Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chandigarh – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chandigarh – Regional Round Questions


WINNER: Indian Oil Corporation- Vipin Austin and Deepak Taneja

RUNNER UP: Infosys- Jagmit Singh and Jasmeet Singh 

Regional Round Questions:

1) Identify the logo.
TC 1
Ans. Masuri Cricket Helmets
2 Which Football Club recently bought US based data company StatDNA company is an expert in the field of sports data performance analysis?
Ans. Arsenal
3) Pink Revolution is associated with which product?
Ans. Beef
4) Which Indian personality appeared in this movie which won the 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature?
TC 1 Final
Ans. Raghuram Rajan 
5) Question on John Scully 
6) One of the most common places named as the origin of  X is the town of Mahón in Menorca, Spain, where it was then taken to France after victory over the British at the city’s port in 1756. According to this version, the sauce was originally known as salsa X  in Spanish and maonesa  in Catalan (as it is still known in Menorca), later becoming X as it was popularized by the French. What is I am talking about which mean “yolk of egg” in French ?
Ans. Mayonnaise
7) Diageo India’s renowned brand ______ has announced the launch of its new campaign ‘Be One in a 100′ for its gaming portal _____ . The campaign brings alive its brand philosophy  “Exhorting men to succeed by doing things differently” ? Id which brand ?
Ans. VAT 69 
8)  This is the logo of which financial Institution?
Ans. Lloyds Bank
9) Which Financial company has launched a ‘Do Right’ initiative – a campaign that urges parents to inculcate the ‘right’ values in children from a young age, reiterating its ‘We only do what’s right for you’  ?
Ans. Tata Capital 
10) Question on the Skateboard invented by James L. Plimopton.
11) Id the brand and name of character?

Ans. Voltas and Mr. Murthy

12) Connect .
Ans. Rasna
13) Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu replied that the New Delhi Municipal Corporation employs “40 trained young men to do particular job,”. Govt came up with this idea after protests from animal rights activists and a court order ? Identify what is this particular job, they were hired for?
Ans. The men make screeching noises similar to those of black-faced langur monkeys, to frighten red-faced macaque monkeys.
14) This coffee brand was created by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (now A&P) in 1859. Despite selling off the brand in 2003, A&P continues to sell this Coffee brand in its family of stores. Id which brand ?
Ans. Eight O’Clock Coffee
15) The term economic ______, coined and popularised by Warren Buffett, refers to a business ability to maintain competitive advantages over its competitors in order to protect its long-term profits and market share from competing firms. what is missing term  ?
Ans. Moat ( Economic Moat)
16) Question on Himachal Tourism 
17) Question on Plaster of Paris
18) Which hospitality chain was run by them ?
Ans. Leela Group
19) Identify.

Ans. Seth Godin (“Poke the Box”)

Questions contributed by Hitesh Kamboj

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chandigarh – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chandigarh – Preliminary Round Questions

Preliminary Round Questions:

1) Indian Roots is an online shopping site owned by which media house?

Ans. NDTV 

2) Which Indian business house agreed to acquire the Total Super Store business from Jubilant Agri and Consumer Products Ltd.?

Ans. Birla

3) Who has partnered with her trainer Marco Borges to launch a new vegan meal delivery service?

Ans. Beyonce

4) Minneapolis native Leroy S. Buffington was awarded a patent in 1888 who is also considered as Father of X. What is the term coined for something created by him?


Ans. Skyscraper

5) Who is this MP who has an interest in companies like Final Cut and Curtain Call, a talent company?

Ans. Kirron Kher

6) Question on Butter Crisis in Norway. 

7) Tirumalai Krishnamacharya owns a famous trademark. Which one?

Ans. Yoga

8) Question on Catbert: Evil HR Director.

9) The Owl and the Lamp is an original icon. First appearing in 1864, the mighty owl was meant to represent wisdom – experience, judgment and knowledge. The lamp in its talons is a symbol of light and clearness of vision. Which famous adv agency having this trademark?

Ans. JWT

10) Philip Vaughan, a Welsh inventor and ironmaster who created the first design of this in Carmarthen in 1794. What is this tool usually used in the automobile and some other manufacturing industry? Name of the invention carries a word “Ball”.

Ans. Ball Bearing 

11) Logo of which sugar brand?


Ans. Balrampur

12) It is an American travel website company providing reviews of travel-related content. It was founded by Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert, and several others. Which company ?

Ans. Tripadvisor 

13) Which country ran a campaign, held under the slogan ‘Your Child in Gold,’ with the aim of spreading awareness to families about the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle? In which the top winners will be those who lose the most weight during the month-and-a-half long programme.  Registered participants have to lose a minimum of two kilograms to win gold, and will receive a gram of gold in return for every kilogram lost. Name the country?

Ans. Dubai

14) Friday Dressing is concept of which apparel brand?

Ans. Allen Solly

15) Identify the brand.


Ans. Huggies

16) Which airline was carved out of a defunct airline, Royal Airways, and given a completely different face in 2005? Tata was also having some stake in it once.

Ans. Air India

17) Graham Wulff  a chemist created what as a gift for his wife after his wife frustration with the thick, waxy beauty creams that came in shoe-polish tins. Id the brand ?

Ans. Olay

18) Identify.


Ans. Harsimrat Kaur, Food Processing Minister

19) Identify.


Ans. Vishal Sikka


Questions contributed by Hitesh Kamboj! 

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Bhubaneswar – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Bhubaneswar – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER:  XIMB – Subhasis Ray and MN Tripathi
  • RUNNER UP: Infosys – Saransh M and Subrato Mukherjee


Regional Round Questions:

Round 1:

Q1) This gentleman namely Johan _______ has a surname that is quite famous and associated with a moped company India. Which one?


Ans. Puch

Q2) What beer brand founded as the Osaka brwery in 1889 lterally means “morning sun” in Japanese?

Ans. Asahi beer

Q3) Connect:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.55.30 pm

Ans. Carrera

Q4) Which famous 1987 movies has the tagline” A young and impatient stockbroker”?

Ans. Wall Street

Q5) Which famous name was inspired from the fact that the first store resembled the Boudoir (Bedroom) of a 19th century monarch who was a notorious prude?

Ans. Victoria’s Secret

Q6) Which popular term originated in the 1980s from accounting practices when retailers would traditionally operate at a financial loss for most of the year (January through November) and made their profit during the holiday season, beginning on the day after Thanksgiving?

Ans. Black Friday

Round 2:

Q1) The salesman once got into trouble when the pen he handed over to an insurance applicant gushed out ink. In 1883, at the age of 46, he came up with a pen applying the principles of capillary action?

Ans. Waterman

Q2) Connect:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.57.22 pm

Ans. Somany Tiles

Q3) This company courted controversy from North Korea through the movie, “The Interview”, which had ‘touched a nerve’ within the North Korean government, as they are “notoriously paranoid about perceived threats to their safety.” The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the state news agency of North Korea, reported that their government promised “stern” and “merciless” retaliation if the film was released. The next month, North Korea’s United Nations ambassador Ja Song-nam condemned the film, describing its production and distribution as “an act of war” and because of Kim’s assassination in the film,”the most undisguised sponsoring of terrorism”. The Guardian described Song-nam’s comments as “perfect publicity for the movie”. Name the company.

Ans. Sony Pictures

Q3) Advertisement on Kimberley Clark. (Visual not found)

Q4) Which Tata company’s think tank, ‘Paradox Panel’, publishes the Millema Paradox Quarterly?

Ans. Titan

Q5) Whose joint-venture is this?


Ans. Volvo-Eicher Motors

Q6) Which famed investors in 1932 bequeathed his house and a $2 million endowment to the University of Rochester. He donated a large sum of money to the dental dispensaries across the city and left $200,000 for his beloved Elle?

Ans. George Eastman

Q7) Sirius Cybernatics Corporation produces various products like Nutrimatic Drink Dispenser, Kill-o-Zap Blaster Pistol, Crisis Inducer, Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses and Towels. Where would one regularly find this company?

Ans. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Q8) Who owns this company? (Clue: Extremely famous company)


Ans. Tata Group

Q9) Connect:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.58.15 pm

Ans. Savile Row

Q10) What term derives itself from 15th century from the Netherlands, when workers would throw their sabots (wooden shoes) into the wooden gears of the textile looms to break the cogs, fearing the automated machines would render the human workers obsolete?

Ans. Sabotage

Q11) Kareena Kapoor endorses this brand with the line ‘Inside Walaah Snaan’. Which ones?

Ans. Tetley

Round 3:

Q1) In 1962 ,which brand became the first Swiss Watchmaker in space when John Glenn wore its stopwatch when he piloted the Mercury Atlas 6 space craft, which was the first US-manned space flight to the earth?

Ans. Tag Heuer

Q2) Connect:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.59.05 pm

Ans. DD Kisan

Q3) Which prominent angel investor of Silicon Valley has invested in more than 100 startups including Flickr, Groupon, Zynga has done his Masters in Philosophy from Oxford University and had his own start-up Social.Net, a social media site that predated Facebook by years?

Ans. Reid Hofmann

Q4) Fill in the Blank (Name the American energy giant.).

Ans. Exxon Mobil

Q5) Kamala Khan is first of something. Identify why is she famous.


Ans. She is first the Islamic Superwoman from Marvel comics.


Questions contributed by Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Swain! 

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Bhubaneshwar – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Bhubaneshwar – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER:  XIMB – Subhasis Ray and MN Tripathi
  • RUNNER UP: Infosys – Saransh M and Subrato Mukherjee
 Preliminary Round Questions:

1) Name the internet company that launched the ‘Look Up’ campaign?

Ans. Housing.com

2) Which automobile brand derives its name from an animal whose scientific name is “Panthera onca”?

Ans. Jaguar

3) This company which is one of the largest players in the construction and infrastructure industry launched their brand Oris in the consumer electrical space in 2013. Which company?

Ans. L&T

4) Identify this person or which group he heads. (Hint: This person heads a footwear company)


Ans. Khadims

5) The company has launched a carpooling app called Ryde. Unlike some of its competition like Bla Bla cars and Tripda, Ryde offers both Intra-city and Inter-city rides. Which company?

Ans. Ibibo

6) Identify the organisation whose new re-branded logo this is?(Hint: aluminium).



7) This began as Shriram Fibres in 1970 when the parent company DCM decided to setup a separate entity to manufacture nylon type cord fibres?

Ans. SRF

8) Identify this person or which company he belonged to (Clue: Who went on to Pakistan and was part of a respectable company from India)?


Ans. Mahindra & Mahindra  

9) Aerospatiale and Aeritalia merged from two separate but similar regional aircraft into a single effort in 1981. What was formed?

Ans. ATR

10) Identify this businessman in India.


Ans. Dilip Ray

11) Identify the person who is currently holding a portfolio in India Government.

Lt. Col. Rajyabardhan Rathore Being felicitated for winning the Padma shri awared by Dr. A. P. J. Abdual Kalam at a Investiture cermony at Rashtapati Bhvan in New Delhi on monday/ Tribune Photo/Mukesh Aggarwal

Ans. Rajyavardhan Rathore 

12)Whose new branding is this?


Ans. Air India

13) WROGN is a brand from which celebrity?

Ans. Virat Kohli

14) Which pharma company was named after the Saldhana Brothers?

Ans. Glenmark

15) David McConnell , a bookseller turned perfume entrepreneur on 1888 would offer women the opportunity to create and manage their own business through what taker became known as direct selling. Name the business he created?

Ans. Avon

16) Whose logo is this?


Ans. National Egg Coordination Committee

17) Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhatia founded which radio cab service?

Ans. Ola Cab

18) This brand was launched in Thailand as a soap where King Ramanna V asked Unilever to supply his household with soap. Name the brand. (Clue: Name derives from valour or vigour).

Ans. Vim

19) It was patented in 1902 by Fredrick  William Lanchester and was used successfully on Lanchester cars. Italian company Brembo SPA is one of the largest manufacturers of which part?

Ans. Disc Brake

20) Identify the company whose new logo is this?


Ans. Foursquare


 Questions contributed by Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Swain.


Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Indore – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Indore – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: BHEL Bhopal – Debasish Mandal & Vivek Pathak
  • RUNNER UP: Connekt Technologies – Tarang and Vikas P

Regional Round Questions:

1.BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economics : In this what is S?

Ans. South Africa

2. Who is this?


Ans. George Lucas of Lucas Film

3. Chaleo Yoovidhya cofounded this famous brand that energised the world. Name the brand.

Ans. Red Bull

4. Connect


Ans. A. R. Rahman

(KM Music Conservatory (KMMC) is a higher education institution founded in 2008 A. R. Rahman Foundation, Liquid Comics owns KM Music Conservatory, A. R. Rahman is the music director of “Slumdog Billionaire”)

5. Poverty and Famines : An Essay on Entitlement and Deprivation is his book and was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Name him.

Ans. Amartya Sen

6. The Union Home Ministry found a file on sanction to pay India’s first Governor-General , Lord Mountbatten , the princely sum of Rs.64,000 after his term ended in 1948. What was this sanctioned for?

Ans. TA/DA allowance for moving back to his country or Re-location allowance

[Note : On the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union home ministry is on a cleanliness drive and, in less than a month, has destroyed nearly 1.5 lakh files that had gathered dust for years.]

7. Identify this organization which every quizzer would respect?


Ans. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

8. Pakistan’s first finance minister Ghulam Mohammed in 1945 started a steel company joining forces with an Indian and headquarters in Mumbai. After the partition, when Mohammed migrated to Pakistan ,this company changed the industry and renamed themselves. What resulted thus?

Ans. Mahindra

9. Connect.

red cross

Ans. Red Cross

( Founder of Red Cross Henri Dunant, Red Crescent emblem used in Muslim countries was first used by ICRC volunteers during the armed conflict between the Ottoman Empire and Russia (1877–1878), Red Lion and Sun Society of Iran)

10. In 1997, which indian bank launched first internet banking “infiniti “?

Ans. ICICI Bank

11. What is showrooming in the retail world?

Ans. It is the practice of examining merchandise in a traditional brick and mortar retail store or other offline setting, and then buying it online, sometimes at a lower price.

12. Identify the logo?


Ans. Bhartiya Mahila Bank

13. Connect.


Ans. Hindu

(Ganapathy Dikshitar Subramania Iyer is the founder of Hindu newspaper, Ndtv Hindu TV channel was launched on 16 May 2009 which was owned by NDTV (51%) and The Hindu Group (49%), Hindu commercial comparing with TOI)

14. Which extremely important entity of India is this?


Ans. Survey of India

15.Directed by Oscar winner Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson , ‘Beyond the Bricks’ is a documentary of which brand?


16. This was invented and patented by Professor James ‘Crash’ Ryan from the university of Minnesota and is Orange in colour (message case in ships). What we are talking about?

Ans. Black box

17.Who is this gentleman from world of business behind Nehru?


Ans. G D Birla

18. Which history student from Bombay university became co-founder of “ Himmat Weekly” in 1964, which he edited for ten years?

Ans. R M Lala

19. Connect:


Ans. M S Dhoni

(He got a job of a ticket collector in South Eastern Railway, Sourabh Ganguly talking about him, Nagarjuna is a key member of Mahi Racing Team India)

20. Digital currency created in 2009 which follows the ideas set out in a white paper by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ans. Bitcoin [Naka Moto currency]

21. Inner Steel is what drives a player to be his best , Every Hit makes him stronger , more resilient and his colours make him play even harder. Steel on the inside ,your colours on the outside. Whose Campaign?

Ans.  Gillette

22. Who uses this coding language?


Ans. Mumbai Dhabbawala

23.Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a long term partnership with this brand and joined the brand. He joins Maria Sharapova and Leonardo  De Caprio as the brand’s ambassador.


Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chennai – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chennai – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER:  TCS- Jayakanthan and Himadri
  • RUNNER UP: Matrimony.com- Kiran and Aditya


Regional Round Questions:

Rounds 1 & 2:

1) Identify. (Clue: Famous from Canterbury [Buzzed])


Ans. Baedeker Travel Guides  (Karl Baedeker)

2) What was done to Kerosene distributed through PDS in the 1980s to counter pilferage?

Ans. Tinge of blue was added.

3)  Connect:


Ans. Filmfare

4) A six-foot high dollar sign was erected on this novelist-philosopher’s coffin when she died in 1982. Who?

Ans. Ayn Rand

5) NY central in 20th Century (1902-1967) advertised that it used a famous item to direct people into the train. What was it ?


Ans. Red Carpet

6) The copyright was seized by the US Govt under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Later in 1979, Houghton Mifflin, the US publisher of the book, bought the rights from the government and more than 15,000 copies are sold a year. The manga form is produced by East Press, as part of its Manga de Dokuha (Read it via manga) series. What?

Ans. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

7) This Tata company is predominantly in the business of manufacturing Axles & Transmissions for Commercial Vehicles. In the year 2000, the erstwhile Axle & Transmissions manufactuging divisions of Tata Motors, were spun off as 100% subsidiaries HVAL & HVTL respectively. HVTL was amalgamated with HVAL and HVAL was then renamed to its current name in FY 2011-12?

Ans. Tata Drivelines

8) Connect:


Ans. Nintendo

9) In keeping with the company’s strategy to garner a greater percentage of sales from virtual shopping, Kishore Biyani’s Future Group acquried online and telephone shopping portal ______ Bazaar in 2010. Future Ecommerce acquired ________ Bazaar in an all-stock transaction. _____ Bazaar operates the web portal _______.in and pegs itself as ‘India’s phone bazaar’. FIB with the name that literally means ‘Four Creeks of channels’?

Ans. Chowpatty

10) Which tool is used to collect a product spread over India has been estimated to have a $3.5 Billion production? The plant is shallow and has a capsule.


Ans. Nushtar – Tool Used to Cut & Collect Opium

11) Tata Motor’s new engine is India’s first 1.2 liter MPFi turbocharged petrol engine to power new Tata Motors cars – Zest and Bolt. Name it?

Ans. Revetron

12) Identify the scenario.


Ans. Goldilocks Economy – Not Too Hot or Cold Economy

13) He was well known for his sleek signature line of Fila ‘BJ’ sportswear. Although he wore Fila throughtout the world (except in his native country where he was contracted to Jockey) he used different rackets and shoes for different parts of the world. His label has since become second only to Clavin Klein in his home country. World Brand Management has exclusive rights to the brand whose largest selling prodcut is underclothes. Who is this famous person after whom the eponymous brand is named?

Ans. Bjorn Borg

14) The first sketches of the WWF logo were by a British enviromentalist and artist, Gerald Watterson. Based on these, Sir Peter Scott, one of the founders, drew the first logo. He said at the time that ‘We wanted and animal that is beautiful, endangered, and loved by many people in the world for its appealing qualities. There was one more significant yet practiacal reason as to why they chose a ‘Panda’. What was the reason?

Ans. It was black and white and it was ideal to save money on printing.

9) This Tata company in partnership with Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop, announced the certification of Big Data Solutions on Cloudera Enterprise through the Cloudera Certified Technology Program (CCTP). Which company?

Ans. CMC

10) Connect:


Ans. Jaguar

11) The earliest use of this term indicating a phrase of transition from hand production methods seems to be in a letter of July 6 1799 by French envoy Louis-Guillaume Otto. Freidrich Engels, the social scientist and Karl Marx’s companion also spoke about this in 1844 in his book The Condition of the Working Class in England. Credit for popularising the term may be given to Arnold Tonybee, whose lectures given in 1881 gave a detailed account of it. What term?

Ans. Industrial Revolution

12) This Tata company says it has become the first company to manufacture a submerged acr welded longitudianal (SAWL) line pipe installed through reeling method in the North Sea?

Ans. Tata Steel

Round 3:

1) It is an absorption refrigerator which has no moving parts and requires only a heat souce to operate. It was jointly invented in 1926 by X and his former student Leo Szilard and patented in the US on November 11, 1930. The refrigerator was not immediately put into commercial production, the most promising of their patents being quickly bought up by the Swedist company Electrolux?

Ans. Albert Einstein

2)Who is this man at the Indianopolis Museum?


Ans. Louis Chevrolet Memorial in Indianapolis Speedway

3) Connect:


Ans. Insead

4) Which company’s mascot was once known as the ‘The Road Drunkard’?

Ans. Michelin Man

5) Robert Bourke ‘1st Baron _________’ is associated with what in Chennai?


Ans. Vivanta by Taj – Connemara named after him.

Questions contributed by Jitendra Gaglani & Samyuktha Raman!

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER:  TCS- Jayakanthan and Himadri
  • RUNNER UP: Matrimony.com- Kiran and Aditya

Preliminary Round Questions:

 Q.1. John D Rockerfeller set-up Standard Oil in 1863 to refine oil for what specific purpose?

Ans. Lighting lamps

Q.2. Which essential part of celebrations come from Italian for “Small Sweet”?

Ans. Confetti

Q.3. What ceremony marks the beginning of printing of the budget documents in India, each year?

Ans. Halwa Ceremony

Q.4. Farida Khambatta was the first woman to occupy what position in Tata?


Ans. First woman director of Tata Sons

Q.5. Name of which automobile is also the highest singing voice for male?

Ans. Alto

Q.6. Kapashi, Kachkadi, Pukari are the names of this product which was made out of Buffalo hide in 13th century?

Ans. Kolhapuri Chappal

Q.7. Whose company, MPL Communications owns the copyright to more than 3000 songs including that of artists such as Buddy Holly?

Ans. Paul McCartney

Q.8. Identify this composer who is associated with Tata Tea and composed the ‘Raag Darjeeling’ for them.


Ans. Niladri Kumar

Q.9. SJM Holdings Ltd, with 9.7 bn in 2011, followed by LV Sands Corporation and Caesars Entertainment are the top 3 companies in which category? (Clue: Focus on LV)

Ans. Casino

Q.10. Tax literally meaning ‘according to value’ in Latin; based on real estate. What? (Clue: 1st word has only 2 letters)

Ans. Ad Valorem

Q.11. Euromonitor estimates a huge business for these products. The product has atomizer,LED,battery and a vapourising chamber. Identify.

Ans. E-Cigars

Q. 12. Business leader, engineer, chemist, scientist, inventor. Founded Nitroglycerin Aktiebolaget AB in Sweden. Who?

Ans. Alfred Nobel

Q.13.  In 1963, who was the 1st head of government to have appeared in famous Playboy interview series?

Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru

Q.14. ‘A Bald telepathic villain seeking world domination’. Who was first conceived thus for a series of short stories in 1933?

Ans. Superman

Q.15. Which brand is associated with the line ‘Stop me and buy one’? (Clue: It is sold in trucks across India)

Ans. Walls Ice Cream

Q.16. Identify the entity.


Ans. Versace

Q.17. Which famous hyphenated brand, noun & verb fills the line “Im stuck on _____ because ____ is stuck on me”?

Ans. Band-aid

Q.18. Which item which is extensively used in work-place was conceived by Martin Hert to note down messages close to a phone?

Ans. White-Board

Q. 19. Which product of Kimberly–Clark gets name from St. Andrews Mill?

Ans. Andrex

Q.20. Bharat Airways (seen below) in 1947 was from which Indian business house?


Ans. Birla


Questions contributed by Jitendra Gaglani & Samyuktha Raman!


Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Lucknow – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Lucknow – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Tata Motors – Lokesh and Saud Usmani
  • RUNNER UP: NTPC – Sanjit Dutta and Chandan Shahi  

Regional Round Questions:

1. Australia’s leading chocolate brand cadbury, created the ‘Joy Generator’- a vending machine that dispenses chocolate flavors based on what?


Ans. A person’s facebook likes and interests.

2.Founded by R Subramanium  in 1989, which company pioneered the concept of timeshare vacation. Members pay upfront for holidays for 25 years in India?

Ans. Sterling Holidays

3. Connect


Ans. HTC

(Robert  Downey Jr. Launched HTC’s campaign, High Tech Computer, Founder Cher Wang, HTC’s old logo)

4. William Addis, born in 1734, manufactured what item of daily use using thigh & buttock bones of ox & horsehair?

Ans. Toothbrush

5.Identify the gentleman & the company he belongs to?


Ans. CEO of Surveymonkey

6. Which American statistician said – “ In God we trust, everybody else brings data?”

Ans. Edward Deming

7. Connect:


Ans. Videocon

(Gauhar Khan brand ambassador of Videocon Telecom, Founder Seth Nandalal Dhoot, Deepika also brand ambassador, Partnership with BPCL)

8. Which company was incorporated in January 1921 to build Bombay House?

Ans. The Asscociated Building Company

9. Names this legendary fashion designer who passed away last year?


Ans. Oscar de la Renta

10.  Identify this logo of an erstwhile brand?


Ans. Edsel Ford

11. In 1938,Kanhaiya Lal learnt the basics of making what product at the Benaras Hindu University from a Czech couple, invited by Madan Mohan Malviya?

Ans. Benaras Glass Beads

12. Name it.


Ans. Defense Make In India

13. In 1962, Budhichand Maroo, co-founded a circulating book library along with his friend Shethia, how do we know this Business?

Ans. Shemaroo Entertainment

14. Connect


 Ans. UC Browser

(A promo song, logo, Yuvi is the brand ambassador, partnership with Vodafone India)

15. According to Malcolm Gladwel, Victor Gruen was the most influential architect of the 20th century. What idea did he pioneer in 1956?

Ans. Shopping Mall

16. What furniture sold by a Union territory as scrap ,sold at auctions in London for millions?

Ans. Corby (Le Corbusier ) Furniture

17. Identify this Indian brand that has gone global


Ans. Zomato

18. Connect.


Ans. Nike

(Designer of swoosh logo, Deepika Padukone brand ambassador, Bill Bowerman prime designer, Rory Mcllory brand ambassador)

19. A US company has come up with an apparel brand named AR Wear that has 132 combination waist lock that only the wearer can take off. What do the letters AR stand for?

Ans. Anti Rape

20. How does Lucknow know “ Bank kothi” or “Hayat Baksh” meaning “life giving” better?

Ans. Raj Bhavan, Lucknow


Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal!

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Ahmedabad – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Ahmedabad – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER:  L&T- Tamanna and Nisarg
  • RUNNER UP:  Triton Communication- Mayur Rana and Sachi Mehta

Regional Round

1) Thomas Adams Sr. invented this product as a cure to tooth ache but it ended up being a lifestyle products, which product?

Ans. Chewing gum

2)  Tata Swach came up with a water purifier that doesn’t need electricity. Name the brand.

Ans.Tata Swach Smart

3)  Connect question on Lowe Lintas

4) Four letter car brand from Nissan that is energy efficient.


5) Mikhael Gorbachev’s letter to world leader quoting which law?

Ans. Parkinsons law

6) Which company’s logo resembles Pacman?

Ans. LG

7) Name of a newsletter was given for a Tata steel subsidiary. Name the subsidiary.

Ans. Tata Alloys

8) Arvind and Sharad Kajaria started which website that sees lot of traffic during festive season?

Ans. 123greetings

9) Identify the Media company logo. The name conflicts with name of a car company.


Ans. Vox media

10) Joseph Nathan who left UK in 1876 created something in New Zealand that’s a huge brand today.

Ans. Glaxo

11) Eric Ries book name?

Ans. Lean start-ups

12) Chaux de fonac started this brand and sold it to an American company in 1980s. Which watch brand?

Ans. Movado

13) After which business tycoon is the stadium in Pittsburgh named?

Ans. Heinz

14)  Question around a digital initiative of Tatas.

Ans. TCS

15) Connect


Ans. Rasna

16) Seth Sitaram Poddar started which bank?

Ans. Union Bank of India

17) Who tied up with movie Linga to market product FRC 72?

Ans.: Tata Docomo

18) Which brand was manufactured exclusively in Goa till very recently?

Ans. Old Spice

19) Connect question on Bernard Arnault of LVMH

20) Which brand changed its punchline after joining the Kraft group of brands?

Ans. Maxewell house

21) Which .com was started by Jeff Taylor that changed the entire industry?


Ans. Monster

22) Connect.


Ans. The Dawn newspaper that has exclusive rights of publishing Wikileaks.

23) Which company has adopted a simple logo of a blue triangle?

Ans. Garmin

Questions contributed by Dhaval Thakker from ‘The Original Business Quizzing’. You can visit them at: http://theoriginalquizzing.blogspot.in/

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Ahmedabad – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Ahmedabad – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER:  L&T- Tamanna and Nisarg
  • RUNNER UP:  Triton Communication- Mayur Rana and Sachi Mehta

Preliminary Round Questions:

1. Give the name of Chinese electric and telecommunication brand from China that started in 2004 and now is famous across the world.

Ans. Oppo

2. This Indian was among the wealthiest people in Asia and one of the few billionaires under 40. He developed the second most used word processor way back in 1998. Who is he?

Ans. Arun Pudur

3. According to Sports pro magazine she is the most marketable player in the world, who is this Canadian sportswoman?


Ans. Eugenie Bouchard

4. Name the chemical giant from Germany. (Hint: It’s a four letter world)


5. What is LTE?

Ans. Long term evolution

6. Honda published this vision in 1950s saying that their product will be in _____& Harmony with the society. The company later came-up with brand with the same name.

Ans. Accord

7. Which company is trying to get back to laptop market by introducing product like Toughbook. It was famous for its 2 in 1 players in 90s.

Ans. Panasonic

8. What is full of MUDRA in MUDRA bank.

Ans. Micro units development and refinance agency

9. Which part in South India near Cochin is named after a spice and which spice?

Ans. Cardamom

10. Which product came in existent because of wheat shortage and replaced product like Glucon and Monaco biscuits?

Ans. Parle biscuits

11. Logo of ?


Ans. BASEL World

12. Glycodin brand of which company?

Ans. Alembic pharma

13. What is the term described to use when a small firm takes over much bigger firm?

Ans. Leveraged buyout

14. Why was bite taken off the apple logo? To differentiate it from which fruit?

Ans. Cherry

15. Who was India’s first and only woman finance minister?

Ans. Indira Gandhi

16. Which French author wrote Capital in 21stcentury ?

Ans. Thomas Piketty

17. Which company owns the deo brand HE?

Ans. Emami

18. Which fashion designer found talent like Isabella blow and committed suicide in 2010?

Ans. Alexander Mcqueen

19. Jean Nidtech started which company?

Ans. Weight watchers

20. Rajen Sethi is overseeing an art collection worth 1.6 billion USD at a location that brings a lot of people together.

Ans. Mumbai Airport

Questions contributed by Dhaval Thakker from ‘The Original Business Quizzing’. You can visit them at: http://theoriginalquizzing.blogspot.in/