Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Nagpur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Nagpur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Persistent Systems – Kartik Vyas and Ms. Gayatri Phadnis
  • RUNNER UP: AG Enterprises – Mrinmay M and Piyush Ramteke

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1. Which is the glass company that has now become an integral part of all touch screen phones?

Ans. Corning

Q.2. Thomas Sullivan accidently invented a product that’s an integral part of our lives today. Sullivan packaged and shipped a product to his customers, who started using it without removing the packaging. Which is this product that is immensely popular now but still isn’t used the way it was designed to be?

Ans. Tea bags

Q.3. Firefly and MAS are the subsidiaries of which airlines?

Ans. Malaysian Airlines

Q.4. Pooch-o, an app to hire autorickshas was first launched in which city?

Ans. Delhi

Q.5. Question on Toshiba

Q.6. Which was the first private airline in India that began its operations in 1992?

Ans. East West Airlines

Q.7. Which Indian cosmetics brand has acquired Australian company Fravin and its three subsidiaries? (5)

Ans. Emami

Q.8. Connect question on Seiko.

Q.9. Identify the logo.


Ans. CK Birla Group

Q.10. What’s the name of this character from Tata Coffee? Hint- It’s same as that of a very popular character from TV/ movies.


Ans. Mr. Bean

Q.11. Which company has the motto ‘We only do what’s right for you’?

Ans. Tata Capital

Q.12. What do you get when you visit the website www.givitup.in?

Ans. Website for giving up gas subsidy

Q.13. Name the range of bicycles manufactured by Tata International. (7)

Ans. Stryder

Q.14. Israel and Saudi Arabia are two countries where the stock markets are open on the New Year day. Which is the third country?

Ans. India

Q.15. Connect question on Nestle.

Q.16. Question on JayZ

Q.17. Popularly known as the “Other Steve”, he is the founder of AOL. Identify.


Ans. Steve Case

Q.18. Identify the bank from the logo shown in the cheque.


Ans. SBI

Q.19. Connect question on Phillips.

Q.20. Which is the e-commerce company of Tata that has become an unprecedented success story in online commodity selling?

Ans. mjunction

Q. 21. What was a famous Indian TV brand before the 1991 reforms? (9)

Ans. Solidaire

Q.22. Identify the logo.




Questions contributed by Kartik Vyas.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Nagpur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Nagpur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: Persistent Systems – Kartik Vyas and Ms. Gayatri Phadnis
  • RUNNER UP: AG Enterprises – Mrinmay M and Piyush Ramteke

Preliminary Round Questions:

1. Which brand states ‘the road is full of idiots’ and is endorsed by Irfan Khan in TV ads that also takes on the superstition of keeping ‘nimbu mirchi’ for security?
2. Satya Prakash Mathur started this business of manufacturing mixers and registered it in the name of his wife Madhuri. What business did he start?
Ans: Sumeet Mixers
3. This is the logo of which magazine started by Raghav Bahl?
Ans: Quint
4. Which famous long distance runner from Addis Ababa has now started a coffee business from the proceeds of his running prize money. He has taken Ethiopian coffee to the world map. Which Olympic Gold Medalist is this?
Ans: Hile Gabrisalasi
5. Who is this gentlemen who created a famous Ketchup Brand?
Ans: Heinz
6. According to the movie “Rang Rasiya”, whose dream of making a film is funded by Raja Ravi Verma? Which famous film personality after whom a prestigious award has been instituted are we talking about?
Ans: Dadasaheb Phalke
7. What does ED stand for in EDGAR (GAR stands for Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval) stand for in SEC filings?
Ans: Electronic Data
8. What does DCIM stand for in name of the folder in which photos get stored in a digital camera?
Ans: Digital Camera Images.
9. Which company that started in Gariahat Calcutta owns the following brands “Gini and Jony”, “Spykar”, “Global Desi”, “AND”, “UMM” ?
Ans: Pantaloons
10. Which thing saw its first use after a tragedy near Junnar in 1960s. It is essentially Orange or Fluorescent red in color but is named differently. What are we talking about?
Ans: Black Box
11. Oswal Chand M started a brand in 1960s which is one of the well known brands in woolens today. Name the brand?
Ans: Vardhaman
12. Which Controversial undergarment ad did Ranbir Singh feature in, in which he is shown to have bitten a shark?
Ans: Rupa
13. Which famous brand came out with an ad of a gay couple (men) who are partners in real life? This brand had launched Audrey Hepburn.
Ans: Tiffany
14. Name this Indian start up?
Ans: Tiny Owl
15. SRF bought a range of medical propellants from this giant. Which chemical company are we talking about? Options: Abott Labs, Solvay, DuPont
Ans: DuPont
16. A book on Elon Musk was shown “How the Billionaire CEO of Tesla and “———-” is shaping the future? FIB.
Ans: Space X
17. Which famous Swedish company is more famous in bus segment in India than in Car?
Ans: Volvo
18. Which video sharing company did Twitter acquire recently? The name of the company is synonymous with a piece of scientific equipment that we used in school.
Ans: Periscope Inc.
19. Who is the chairman of BRICS bank? Hint: Associated with Indian Private Bank
Ans: KV Kamath
20.”The stripes are back” is the hashtag of a European club which changed its Jersey design back to stripes this year. Which club?
Ans: Southampton


Questions contributed by Kartik Vyas.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Coimbatore – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Coimbatore – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Brookfields – Balasubramaniam and Ashwin
  • RUNNER UP: Chennai Silks – Arul Sarvanan and Yogesh Pai

Regional Round Questions:

1) Who was the owner of the pistols/gun that Vice president Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr used ? Hint: Famous Investor and Finance Man.

jp morgan

Ans. JP Morgan

2) Who wrote articles for National Geographic under the name H. A Largeham?

Ans. Alexander Graham Bell

3) Connect:


Ans. Wright Brothers [ 1) Bicycle company owned by them 2) Video: Bill Gates visit to their factory 3) Glen Martin (of Lockheed Martin), their Partner 4) Newspaper (West Side News) owned by them]

4) In 1904 Katie Frazer bought succulent Yang Tao to her home at Wanganui. Yang Tao became global in the 1960s, but the exporters failed to trademark the name. In 1980s,they renamed the local version as Zespri & trademarked it.What name that later became very popular did they fail to trademark in the 1970s?

Ans. Kiwi Fruit

5) Identify the company?


Ans. Tupperware

6) Softcard US mobile wallet platform was earlier known under a different brand name. They were forced to change due to a current affairs issue. What were they earlier known as?


7) Titan has signed on which actor for brand: “Glare”?

Ans. Jacqueline Fernandez

8) Connect.


Ans. All names taken from Islands. [1) Bikini from Bikini Atoll Island 2) Video: Capri Pant from Capri Island of Italy 3) Madeira Wine from Madeira Island of Portugal 4) Thousand Island Dressing from Thousand Island (of US)]

9) Why was Singapore trader Shrikant Bhasi in entertainment news recently? Hint: Acquisition spree

Ans. He bought FUN Cinemas

10) Why did they have to change the logo?


Ans. They moved to the Gulf and due to the cross on the crown

11) Paras 20:20:0:13 is a brand from this company?

Ans. Tata Chemicals

12) Identify the brand named after her?


Ans. The car Premier “Padmini” was named after the queen of Chittor.

13) First one was installed by BBC in 1990. It placed a Hitachi KP-D8s camera. If one camera is not enough, two can be placed, one with a wide-angle lens and the other with a narrow-angle lens, giving the broadcaster four different views. What is being talked about?

Ans. Stump Camera

14) Harley Davison, Nike, Playboy, Apple are some of the brands in the Top 10 of a list which indicate unbiased loyalty by some customers. What list?

Ans. Tattoos

15) Connect.


Ans. The word “Millionaire”. [1) First in print in Vivian Grey, a novel of 1826 by Benjamin Disraeli 2) Video: The song “ Who wants to be millionaire” 3) The first American printed use of the word is thought to be in an obituary of New York tobacco manufacturer Pierre Lorillard II in 1843 4) First recorded in English (millionaire, as a French term) in a letter of Lord Byron of 1816.]

16) In 1980, Arun Shourie criticized Indira Gandhi by saying she shed tears for an event. What event?

Ans. Maruti – Maa Roti

17) According to Merriam Webster word this word means highly fashionable or luxurious. Which word?

Ans. Ritz

18) Author ?

logo new

Ans. Michael Lewis

19) Which Egypt born Zimbabwe cricketer is currently Comp Secretary of Tanami gold NL a Australian mining comp ?

Ans. John Traicos

20) Identify the company.

logo new

Ans. Kalashnikov 

21) Which Tata Company has acquired SSAB’s strip products service centres in Sweden & Finland as well as the remaining 50 percent stake in Norsk Stal Tynnplater AS?

Ans: Tata Steel

22) Ques: Tata Salt’s campaign ‘ Maine Desh Ka Namak Khaya Hai’, featured which boxer?

Ans: MC Mary Kom


Questions contributed by Anuradha Pai. Additions meticulously contributed by Debasish Mandal.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Coimbatore – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Coimbatore – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER:Brookfields – Balasubramaniam and Ashwin
  • RUNNER UP: Chennai Silks – Arul Sarvanan and Yogesh Pai

Preliminary Round Questions:

1) Which comic character’s favorite food is “chocolate flavored sugar bombs”?

Ans. Calvin ( Calvin and Hobbes)

2) The first female chief executive of a FTSE 100 company, Marjorie Scardino, became head of publishing of which major publishing company?

Ans. Pearson

3)  Whose logo?


Ans. MGM Grand

4) Question on first TV commercial in India.

5) In 2013, Vanheusen announced a contest to find India Top 10 Fashionable professional. Which social network did it partner?

Ans. LinkedIn

6) Which brand of manufacturing and exporting since 1958 did Abdul Rasheed find is the official clothing partner of Pakistan cricket?

Ans. CA Sports

7) Which major studio is now finding super heroes like this?


Ans. Disney

8) The artist Francis Bacon is reputed to use which brand which means “force” or “vigor” in latin as a substitute for toothpaste?

Ans. Vim

9) Who once told “Harpers Bazaar” in 1923 that simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance?

Ans. Coco Chanel

10) Which is the only Indian state to sponsor a Durga Puja?

Ans. Tripura

11) Nita Ambani bought the Costliest sari. Which Retail major did this sari?


Ans. The Chennai Silks

12) Which game released in 1980 (on Fortune mags 50th anniversary) was American version of French game called Business. Each player ran one of Americas top corporation? (guessable)

Ans. Monopoly

13) Which Bharath Ratna’s recording label is “East meets West”?

Ans. Pandit Ravi Shankar

14) Question on Aviators.

15) Identify – recently became head of an Indian major oil company?


Ans. Nishi Vasudeva

16) In 1982, who bought the gay nightclub Heaven, located at Charing cross railway station?

Ans. Richard Branson

17) Question on VFR in Tourism.

18) Question on India’s first Diesel engine and first electric motor.

19) Who?


Ans. Valerie Wagoner

Questions Contributed by Anuradha Pai

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Vizag – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Vizag – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Vizag Steel- Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey
  • RUNNER UP: Vizag Steel- Rahul and AGK Murthy


Few Questions from the Regional Round:

1) WIT in NASDAQ stands for which company?

A. Wipro Information Technology

2) Tata Steel has launched which brand with a Steel door that has the looks of wood as part of its continuing efforts to provide individual home builders in semi-urban and rural markets with affordable steel solutions?

A. Pravesh Doors

3) Connect:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.51.23 am

A. Eureka Forbes

4) Alterations to what has been done by FOX, Caltech, Go Navy, GO UCLA, Save the Peak, etc?

A. Hollywood Sign

5) Term coined to explain the apparently irrational feelings of some captives for their captors?


A. Stockholm Syndrome

6) What is this?


A. Airbus ‘Bicycle Seats’ Patent

7) Which Indian brand was the first to rope in cricketers as models?

A. Vimal

8) Logo of?


A. Air Vistara

9) He wanted to “look like a bulldog,” so he stuffed his cheeks with cotton wool for the audition. later, he wore a mouthpiece made by a dentist. This appliance is on display in the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York?

A. Marlon Brando for Don Corleone


Questions contributed by Nageshwar Rao!


Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Vizag – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Vizag – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER: Vizag Steel- Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey
  • RUNNER UP: Vizag Steel- Rahul and AGK Murthy

Preliminary Round Questions:

1) RSS stands for what in rubber trade?

Ans. Ribbed Smoke Sheets

2) Moms who push their child for academics and lead them to a financially secure but emotionally drained life. This term is mostly used in social media with animal behaviour and hunting nature?

Ans. Tiger Mom

3) Mamy Poko Pants, Sofy and Lifree are products of which Japanese company?

Ans. Unicharm

4) What pattern would you derive from this image?


Ans. Head and Shoulders

5) Which Indian company has the tagline “Builders to the Nation”?

Ans. Gammon

6) A Silicon Valley entrepreneur sued ____ founder and CEO Travis Almanack for $1 billion, accusing him of ripping off his car service idea?

Ans. Uber

7) Watch brand endorsed by Sharapova?

Ans. Tag Heuer

8) Identify the logo.


Ans. State Bank of India Logo

9) A new way of budgeting in which you have to factor in all costs for a given period?

Ans. Zero Based Budgeting

10) It was created by Rudy Perz, a copywriter at Leo Burnett while sitting in his kitchen in the spring of 1965. This mascot is like a clay action model and laughs when poked?

Ans.Pillsbury Doughboy

11) Logo of?


Ans. Abbott Logo

12) Hansie Cronje and Lance Klusener starred in which clothing company brand?


Ans. J Hampstead

13) Which Dutch company that produces navigation and mapping products was originally named Palmtop Software?

Ans. Tom-Tom

14) Chisel brand of gyms is started by which Indian cricketer?

Ans. Virat Kohli

15) Pulse XT female sports footwear from which brand?

Ans. Puma

16) Illuminati Films was started in 2009 by Dinesh Vijan along with which actor?

Ans.Saif Ali Khan

17) Kwid car is from which company?

Ans. Renault

18) Which bathroom brand is derived from two Japanese words forming its full name, Tōyō Tōki, meaning Oriental Ceramics?


19) Kitkat tied up with which other company to advertise _________ break in the UK?

Ans. You Tube

20)  Identify.


Ans. Shikha Sharma


Questions contributed by Nageshwar Rao!

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Schedule



























Navi Mumbai






















































National Finals

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2015 – Jaipur – Regional Round Questions


  • Taj Hotels – Shakti K and Pradeep Ludhani
  • Logisure – Ms. Jagrati and Avinash Maurya

Regional Round Questions:

1. What is this train is powered by to become a very special train in India ?


Ans. CNG

2. This style of management refers to keeping employees in the dark, restrict employee access to information and decisions. What?

Ans. Mushroom

3. Connect:


Ans. Perfetti Van Melle

[1. Izaak Van Melle: Founder of Van Melle 

2. Commercial of Centre Fresh (Indian tourist guide): One of the brands from the company.

3. Enric Bernat : Founder of Chupa Chups Candy which later merged to Perfetti Van Melle.

4. Salvadore Dali: The Chupa Chups logo was designed in 1969 by the artist.]

4. The first official HRD department in the Indian corporate sector was started in 1975 at ______ & _______ after recommendation by Uday Pareek and T.V Rao.

Ans. L & T

5. Identify the Company from its logo.


Ans. Seagate

6. Sunil Wadhwani and Ashok Trivedi founded Mastech in 1986. Following the 2001 market crash, it metamorphosed into _______, riding a different business model. The company got acquired recently. Fill in the blank.

Ans. I-Gate

7. Whose tagline is ‘Taste mein Twist’!?

Ans. Tata Salt

 8. Identify the suitings company.



[1. Ramesh Poddar:  Chairman, Siyaram Silk Mills

2. Parineeta Chopra: brand ambassador of Siya ( women’s wear of Siyaram’s)

3. Little Champs: Children’s wear from Siyaram’s

4. Moretti: Suitings brand from Siyaram’s]

9. Queen Ann’s government introduced a tax on this when home owner’s during the 18th century started decoreting their rooms . The monarch levied between a penny and a shilling, the tax lasted for a while till 1836. What we are talking about?

Ans. Wallpaper tax

10. Identify the media house he founded or his name.


Ans. Aroon Purie is an Indian businessman who is the founder-publisher and editor-in-chief of India Today and the chief executive of the India Today Group.

11. This offering from Tanishq is feminine Russian and Ukrainian first name meaning ‘Life’. In Arabic it means ‘life’ as well. It’s a common word in all these languages. This is a four letter word. What is the offer from the Tata world?

Ans. Zoya

12. In 1983, R Prabhakar, started the first of it kind in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The model focused on tasty, quick and efficiently produced local food at an affordable prices. Volumes contributed to profits, not style, elan or exotica. What is this ‘format’?

Ans. Stand and eat of Darshini restaurants.

13. Identify this brand.


Ans. Rotomac

14. Google introduced this font recently as the default font for their e-books. It replaced Droid Serif. Name this font which borrowed this font from the world of literature.

Ans.  Literata

15.Quilon & Bombay Brasserie are types of what from the Taj Group?

Ans. Restaurant

16. Which Vijayawada based airline, promoted by the LEPL group, says “happy flying!”?

Ans. Air Costa

17. Connect:


Ans. Western Union

[1. “It matters” : Western Union Ads by Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi

2. Saharukh Khan: Brand Ambassador of the company

3. Earlier name of the company.

4. Logo of the company]

18. ‘Laughing Man’ is a charity coffee brand from which Hollywood star?

Ans. Hugh Jackman

19. This is a glucose-based ready to serve beverage, which provides instant energy to consumers, available in a unique cup format.

Ans. Tata Gluco

20. Its a photo uploading website which actually resulted in this new type of spices being discovered and the spices is nicknamed after the website.


Ans.  Flickr (it actually flickers light)

[A charismatic new species of green lacewing discovered in Malaysia (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae).]

21. Connect:


Ans. Colombia Sportswear

[1. Logo of Colombia Sportswear

2. Colombia Sportswear commercial: Six fishing guides set out to catch some of the most notoriously ill-tempered fish in the world. These experts descend upon the Indian Ocean to reel in triggerfish.

3. Columbia Sportswear Company’s Greater Rewards program works by giving you points for purchases. You get 10 points for every $1 spent at the store or online. After 1,000 points you receive a $5 gift certificate. You also get free shipping, special discounts, and insider news.

4.Gert Boyle : Chairman of the company]

22. Who wrote the lines for RBI’s “Paisa Bolta Hain” advertisement?

 Ans. Gulzar

 23. Teddy Travelogues is travel advice from kids. Which holiday group is introducing this in India?


Ans. Club Mahindra

 Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal of BHEL Bhopal.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – National Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – National Finals Questions


    IAME Bangalore – Prasad Shetty and Mahantesh Nelavaigi
    TCS Chennai – Jayakanthan and Debabrata Mallick

National Finals Questions:

Round 1:

1) (Silver ) 11:30-23:05 was the timing change that was introduced by Nandos. Why did Nandos increase their time by 5 minutes and specifically called it ‘Nandos Fergie Time’?


Answer: When Manchester United plays it is believed that they get extra time to score critical goals. This extra time is named after Alex Ferguson and the shops are open during Fergie Time.

2) (Gold) Originally known as The New Left Review Verso Books. It is a famous publishing house based in London and New York City. Founded in 1970.Why the name Verso?


Answer: Left side of the page is called Verso Page. Thus, they renamed themselves with their left inclinations as Verso.

3) (Bronze) The verb dates back to 1659 and even earlier as a noun- as far back as 1275. In 1659, Thomas Fuller, a Church of England clergyman, wrote: ‘I hope, sir that we not mutually ________ by this difference which hath happened betwixt us’. What word?

Answer: Unfriend

4) (Silver) Connect.


Answer: Cricket Club of India

5) (Silver) Name of this brand whose logo is shown here, derives from a place. The place has become generic to European countries. Several types of this brand are instantly recognisable. The variants are available across the world in Reine, Barisart, Marie-Henriette and so on. It has also become a common word in English. What word from a mineral water brand?


Answer: Spa

6) (Silver) This is the SAP Network for Retail Business. After considering over 12 possible names to brand it, they came out with one final name, which they believed was the best example for a network. What is the name of this model for small and medium enterprises?


Answer: Ganges

7) (Bronze) In the Ranji Trophy South Zone League, 1965/66 when the Mysore vs Madras game was played in January 1966, Mysore won by 141 runs with Chandrashekar taking 10 wickets. The wicket keeper and opening batsman for Madras then is today a Chairman and former Managing Director of a well-known entity in India. Who?

Answer: N Ram of The Hindu Newspaper

8) (Gold) From the world of Finland, this is a box. What is its significance?


Answer: When any child is born in Finland, the Finnish government sends this box which contains the necessary supplies for a child.

9) (Silver) During the 19th century this place was a betting parlour for horse racing. What as this room called where billiards tables were installed so patrons could kill time between races?

Answer: Pool Room

10) (Silver) He was a French finance minister who, in 1759, was forced by France’s credit crisis during the Seven Years’ War to impose severe economic demands upon the French people, particularly the wealthy. Because of his austere economies, his name became synonymous with anything cheap and so also with a form of art. What?

Answer: Silhouette

Round 2:

1) (Gold) This is India’s first patent. Recognise it.


Answer: Punkah Pulling Machine

2) (Bronze) Arranged from lightest to darkest, What are these?


Answer: Gradings of Tobacco

3) (Silver) Elf Cosmetics was founded by Joseph and Vincent. Why the name?


Answer: ELF stands for Eyes, Lips and Face, that is the categories of cosmetics they produce.

4) Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter has written a book titles, ‘Things a little bird told to me’. Why is there a blank page somewhere in the middle of the book?

Answer: Page 140 is a tribute to the 140 characters of Twitter.

5) (Gold) All of this in 1952, would lead to a life changing event, which went on to become a New York Times Best Seller. El Grafico`, a publishing house wrote about a phenomenal cycle expedition. What is it?


Answer: Motorcycle Diaries of ‘Che Guevara’

6) (Bronze) This was one of the first artist and writer to have created the first ‘incorporated’ and all of his works come with ‘Inc.’ Who is it?


Answer: Edgar Rice Burroughs, author and illustrator of Tarzan

7) (Silver) In ancient times, this was sometimes called nostrum remedium (“our remedy” in Latin). Promotion of these was one of the first major products highlighted by the advertising industry, and many sales techniques were pioneered by their promoters. The phrase comes from the late 17th century marketing of medical elixirs ones which found flavour with royalty. Angostura Bitters, Bovril, Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Moxie and Pepsi were all sold in this category. What phrase?

Answer: Patent Medicine


From The Corner Office-

1) (Silver) Privateer Holdings, a Seattle based private equity firm, have recently entered into a deal with the estate of the famous Jamaican Reggae Star Bob Marley. What is this deal for?

Answer: Launch of world’s first branded cannabis

2) (Silver) In his book ‘Tata Log’, Harish Bhatt has narrated a story of Titan’s jewellery business ‘Tanishq’. Before the leadership team finally decided to invest in Tanishq to generate foreign exchange, there was one other alternative business they were considering for this purpose. What was that? Why?

Answer: Granite Grate Stones, there was great demand especially in Japan

3) (Gold) What connects Economics Nobel Prize winner George Akerlof, Peet’s Coffee, Levi Strauss and Scott Adams?

Answer: Berkeley

Round 3:

1) (Silver) This was used by the Vatican, a couple of years ago. What is this?


Answer: This is Faraday Cage, used during the secret papal conclave to elect the next pope

2) (Silver) When Poet Ghalib met his beloved in the winter, he rubbed his hands and face with it. In Ain-e-Akbari, AbulFazal, has mentioned that Akbar used this product daily. What is it?

Answer: Attar/Ittar

3) (Silver) Identify the name of the vehicle at the bottom. It gets name from the two vehicles on the top. It was made in 1964 for Bill Harrah, owner of Harrah Hotel and Casino.


Answer: Jerrari- Jeep and Ferrari

4) (Gold) Connect.


Answer: Types of Diplomacy

5) A former junior international hockey player and Surrey league cricketer he joined Phillips Son and Neale in New Bond Street, London in 1978. Starting as a saleroom porter he worked his way through the ranks until he was appointed to the main board of directors by the age of 30 before moving to the USA to run the New York office. A 30 year love affair with furniture combined with a fascination for oriental carpets goes side by side with a passion for 20th century British art. Why has he been famous in India since 2008 in India?

Answer: Richard Madley

6) Its a famous photograph of a renowned journalist William Ellen White, drinking coke. The image was used extensively for something Coke decided to. What name came out of this iconic photography?


Answer: Introduction of New Coke, Project Kansas

7) (Gold) What’s common to?

Lauda Air naming one of their Boeing 777-2Z9’s that operate on the Vienna-Sydney-Melbourne route. The platypus being replaced in 2001 on the obverse side of the Australia’s common 20 cent coin, the first such change since the decimalization of Australian currency in 1996.

Answer: Don Bradman

8) (Silver) Identify this French ambassador to Portugal.


Answer: Jean Nicot. Nicotine is named after him.

9) (Gold) Connect.


Answer: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

10) (Gold) Connect:


Answer: Exclusive boutiques created for Taj Mahal Palace


Questions taken down by Vaishnavi Rao! 

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Western Zonal Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Western Zonal Round Questions


    Endeavor Careers –
    Kushan Patel and Meghashyam Shirodkar
    Tata Industries –
    Nikhil Sonde and Sidharth Srinivasan


Western Zonal Round Questions:



1 2

A. Leela Kempinski Hotels

2) What is made by fermenting vinegar with hot peppers in a French oak barrel, which has 3 inches of salt on the top and is aged for three years until all the salt is defused through the barrel?

A. Tabasco Sauce

3) Identify.


A. Grimm Brothers

4)  Connect.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.31.56 pm

A. Porsche

5) If you visit well known Kumarakom Lake in Kerala, you can eat excellent sea food or sail on the wonderful backwaters, but you can also visit a nearby small town which provided the setting for something that received a half million pound advertising?

A. Aymanam Village in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things

6) In 1955 when this company hired Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Marianne Moore to suggest a name for their new offering, she created a dazzling list that included “The Intelligent Whale”, “The Mongoose Civique”, “The Pastelogram” and “The Utopian Turtletop”. However it was named after the son of the founder. What/Who?

A. Edsel Ford


1) Question on the prototype of spacesuits.

2) This is powder extracted by crushing a seed; it is now India’s largest agricultural export. The primary reason for this surge in exports is its role in the extraction of shale oil gas, by what is known as the hydraulic fracturing or fracking process?

A. Botox

3) Which word did Madhur Jaffrey once write “To me the word _____ is as degrading to India’s real cuisine the term ‘chop suey’ was China’s?

A. Curry

4) The logo symbolizes a bird in flight. The bird strokes convey free flight. The choices of colours are red and yellow. Red has been chosen for traditional association with organisation?

A. India Post

5) The _____ Room refers to an outbound call center selling questionable investments by telephone. It typically refers to a small place where salesmen work using unfair, dishonest sales tactics?

A. Boiler

6) The city has a population of about 3 million and is home to 5,000 millionaires. Interestingly, 74% of its population uses mobile money. “The M-Pesa” scheme, which offers cash transfers by text messages, has brought a large number of its citizens into the digital economy?

A. Nairobi

7) She began her career as a sales and marketing intern at a telephone directory business founded by AT&T International. She later became the director of procurement and operations. In 1994 she became the general manager of Rainbow media, a subsidiary of International Broadcasting Corporation (which later became True Visions)?

A. Yingluck Shinawatra

8) What brand name comes from this painting?



A. Southern Comfort



1) What technique in the automobile industry was actually introduced in USA by Ransom Eli Olds, founder of Oldsmobile?

A. Assembly Line

2) The phrase was coined in America and the earliest example is from the Atlanta Constitution, November 1901 when the phrase was first used to mean “encompassing all aspects”?

A. Para Mutual / Across the Boat

3) This person refused to be on the cover of TIME which led to a company getting featured on the cover?



A. Coca Cola – When Robert Woodruff refused

4) In the United States, Karl Hess, author and activist used this to make it harder for the IRS to seize his wages and as a form of tax resistance. Example includes the Owenite socialists, the Cincinnati time store and more recently Ithaca hours. What term?

A. Barter

5) Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 6.01.15 pm

A. Salvatore Ferragamo

6) These two excellent books “Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track” and “What Do You Care What Other People Think?” are written by a person who has often been called the most original mind of his generation. Name him?

A. Richard Feynman



Questions contributed by Viraj Morabia.