Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Jamshedpur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Jamshedpur– Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER:  Tata Steel – Ms.Sneha Ranjan and Srijan Das
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Motors – Dr. Amitabh Thakur and Mrs. Bhawna Thakur

Regional Round Questions:

1.What game, earlier known as Pachisi & played by Akbar was introduced in England & later patented?

Ans. Ludo

2. Which currency do we get from this coin?


Ans. Dinar

3. What are Syngene & Clinigence subsidiaries of ?


 4. What in Portuguese Goa is Pensao de Shendy?

Ans. Tax Paid for permission to grow a beard or to shave.

 5. Connect:


Ans. WeChat

 [1. Partners with ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ 2. Owned by Tencent 3. Lionel Messi is also the brand ambassador 4. Varun Dhawan is brand ambassador.]

 6. Which Belgian city is called the Diamond Capital of the world?

Ans. Antwerp

 7. What is special about cereal available for children which includes free toys in Canada?

 Ans. Makers of childrens breakfast cereal are granted tax exemption if their cereals contains free toys.

8. Identify the flower?


Ans. Vicco Vajradanti

9. What is it?


Ans. A website for would-be whistleblowers

 10. Which company launched a messaging app for iOS & Android called ‘Pocket Avatars’ which allows one to take your face & superimpose it onto a cartoon avatar?

Ans. Intel

 11. Connect:


Ans. Nikon

 [ 1. Nikon runs the Nikon Salon exhibition 2.Owned by Mitsubishi Group 3. Priyanka Chopra is the brand Ambassador 4. David Douglas Duncan popularised Nikon with his photos of Korean War

 12. Connect:


Ans. Make my trip

 [ 1. Deep Kalra , the founder 2. Acquired Le Travenues Technology PvtLtd.  which owns ixigo.com 3. In-film branding in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ 4.TV Commercial]

13. Which game was created by Keith Shepherd & Natalia Luckyanova of Imangi Studios?

Ans. Temple Run

14. Which company has invested in the ailing battery company Toshiba Anand ( Punjab Anand)?

Ans. ITC

 15. In which company did French based Groupe SEB, buy the remaining 45% stake which was founded by Harish Kumar?

Ans. Maharaja Whiteline

 16. Identify.


Ans. Oswal Group

17. Which company began as Karnataka Consumer Products Ltd in 1962?

Ans. Kurl On 



Ans. Economic Times

[ 1. ‘Portfolio’ & ‘Vote on Account’ were offerings on their website. 2. ‘Half Knowledge campaign ‘ by ET. 3. Salomon Pink (after the colour of the fish) is the colour of the ET. ]


19. Identify this famous business person.


Ans. Gujjar Mal Modi of the Modi Group

20. In a series of which ads does actor Siddharth say , “Say it Sid”?

Ans. Frooti

21. MV Kamath authored the book ‘A Banking Odyssey- A Story of __________” (Fill in the blanks)


Ans. Canara Bank

 22. What are ‘Plantation Trails’ by Tata Coffee?

Ans. Guesthouses for Holiday Packages

 Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal of BHEL, Bhopal  

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Jamshedpur – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Jamshedpur – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER:  Tata Steel – Ms.Sneha Ranjan and Srijan Das
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Motors – Dr. Amitabh Thakur and Mrs. Bhawna Thakur

Preliminary Round Questions:

1) What term has a meaning to have or work in  a secondary job has been derived from the practice of carrying out of cattle-maiming, murders, etc, during the night”?

A. Moonlighting

2) In 1996, D&B spun off and sold their credit monitoring and management business to a newly formed company. Which market research firm?

A. AC Nielsen

3) Hrithik had partnered with which Bangalore based e-commerce firm to launch a brand called HRX?

A. Myntra

4) Complete the name of the book written by Paranjoy Guha “Gas Wars : Crony Capitalism and the _____”?

A. Ambanis

5) Jitendra Bhargava , a former executive director wrote a book titled “The descent of _________”?

A. Air India

6) Whose Book has the sub-title “Women, Work and the Will to Lead”?

A. Lean In

7) Who has acquired the apparel brand Spykar?

A. Biyani’s Future Group

8) Which online restaurant guide has acquired New Zealand-based eatery discovery service provider menumania.co.nz for an undisclosed amount as part of its global expansion plans?

A. Zomato

9) ____________ is a brand of home appliances which was launched during October 1996. It makes kitchen appliances, TVs, air conditioners, air coolers and health appliances. It used to be positioned as “Star in the Kitchen”?

A. Kenstar

10) Realising the need to encourage research in herbal healthcare, this company that is a big name in ayurvedic product segment gives away an award of Rs 2 lakhs every year for the best publication on ayurveda?

A. Baidyanath

11) Identify from the logo:

A. Club Mahindra

 12) A book on a famous media giant in the field of business. Fill in the blank.
A. Forbes

13) Bank started by A. Subba Rao Pai in south coastal India. Which?

A. Canara Bank

14) Old logo of a bank with the name of a city. Identify.

 A. Bank of Baroda
15) Which american telecom giant acquired DIRECTV?
16) “I do see India as a great place to invest, and I think the election made that even better,” said the world famous real estate investor, on his first project in the country’s financial capital, in collaboration with India’s Lodha Group. Who?
A. Donald Trump
17) X is located in Patna, India. It was established in the year 1986. It is one among the 21 odd regional stock exchanges in India and named after an ancient historic exchange of the same region. What is X?
A. Magadh
18) Which American software firm (3 lettered) partnered with Virgin Racing Formula One team for the 2010 season and was the principal sponsor of Chennai Super Kings?
A. UST Global
19) Which country, which was actually one of the first three countries outside the US to bottle Coke, in 1906, is now one of the two countries where the beverage is not officially bought or sold?
A. Cuba
20) The person in picture is Max Morgenthaler. He started something we all wake up to. What?
A. Nescafe
Questions contributed by Ms. Sneha Ranjan. Many congratulations to her for winning this regional! As per her, she is a lifelong learner and co-founder of the website http://qbitmesra.blogspot.in/. A thank you also to Sourav Das for helping us get the questions!

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Gurgaon – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Gurgaon– Finals Questions


    Genpact – Rohan Khanna and Leo Thomas

    Mahindra Comviva – Jiwateshwar Singh and Saransh Verma


Wild Card Round Questions:

1) Famous quote by Robin Williams. Used in the movie “The Wolf of Wall St.” – _________ is God’s way of saying you are making too much money!

A) Cocaine

2) A lion’s symbol was the brand’s earliest ad campaign. Called the “King of Beverages”.

A) Dr. Peppers

Q3) In China, which automobile brand that came to Guizhou, meant a ‘precious horse’.


Q4) Apart from lottery, legal gambling in India is restricted to which sport?

A) Horse racing

Q5) Which pharma company has acquired 100% of Ranbaxy?

A) Sun Pharma

Q6) In some distilleries, Cat’s allowance implied buying milk for cats. What was the purpose behind this?

A) Breweries having grains to shoo away rats.

Q7) Amazon’s free shipping service with guaranteed delivery within 2 days. Annual fee for service is $75. Name?

A) Amazon Prime

Q8) The true father of this mode of transport, Louis Brenner created in 1909 having a test section using gyroscope. It happened in Kent. What?

A) Monorail


Regional Finals Questions:


Q1) Star tennis player from the University of Wisconsin, won the US Father and Son doubles tennis titles along with his son during 1946 to 1948. He contributed 3,000,000 for a tennis stadium. The person is known for the science of marketing.

A) AC Nielsen

Q2) Connect:


A) Tuning Fork

Q3) Founded as Nicola & Cia Ltda, headquartered in the  southern Brazilian city of Caxias do Sul, state of Rio Grande do Sul. The name sounds like that of a Venetian explorer.

A) Marco Polo

Q4) Connect:


A) Roger Federer

Q5) This brand became part of an Indian company in 2006. Associated with a famous sporting event since 1987. In 2012, the company produced 99,000 of these items.

A) Christy towels (acquired by Welspun)

Q6) According to some sources, what did critics do to the Livestrong bands of Lance Armstrong, after the accusations of doping and cheating emerged?

A) Removed the ‘e’ to make it “Liestrong”


Q1) American invention installed in Harrods, 1898. Viewed with apprehension by shoppers. An attendant was employed. He would provide brandy & smelling salts to overcome any adverse effects from the experience.

A) Elevator

Q2)Connect: PV Narasimha Rao; Manmohan Singh; Gulzarilal Nanda


A) Planning Commission (Deputy Chairman who became PM)

Q3) Deccan Motor Agency, Mumbai. Established by Dr. BD _________________.

A) Garware

Q4)Connect: Picasa video ad; ARS insignia; portrait of Petrus Manach


A)Pablo Picasso

Q5) Tagline: ‘The best part of waking up to __________ in your Cup’. Earlier Part of P&G.


Q6) Major consumer markets: Germany (22%), US (15%), France (10%). Auctioned in Aalsmeer, Netherlands. Largest exports come from Kenya. Spike in sales seen during February.

A) Roses

Q7) What is special about this?

Lifestyle Magazine

A) Lifestyle magazine for blind [In braille]

Q8) Company founded in 1907 by Toshiyo Iwasaki, 2nd son of the 2nd president of Mitsubishi.

A) Asahi Glass

Q9)Connect: NID; Rajeev Gandhi; Rahul Gandhi; Konark Temple video featurette

Indian Airlines

A)Indian Airlines


Q1) Identify this famous co-founder and chairman of a corporation.

Dan Wieden

A)Dan Wieden (Wieden and Kennedy)

Q2) James Jannard founded this company.

A) Oakley

Q3) Jagdish Bhagwati and Bent Hansen- first founded this theory of __________, an activity which can be considered an import substituting economic activity in some ways. Main consideration- Welfare implications. Coming from belief, that private sector is more efficient than public sector. Considered a way of indirectly diverting resources from the government to private sector.

A) Smuggling

Q4) Identify the concept which was also was the basic premise of this movie.


A) Delivery of products in 30 or less minutes. Especially in reference to pizzas.

Q5) YOYO economics coined by Jared Bernstein in 2006.  Term refers to economic policies in which a government shifts responsibility for economic challenges on to individuals. What does it stand for?

A) You’re On Your Own

Q6) Book about?


A) Beecham

Q7) Connect: Gazette of India; Amartya Sen; Logo of Indian Mint; Video of JRD Tata

Bharat Ratna

A) Bharat Ratna

Q8) Company established in Bergen in 1838. In 1850s, it moved to Stockholm. In 1981 it was merged into Volvo, was sold to Procordia and is since 1995 a part of the Norwegian Orkla. Which seafood company?

A) Abba

Questions contributed by Mr. Subhodeep Jash. Subhodeep is a lawyer, working in the field of public policy and research.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Gurgaon– Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Gurgaon– Preliminary Round Questions


    Genpact – Rohan Khanna and Leo Thomas

    Mahindra Comviva – Jiwateshwar Singh and Saransh Verma


Preliminary Round Questions:

Q1) Charles Revson of Revlon found inspiration into the idea of segmentation of markets through the practices of an automobile giant. Which enterprise?

A) General Motors

Q2) FITB: Hutber’s law states that _____________ means deterioration.   Continuous _____ means.

A) Improvement.

Q3) Patricia Campbell, grand daughter of a newspaper magnate?

A)William Randolph Hearst

Q4) Doodle commemorating?

Harper Lee

A) Grace Hopper

Q5) Thinker: “Under capitalism, Man exploits man’. Who?

A) J. K. Galbraith

Q6) Tennis player- Richest player of the 1970s. Who?

A) Billie Jean King

Q7) Term coined by the firm, Mark Monitor referring to the practice of damage caused to a brand’s reputation for hostile or malicious reasons.

A) Brandjacking

Q8) FITB: “___________________: How Gujaratis Do Business” by Shobha Bondre.

A) Dhandha

Q9) Supermodel known as “The Face”- Endorsed Revlon in 1989 and was also the face of Pepsi in 1991.

A) Cindy Crawford

Q10) Like technocrats, what are IMF officials who specialize in high level lending to developing nations called?

A) Debtnocrats

Q11) Nickname for Pakistani film industry- coined in 1989- by now defunct magazine ‘Glamour’, published from Karachi by gossip columnist, Saleem Nasir?

A) Lollywood

Q12) Identify the logo.


 A) Mochi

Q13) Victoria’s Secret, TNA Aritzia, GAIAM, TH3, Hard Tail, Lucy Activewear, Vertical Athletics, Lululemon Athletica, Tuff Athetics- are producing brands of _____________ pants.

A) Yoga pants

Q14) Word derived from 14th century word denoting “to drink in excess”?

A) Booze

Q15) Processor giant launched – mobile platform- codenamed – Kaveri. Kaveri processors: hetero architecture allows CPU to access computer’s entire memory space (upto 32 Gb). Made by whom?


Q16) Identify from the logo.  (Hint—Irish Whisky)


A) Baileys

Q17) A very creative and successful Twitter campaign with hashtag was deployed by this company in UK. The #letsdolunch promised to decrease the price of a particular pizza by a pence. After 85K tweets, price dropped to 7.74 pounds. The company offered the price from 11 am to 3 pm that day. Which company?

A) Dominos

Q18) The Youth for India fellowship program is for outstanding professionals and graduates who are passionate about touching lives and leading the society to a change for a better India. Which bank is behind this initiative?

A) State Bank of India

Q19) Bollywood superstar picked up 1.1 lakh shares of brokerage house Stampede Capital for an estimated Rs. 1.21 crores. Who?

A) Amitabh Bachchan

Q20) Identify the statue in France who is the creator of a great electric company.


A) Schneider

Questions contributed by Mr. Subhodeep Jash. Subhodeep is a lawyer, working in the field of public policy and research.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Vizag – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Vizag – Preliminary Round Questions


    Vizag Steel :
    AGK Murthy and J Rahul
    Vizag Steel :
    Santanu Dey and Sabyasachi Pani

Preliminary Round Questions:

1) “How pleasant a world would be in which no man was allowed to operate on the Stock Exchange unless he could pass and examination in economics and Greek poetry, and in which politicians were obliged to have a competent knowledge of history and modern novels.” Is the quote by?

A. Bertrand Russell in Praise of Idleness and Other Essays

2) Which is the official magazine of the English football club Manchester United; issues are published every four weeks, resulting in 13 issues per year. The editor is Ian McLeish, who became editor-in-chief for the February 2006 issue, after the title was purchased by the Haymarket Network from Future plc?

A. Inside United

3) Which Indian fashion designer in July 2009, has been roped in by Women’s International Cricket League (WICL) to bring a twist of fashion and design into women’s cricket apparel?

A. Masaba Gupta

4) This car brand derives its name from two words meaning Land and King?

A. Hyundai Terracan

5) It has been owned by one of Finland’s wealthiest families, the Herlin family. The firm is one of the largest manufacturers of elevators and escalators worldwide?

A. Kone

6) The 3C’s model by Kenichi Ohmae points out that a strategist should focus on three key factors for success. In the construction of a business strategy, three main players must be taken into account The Customer, The Competitors and The ______?

A. Corporation

7) The original bottle design (1970–2000) is the work of the Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala. The current bottle design “Glacial Ice” (2011) is a work of the Harri Koskinen, Kenneth Hirst and Alex Loa. The design is meant to evoke melting ice. Today the brand is wholly owned by Brown-Forman?

A. Finlandia Vodka

8) Identify:


A. Alfred Irénée du Pont

9) Weight: 437 grams or 0.96 pounds, Circumference: 69 cm, Water Absorption: 0.2% (low and should retain the shape and weight even if it’s raining) are the specification of?

A. Brazuca

10) Acuvue Contact Lens products are marketed by which pharma major?

A. Johnson & Johnson

11) Whose logo?


A. Merrill Lynch

12) In 2010, Vijay Govindarajan’s paper “Stop the Innovation Wars” was recognized as one of the three best papers published by the Harvard Business Review, receiving the second place prize for which award?

A. McKinsey Award

13) Which product came into existence in 1916, in Virudhunagar under Mr. P.V.S.K. Palaniappa Nadar; it is one of the very few indigenous soft-drink manufacturers in India that survived the onslaught of take-overs by multinational giants Pepsi and Coca Cola, during the mid-1990s?

A. Bovonto

14) People with a _______ of 30 or higher, considered obese, pay on average 22 % more to buy health insurance in the individual market, according to data released by eHealthInsurance.com?


15) What is named after James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British Army Major General who led the Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War?

A. Cardigan

16) Which company gets its name from a character in Greek mythology, who walked out to battle Achilles and considered a superior fighter?

A. Hector Beverages

17) He was born in 1983 out of three narrative stories sent by Sameer Salman from Trichy. The concept was rendered into the comic format with illustrations by artist Ram Waeerkar?

A. Suppandi

18) What is this?


A. 1st Issue of New Yorker

19) Founded by Satish Ranjan Das in 1935, this prestigious institute alumnus includes Rajiv Ganghi, Naveen Patnaik, Gautam Thapar, Analjit Singh, Vittal Mallya, Abhinav Bindra, etc?

A. The Doon School

20) Whose logo?


A. Lada Logo


Questions on Mr. Sudhakar of Vizag Steel.


Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Chennai – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Chennai – Regional Finals Questions


    TCS –
    Jayakanthan and Debabratha Mallik
    Latent View Analytics –
    Kaushik and Pritheesh


Wild Card Round Questions:

1. [Question on Dime magazines where popular stories were published by Oliwein (sic) and priced at 10p.]

2. First seen in 1897, they were nicknamed ‘Hummingbirds’ due to the idiosyncratic humming noise they made. They had unique colors.

A. London Cabs

3. [Question on Ganesh Idols creation by a company and takes 1 month to be made. The process is  trademarked & patented.]

4. This artist launched a publicity campaign for Lanvin chocolates and was associated with Air India. Who?

A. Salvador Dali

5. Former West Indies quick Michael Holding  said “This is champagne. That’s just soft drink.” comparing what?

A. IPL and Caribbean Premier League

6. Which group launched its online custom clothing brand Creyate?

A. Arvind limited

7. Launched in 1859 by Robert Cheesebrough, a consumer product which had remarkable skin-healing properties. What?

A. Vaseline

8. Introduced in June 2011 as a live streaming for video games. What?

A. Twitch


Regional Final Questions:

1. [Gold] Who were Randlords in South Africa from 1870 to World War I?

A. People who controlled the price of gold, thus the currency gold Rand coins.

2. [Bronze] Where was this famous photo taken?


A. Rockefeller Center Construction

3. [Silver] What brand of 100% coffee 1996 offered “push to cup” and was endorsed by Sri Devi and Saurav Ganguly?

A. Tata Cafe

4. [Gold] Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.29.10 PM

A. Indian Oil Corporation Limited

5. [Bronze] He is claimed to have developed the first practical fountain pen, Ornoto in 1881, and is now in an altogether different line of work. Who?

A. De La Rue

6. [Bronze] Vodafone in 2009 received the first PETA India Glitter Box Award. Why?

A. For using the ‘ZooZoo’ creatives and stopping the use of the pug dog (seen in the Hutch ads).

7. [Bronze] In 1813 was one of the first recorded descriptions of sailors’ uniforms by Commodore Stephen Decatur. What specific item?

A. Bell bottoms

8. [Silver] Envelope containing the Hope Diamond sent in 1958 by jeweler Harry Winston to where?


A. Smisthonian Institution

9. [Bronze] In Latin America, they call themselves Harlistas. Who?

A. Harley Davidson bike owners

10. [Silver] Connect with Li Ka Shing and with the logo of his foundation as a clue.

11. [Silver] Founded by Charles and Jeremiah who patented their detector lock in 1818. Identify this company now owned by United Technologies.

A. Chubb

12. [Gold] He is the only non-NASA recipient for the Moon Rock Award. Who?

A. Walter Cronkite

12. [Bronze] Term which talks about the  process of playing dots to format an image. What?

A. Dot matrix

13. [Silver] Question on Red Bull with Daniel Ricciardo as a clue.

14. [Silver] In  the United States, a special edition coin with Baseball glove on it was released. What is so special about the coin?


A. Coin is not flat, it is in the shape of a baseball glove.

15. [Bronze] In the Roman times, this meant exile & being thrown among the lions and the British had hanging as a punishment. The RBI loses 25 crore Rupees due to this every year. What?

A. Coin counterfeiting

16. [Silver] Identify this doctor from Germany whose products have a distinctive yellow stitching to them.


A. Dr. Klaus Märtens; Doctor Martens

17. [Gold] This is an online identity used for purposes of deception. Typically created by a person/group. What term?

A. Sock puppet

18. [Bronze] Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.55.29 PM

A. Fast-food chain Arby’s bought Pharrell Williams’ oversized Vivienne Westwood hat that he wore to the Grammys.

19. [Gold] Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.46.16 PM

A. James Packer

20. [Bronze] Question on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

21. [Bronze] Coat of arms of Amsterdam used in which brand?

A. Amstel beer

22. [Gold] Used the trading name of St. Helens Crown Glass Company and formed at St. Helens, England. Now entered the energy sector.

A. Pilkington plc


Questions contributed by Madanish Kanna.



Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions


    TCS –
    Jayakanthan and Debabratha Mallik
    Latent View Analytics –
    Kaushik and Pritheesh

Preliminary Round Questions:

1. French wine & brandy named after him and an 1996 ad campaign had the phrase “ooh aah”, all connected with which football star?

A. Eric Cantona

2. Gene Roddenberry drafted a proposal for the science fiction series and publicly marketed it as a “Western in outer space.”

A. Star Trek

3. Conte grading system developed by Nicolas Conte, to measure hardness of what?

A. Pencil

4. Charles Milford, an American reporter came up with the name _____, that is  iconic in world of finance?


A. Wall Street Journal

5. Currencies of Bulgaria(LEV), Romania(LEU) and Moldova mean what in their respective languages? Clue: It is an animal.

A. Lion

6. Coined by youth marketers to get kids to agree, describing the process for marketing in a tone appropriate to children under 12 years. What term?

A. Kidification

7. Sometime in the 1940s, specific machines which used thermal energy built by German company ‘I. A. Topf and Sons, Erfurt’? Clue: Used in concentration camps.

A. Crematoria

8. [Visual] Print ad in relation to a brand of kitchen towels. Identify.

A. Premier

9. The circled K is a registered mark and can only be used with the permission of its owner, the Organized Kashruth Laboratories of New York, a private certifying concern. What does it denote?

A. Kosher

10. After being deemed not good enough by JWT, he managed to get a job at Sharp McManus as copy writer in 1970s & latter observed that his work in advertising ‘taught me to write like a job’. Who?

A. Salman Rushdie

11. This automobile brand which became a pop-culture idol was designed by an in-house Lincoln-Mercury Division team led by Joe Oros and won the Tiffany Gold Medal for excellence in American design, the first automobile ever to do so. What?

A. Mustang

12. Identify the brand. Clue: H_____N______

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.00.18 PM

A. Harvey Nichols

13. Games designed is credited to Nathaniel Cook.  Made of ebony & ivory and possibly the first use of expert testimonial to promote a commercial product. What?

A. Chess

14. William Scott Pinckney, CEO of which direct selling company was arrested by Andhra Pradesh police recently?

A. Amway

15. Water based aerosol foam which is white and non toxic. Manufactured by Comex & made of biodegradable products. What?

A. Spray used in FIFA World Cup matches by referees.

16. This Russian, son of a farmer, invented something that is popular in today’s world, especially Pakistan. What?

A. Mikhail Kalashnikov

17. He recently purchased Harlequin from Torstar Corp, owner of Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper. Who?

A. Rupert Murdoch

18. This big diversified company acquired Bangalore-based Balan Natural Foods B, a natural juice brand, for about 100 crore. Which one?


19. Identify.


A. Vishal Sikka

20. Identify the brand from the print ad.


A. Ray Ban


Questions contributed by Jitendra Gaglani and Madanish Kanna.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Guwahati – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Guwahati – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: Pioneers and Partners – Syed B Rehman and Shah Syed Samadur
  • RUNNER UP: ASEB – Arnab Chakraborty and Bhaskar Chakraborty

Regional Round Questions:

1.Fill in the blanks:

____   ___   ______

We believe strongly that in the long term, we will be better served as shareholders and in all other ways by a company that does good things for the world even if we forgo some short term gains.

Ans. Do No Evil

2. Turnberry Golf Resort. Who is the owner?


Ans. Donald Trump

3. In 1889, which flexible, transparent substance replaced paper and made moving pictures or moving possible? (Hint: 9 letters)

Ans. Celluloid 

4. According to a research conducted in 2014 by ESPN The Magazine nd Sporting intelligence found which football club’s average annual wage the highest in sporting world ahead of New York Yankees and LA Dodgers?

Ans. Manchester City

5. Connect


Ans. Tata Steel

[1. Jamsetji Tata was born in Navsari ,then part of the princely state of Baroda.

2. Tata Steel commercial

3. Bombay house is the registered office of Tata Steel.]

6. The earliest known manufacturer of what alcoholic drink is perhaps Lucas Bols, who made it in a distillery called the Little Shed, outside Amsterdam in 1575?


7. In early 2014, which famous B-school launched the world’s first 24/7 radio station on business strategy and management which is broadcast to millions of subscribers through SiriusXM, the world’s largest radio service, and features prominent business leaders, public figures, and faculty members?

Ans. Wharton

8. Identify the Logo?


Ans. Food Corporation of India

9. This is the world’s only independent source of maritime market information for the trading and settlement of physical and derivative shipping contracts, and London’s Virginia and Maryland coffee houses in Thread needle Street.

Ans. Baltic Exchange

10. This is a theory that states that during periods of recession or economic downturn, consumers will eschew purchases of big-ticket luxury items and seek material solace in smaller indulgences, such as premium __________, and rightly called __________ effect. (Hint: 8 letter word)

Ans. Lipstick

11. Connect:


Ans. Aircel

[1. Chennai Super Kings : Aircel is the main shirt sponsor of Indian Premier League cricket team.

2.Theatrical trailer of the film Mary Kom : Mary Kom is the brand ambassador of Aircel.

3. Aircel was founded by C Sivasankaran]

12. This is Luis von Ahn. Which company was founded by him?



13. It has its roots in the 19th century, when the US pharmacist Theron T _______ introduced a witch hazel-based “wonder product” known as _______’s Golden Treasure. What?

Ans. Pond’s

14. Connect the Indian Born entrepreneur.


Ans. Ram Shriram

[1. He is a founding board member of Google 

Amazon ad: He earlier served as an officer of Amazon working for Jeff Bezos.

Shriram started Sherpalo,a venture capital firm that invests in promising new disruptive technologies]

15. _________money or ________currency is money whose value is not derived from any intrinsic value or guarantee that can be converted into valuable commodity (such as gold). Instead, it has value only by government order.

Ans. FIAT money

16. In the 1970s, it started as Children’s Bargain Town, as it began to grow its mascot’s family too grew with the introduction of wife Gigi, and their son and daughter Junior and Baby Gee. Figure either the company or the mascot.

Ans. Toys“R”Us and Geoffrey the Giraffe

17. This is Mr. Manal. Which company was founded by him?


Ans. Himalaya

18. In London, who is required to pass a training test based on The Blue Book, with preparation time being between 2-4 years? (Hint: 4, 6 letters)

Ans. Taxi Driver

19. Connect:


Ans. M S Dhoni

(1. He got a job of a ticket examiner in South Eastern Railway

2. Sourabh Ganguly talking about him

3. Nagarjuna is a key member of Mahi Racing Team India)

20. The book was written about which iconic company?


Ans. IBM

 21. Retlaw Enterprises, later named WED Enterprises (WED) , was privately held company owned by the heirs of which icon and businessman?

Ans. Disney  

22. Identify the logo?


Ans. Y Combinator

23. Who was the most expensive soccer player in Scotland in 1967 when Rangers paid £65,000 for him?

Ans. Alex Ferguson

Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal of BHEL, Bhopal 

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Raipur – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Raipur – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER: SAIL Bhilai Steel: Chandrashekar and Ramani
  • RUNNER UP: SAIL Bhilai Steel: Sanjay Shamkuwar & Manoj Kumar Prasad

Regional Round Questions:

1.Which Nobel Laureate joined the Indian Finance Department as Assistant Accountant Gentral in 1907?

Ans. Sir C.V.Raman

2. Identify the significance.


Ans: Suez Canal

3. Connect:


Ans. GE (General Electric)

[1. GE completed the acquisition of the aviation business of Avio S.p.A., a leading, Italy-based provider of civil and military aviation components and systems. Avio’s aviation business has been renamed Avio Aero, a GE Aviation business.

2. GE slogan” Imagination at work”

3. BBC Olympics campaign: GE was the official partner of Olympics

4. Edison was the founder of GE.]

4.Which shoe brand’s identity is “Pookie the dog”?

Ans. Hush Puppies

5.What agricultural product from West Bengal was the first to be given GI (Geographical Indication) tag in 2004-05 by Indian Patents office?

Ans. Darjeeling Tea

 6. Identify.


Ans. Hafeez Contractor

7. Connect


Ans. RBI (Reserve Bank of India)

[1. Ms. Ela Bhatt, Director of Central Board of RBI

2. RBI was conceptualised as per the guidelines, working style and outlook presented by Ambedkar in his book. It was titled “The Problem of the Rupee- Its Origin and Its Solution” and presented to the Hilton Young Commission

3. Sculpture of Yakshini (Guardians of Treasure) : Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister, suggested that public buildings, many of which were large imposing structures, could be utilised to ‘encourage Indian artists to function in some way’ and sculptors, painters, designers, etc. could be asked to cooperate. It will encourage Indian artists and would be greatly welcomed. At the instance of J.R.D.Tata, the then Director of the Central Board, the views of Carl Khandalawalla, an eminent critic and connoisseur of art, were sought. It was he who suggested that the Bank could consider having figures of “Yaksha” and “Yakshini” on the two sides. The proposal of Shri Ram Kinkar Baij was accepted. The art form of the male ‘Yaksha’ was drawn from the statue of the ‘Parkham Yaksha’ in the Mathura museum and the art form of the female Yakshini was derived from “Bisnagar Yakshini” from the Calcutta Museum.

4. Reserve Bank of India Monetary Museum, is a numismatic museum, located in the city of Mumbai. ]

 8.  Which ancient learning centre isbeing revived in a jint effort by India, China, Japan & Singapore, under the mentorship of APJ Abdul Kalam & Amartya Sen?

Ans. Nalanda University

9. Which project did Chetan Raikar head to restore to its original glory?


10. Which Middle Eastern airline promotes itself in India as ‘A partner of jet Airways’?

Ans. Ethiad Airlines

11. Which company ownsGEICO,BNSF, Lubrizol, Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, Helzberg Diamonds , NetJets and owns half of Heinz?

Ans. Berkshire Hathaway

12. Identify the brand.


Ans. Allen Solly

13. Which company purchased one of YouTube’s largest content producers, Maker Studios for $500 million?

Ans. Disney

14. Connect


 Ans. Rovio

[1. Juice Cubes is a match 3 puzzle video game developed by Pocket PlayLab and published by Rovio Stars

 2. Roivo was founded in 2003 by three students from Helsinki University of Technology (currently Aalto University School of Science)–Niklas Hed, Jarno Väkeväinen, and Kim Dikert–who first worked together to build a mobile game for a competition sponsored by Nokia and HP.

3. Video of Dreamworks logo: Rovio released its game, based on the Dreamworks animated film “The Croods”

4. Mikael Hed, the former CEO ]

15. Which CEO of an Indian Financial company was ranked as the most powerful business woman in India in Forbes list of “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women”?

Ans. Chanda Kochhar

16. Whose trading symbol is a car in the NYSE?


17. Identify the company.


Ans. Gold’s Gym

18. What began with the Buttonwood Agreement, signed by 24 brokers, on 17th May,1792?


19. Identify him.


Ans. Nari Hira of Magna Publishing Co. Ltd. that publishes magazines such as Stardust, Showtime, Savvy and Health.

20. Which company logo has vibrant earthy colours & has the sun rising over two circles?

Ans. Aditya Birla Group

21. The person’s name is Jamshed Rustom Desai. Which white goods company was founded by him?


Ans. Kelvinator India

22. Connect:


Ans. Pawan Hans

[1. Pawan Hans is a GOI undertaking company

2. Slogan of Pawan Hans

3. ONGC Commercial (Hum Aap ke Har Pal Me Shaamil Hain), Pawan Hans provide the helicopter service to ONGC offshore projects

4. Old logo of Pawan Hans]

Questions contributed by Debasish Mandal of BHEL, Bhopal

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Chandigarh – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Chandigarh – Regional Finals Questions


    Bharat Petroleum – Kshitij Maheswari and Nagesh Mittal
    Infosys –
    Gaurav Kharbanda and Siddhath Malhotra


Wild Card Round Questions:

1) Which Finance minister 1950-51 proposed the setting up of the Planning Commission ?

A) John Mathai

2) S. Raman was the first Indian editor. Khushwant Singh took over as editor nearly a year after Raman’s formal departure. Which Magazine?

A) The Illustrated Weekly of India

3) ‘Every Little Helps’ is the tagline of which famous retail company?

A) Tesco

4) Which e-commerce company was founded in November 2010 by Peyush Bansal?

A) Lenskart


Regional Finals Questions:

1) The founder of a famous brand said this about what, ‘This is a fresh animal, shy, vivacious, jumping. First it smells you, then it escapes, then it comes back, and you feel like caressing it, playing with it.’?

A) Playboy Bunny by Hugh Hufner

2) Identify the advert of which country to promote tourism?


A) Romania

3) What bi-annual fashion event that take place is run by Fashion Design Council?

A) Lakme Fashion week

4) The right to manufacture this is held by the Khadi Development and Village Industries Commission, who allocate it to the regional groups. As of 2009, the Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha was the sole manufacturer of this product?

A) Indian flag

5) Connect:


A) Mumbai Dabbawalas

6) Connect:


A) Maruti

7) Which type of beer take it name from Czechoslovakia ?

A) Pilsner

8) This was founded in 1989 under the name Interactive Home Systems. One major reason for starting the company was founder’s belief that people would someday decorate their homes with a revolving display of digital artwork using digital frames. The company’s name was changed to Continuum Productions in 1994 and a year name was changed by what we know it today. Which company?

A) Corbis

9) Connect:


A) Arsenal FC

10) Despite some claims, the word originally came from the swahili language. All evidence points to its origin from a middle persian word. What word?

A) Kiosk

11) Book about?


A) Qantas Airlines

12) Le Smoking, the first Tuxedo for women was designed half a century ago by_____?

A) Yves Saint Laurent.

13) Connect.


A) Cargill

14) Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.08.46 PM

A) Sachin Tendulkar

15) Who is the finance Minister who presented the more number of times Budget in the Parliament ?

A) Moraji Desai

16) Whose daughter is this ?


A) Megan Ellison, daughter of Larry Ellison

17) Which brand launched this?


A) Pizza Hut


Questions contributed by Hitesh Kamboj.