ________ is based. 7-words answer. Answer is in plural.

A. Pencils

5. [Silver] Marcel van Dam, Dutch sociologist and former politician, is credited with having invented it and being the first to implement in Netherlands on February 15, 1967. What is it that in 2014 made an entity named Today’s Chanakya famous?

A. Exit Polls

6. [Silver] Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 6.15.40 pm

Round 2:

1. [Silver]

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 6.18.12 pm

2. [Silver] This is a system that prevents internet users from accessing web page content (most notably news content and scholarly publications) without a paid subscription. (_ _ _    _ _ _ _)

A. Pay Wall

3. [Silver] It been in private hands since the middle ages and been in the Antrobus family since the early 1800s. But when the heir to the Antrobus baronetcy was killed in the Great War the estate was put up for sale. In the hands of Messrs Knight, Franck and Rutley, on the 21st September 1915, the historic site went under the hammer. Sir Cecil Chubb, who’d had no intention of bidding at the sale, bought it ‘on a whim’ as a gift for his wife who, it’s claimed, was none too pleased. The site may be worth 51 million pounds or maybe more today. What site in the UK?

A. Stonehenge

4. [Bronze] How do we better know Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs? (_ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _)

A. Skunk Works

5. [Bronze] It has its main headquarters in London on King Street and Rockefeller  Plaza in New York. It is owned by Groupe Artemis, the holding company of Francois-Henri Pinault.

A. Christie’s

6. [Bronze]  This company which had a German collaboration in 1940 was bought by Loral Corporation for $640 million in 1987. The erstwhile famous name disappeared and became the defence systems unit of Loral. Loral’s rights to the designs were sold to Lockheed Martin which purchased the defence systems unit in 1993. What designs that can be non-rigid, semi-rigid and rigid?

A. Goodyear Blimps

7. [Gold] Connect to a personality.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 8.22.06 pm

A. Positioning by Jack Trout.

8. [Silver] Connect the following terms to Weibo and social media in China: June 4, 1989, 25th anniversary, Tiananmen, Tank, Square, Rebellion, Law, Student Leaders.

A. These terms are banned for usage in social media in China.

9. Character from Sega’s Saturn Game that has the ability to quench one’s thirst. Which brand is this character’s name?


A. Pepsi Man


Round 3:

1. [Silver] By the time Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837, the company’s store was already a London landmark. Families flocked to was what called ‘Toy Emporium’.

A. Hamley’s

2. [Gold] Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 8.55.12 pm

A. Chesterfield

3. [Bronze] This term refers to the process of placing dots to form an image. (_ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _)

A. Dot Matrix

4. [Gold] Connect: This word is connected to all the elements and is specifically found in defined disclosures. No one knows who owns the usage of the term.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.05.39 pm

A. Mahabharata

5. [Silver] Connect: Audio clip is from the soundtrack of a famous movie.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.11.25 pm

A. Amadeus booking services

6. [Silver] Identify this outstanding copywriter.


A. Bruce Barton

7. [Gold] The company hired the statistician William Sealy Gosset in 1899, who achieved lasting fame under the pseudonym ‘Student’ for techniques developed for the company, particularly Student’s t-distribution and the more commonly known student’s t-test.

A. Guinness

8. The first recorded use as a color name in English was in 1915. It is the  name given for various very pale tints of yellowish-orange that are close to beige. What colour is this?


A. Champagne


Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Delhi – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Delhi – Regional Finals Questions


    Reckitt Benckiser – 
    Soubhagya Jena and Tanmay Prusty
    Quizcraft – 
    Aditya Nath and Siddhartha Kurapat


Wildcard Round Questions:

Q1) Name of popular brand created by Reuben Mattus and includes a tribute to Denmark.

A) Haagen Dazs

Q2) Who is the Bollywood actress behind the “Dark is Beautiful” campaign?

A) Nandita Das

Q3 ) Which Indian company bought a 26% stake into Indonesian coal miner Baramulti?

A) Tata Power

Q4) Liberty Teller is a start-up associated with?

A)  Bitcoin ATM

Q5) Man founded famous organisation which goes onto say “What they don’t teach you at Harvard”. Who?

A) Mark McCormack

Q6) To which hospital chain, diversified now into being a healthcare group, did Jubilant sell its hospital business to?

A) Narayana Health

Q7) This company gave the world’s 1st ultra HD 4K laptop. Which company?

A) Toshiba

Q8) Which entity in India launched the video game called “Guardians of the Sky”?

A) Indian Air Force



Regional Finals Questions:


Q1) Published “Gleanings in Bee Culture” sometime in January 1905. The article begins: “Dear friends, I have a wonderful story to tell”. A story that out rivals Arabian Nights.” What is this all about?

A)Wilbur Wright’s First flight.

Q2) Device that produces something using “Reverse Atmospheric Infusion”. What?


A) Tea

Q3) Means ‘treasure’ and is a lifestyle store from the Taj Hotels. What?

A) Khazana

Q4) Connect:


A) Carlsberg

Q5) This UK company owned a 64% stake in Agatha Christie’s works. Not controlled by family but by George and Richard in 1835. Which entity?

A) Booker

Q6) This company’s R&D in UK employs 47 people and files 15-20 patents annually. Their Intaglio that does not dry. Which company?

A) De La Rue Corp

Round 2:

Q1) First 16 models were called “Sweet 16” and had Spectraflame paintwork, redline wheels and working suspension. Models include Silhouette, Beatnik Bandit. What is being described?

A) Hot Wheels

Q2) Silverleaf,  Whitefly were important in 2014 as it affected India’s exports. What are they?

A) They are viruses that affected mango exports.

Q3) Company origin- ___________ Manual of Industrial and Miscellaneous Securities, published in 1900. What?

A) Moody’s



A) Ben & Jerry’s

Q5) Book cover was disputed for due to similarity to what?

Patrick Wensink

A) Similarity with Jack Daniel’s bottle jacket design.

Q6) Made by Laljee Godhoo & Co. and is an integral part of Indian households. What?

A) Asafoetida

Q7) Connect:


A) Rafael Nadal

Q8) Roots of name- 1662- Friedrich- pencil making entity. Which?

A) Staedtler

Q9)Arab soap opera Musalsat compared with the Super Bowl format. It is a 29/30 day show and captures Arab World’s TV market with a viewership of 420 million. Important purpose behind this TV series. What?

A) Soap opera played out during Ramadan

Round 3:

Q1) Clothing company that is part of the PVH Group. Founed by Vincent De Paul Draddy, an American businessman employed by David Crystal Co., who needed a strong name to associate with his merchandise for menswear. Produced bespoke shirts and created the Windsor tie-knot for King George V. Which brand?

A) Izod

 Q2) Harpic product and this advert led to the first usage of which phrase?

Cleaning inside out

A) Cleaning Inside Out.

Q3) In Operation Bernhard, for which specific reason did Nazis hire Jewish artists from concentration camps?

A) Creating fake currency

Q4) Upton Machine Corporation. [Buzzer Pressed]

A) Whirlpool

Q5) Company supplier to Austro-Hungarian army. Had a collaboration with the Hero group in India. Which company?


A) Puch

Q6) Connect:


A) Muhammad Ali

Q7) Symbol of ?

Bureau of International Expositions

A) Bureau of International Expositions

Q8)In 1864, Lafarge won the contract for  delivery of 110,000 tonnes of lime to the construction of this famous project with the Gaz De France association. Which is this project?

A) Suez Canal

Questions contributed by Mr. Subhodeep Jash. Subhodeep is a lawyer, working in the field of public policy and research.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Kolkata – Regional Round Questions

                              Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Kolkata – Regional Round Questions


Regional Questions:

1. A Russian author Victor Pelevin wrote a famous book Generation P. This reflected the reform policy ‘perestroika’ under Mikhail Gorbachev’s regime, a policy , which ushered western products. In the early 1990s,a term ______________,which was a pun on ‘perestroika’, began appearing. What term, which is based on a famous brand?

Ans. Pepsistroika based on Pepsi

2. Identify this two into an entertainment corporation.


Ans. Amblin Entertainment

(The famous film was produced by the entity and the logo of the company has been inspired by the film ET)

3. In 1794, he was guillotined in Paris for “adding water to the people’s tobacco”. Name him.

Ans: LAVOSIOR (The French Chemist)

4. Connect for a famous personality:


Ans. Indira Gandhi

(Indira Gandhi International Airport , New Delhi entrance, Nani Palkivala: On being peremptorily asked by Indira Gandhi in 1975 to plead her appeal before the Supreme Court, against the Allahabad High Court decision which invalidated her 1971 election to the Lok Sabha, Palkhivala simply returned her brief expressing his inability to take up the case. He risked taking on the might of Indira Gandhi, but did not compromise on his values,  Xtramile of Indianoil: During the 1971 war against Pakistan, foreign-owned private oil companies had refused to supply fuel to the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. In response, Gandhi nationalised Indianoil in 1973, Sambalpuri saree was favourite of Indira Gandhi)

5. New cars used by the Kolkata tram system were delivered by this company in 2012.

Ans. Jessop

6. Identify the person. This was a tribute to a great Jack Daniel’s customer.


Ans. Frank Sinatra

7. Earlier vodka which was made from potatoes had an oily aftertaste. Today’s grain vodka has no oily aftertaste. Experimenters found that potato vodka when properly mixed with ice will more completely dissolve the vermouth, giving a less oily mouth feel to the drink and were also colder to drink. This was an explanation provided for what popular habit?

Ans. James Bond said “shaken, not stirred”

8. It was the first chain store company in the world, and was responsible for the creation of the ISBN book catalogue system.

Ans. W H Smith

9. In association with the United Nations, this former railway minister helped the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust to start the first Demographic Research Institute in India in 1956?

Ans. Sir John Mathai

10. Formed in June 1828 in Antwerp by underwriters Alexandre Delehaye and Louis van den Broek, and insurance broker, Auguste Morel. The name was adopted in 1829. This included the adoption of the figure of truth logo designed by Achille Deveria?

Ans. Bureau Veritas

11. Connect:


Ans. Rabindranath Tagore

( Tagore gave his name  as Amartya,Standard Chartered bank logo: Rabindranath Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913, the draft representing the prize money was drawn on the Chartered Bank. The bank had the rare fortune of handing over the draft to him. Tagore advertised for Godrej soap  & Bournvita)

12. What is the specific name given to this, a concept of a curve called proposed by Stan Shin  the founder of Acer . Today it is taught in management schools an illustration of value adding potential of different components of value chain especially in IT related manufacturing industries. Its called a very simple term most curved do. Name the curve.


Ans. Smiling Curve or Bathtub Curve

13. This is TomoDachi life. This is Nintendo it features the mii characters of real life charecters A yong 23-year old called Marini from Arizona campaigned hard on twitter with the # mii quality for equality it wanted game us to allow what? Significant in the modern world the world is going this game of campaign for something to be allowed to gamers, it’s a life simulation.


Ans. To choose the sexuality

14. Famous model Heidi Klum designs footwear for this brand. The brand traces its roots to the German Johann Adam, registered in 1744 as a “subject and shoemaker” in local church archives.

Ans. Birken Stock

15. In 1986, Japan’s All-Nippon Airways discovered a unique way to frighten away birds and prevent collisions. All-Nippon Airways estimated that the reduction in bird strikes during the testing period reduced the damage to its aircraft from $910,000 to $720,000. Consequently, All-Nippon planned to extend the experiment to all its large-body aircraft. What did it do?

Ans. by Painting menacing-looking eyes on the engine intakes of its  planes like birds to frighten the smaller birds

16. This industry in Sialkot faced huge bump in 1990s when human rights organizations voiced concerns over child labor. Now a sign at the Forward Sports’ factory gate reads: “We don’t employ under 15”. And they have got a huge contract. Factory owner Khawaja Masood Akhtar, marked by his small black beard and a beaming smile, keenly inspects the work at his plant. What is the product that Factory Sports manufactured was used in 2014?

Ans.The official FIFA world cup Brazuka Football

17. What did Baba Budan smuggle into India from Yemen in 17th Century?

Ans. Coffee

18. Connect:


Ans. Rhodes Scholarship

(Both Bono & Montek Singh Ahlualia were Rhodes Scholar, Logo of Rhodes Scholarship)

19. Identify:


 Ans. Dean P. Baquet

(He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist and the executive editor of The New York Times. He is the first Black American to serve as executive editor, the highest-ranking position in the paper’s newsroom)

 20.“Husbands are useless” says this brand.

Ans. Asian Paint

21. Connect:


Ans. Rudyard Kipling

(He worked for local newspapers “the Civil and Military Gazette” in Lahore and  “The Pioneer” in Allahabad. Kipling Brand’s Richard Macey tells  how the brand began.Wolcott Balestier  was writer and editor notable primarily through his connection to Rudyard Kipling’s books and later Kipling married his sister)

22. Which award is named after him?


Ans. Sir Frederick Alfred Laker 

(The Freddie Awards, named after Sir Freddie Laker in honor of his accomplishments in marketing travel during the 1970s, is the “oldest and most prominent”  recognition award for frequent traveler reward programs)

23. He was selected as one of the five Wisden Cricketers of the year in 1952. A Street in the Moorhead district Shipley has been named after him. Who is this well known BBC commentator with unique record matched by one other in the world?

Ans. Jim Laker (Record was repeated by Anil Kumble)

Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal