Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – South Zonal Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2016 – South Zonal Round Questions


  • National Law School Bangalore – Jayadev and Parth Singh
  • Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad – Syed Mustafa and Syed Murtuza

South Zonal Round Questions:

Q.1. What is this?

trump pinata

Ans. Trump Pinata dolls

Q.2. What was introduced in London, during 1983 May? It is also known as Denver Boot.

Ans. Wheel Clamping

Q.3. With which company would you associate Coin-toss, Oscillators, and Deepika Padukone?

Ans. HP

Q.4. What does Ben and Jerry’s “I Dough. I Dough” signify?

Ans. Gay Marriage

Q.5. Identify.

angus deaton

Ans. Angus Deaton

Q.6. With which brand would you associate  “Break Free”, “Kise Se Kum Nahi”, “Un scooter”?

Ans. Mahindra Gusto

Q.7. Which carmaker has Lunar X Prize?

Ans. Audi

Q.8. Question on Google.

Q.9. 2015 “embodies a concept of living”. What are we talking about?

Ans. Tears of Joy Emoji

Q.10. Question on the Origin of PETA

Q.11. Trip Hawking is the founder of?

Ans. Electronic Arts

Q.12. What is he credited for?

Louis rearde

Ans. Bikini

Q.13. Josh GreenBerg is the founder of?

Ans. GrooveShark

Q.14. Pitch Fork Media Inc is owned by?

Ans. Conde Nast

Q.15. Sandra Bullock says –“ Oh! Sure. Its like driving a ____”?

Ans. Pinto

Q.16. Who is the CEO of ICC?

Ans. Dave Richardson

Q.17. Connect

arun Jaitley

Ans. Arun Jaitley

Q.18. Queestion on JUSCO

Q.19. Question on Garmin

Q.20. Question on PWC Oscar tally

Q.21. With whom would you associate Kardashian and Donda?

Ans. Kanye West

Q.22. Ellen Price is modeled as?

Ans. The mermaid in Copenhagen

Questions contributed by Samyuktha R

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Western Zonal Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Western Zonal Round Questions



Symbiosis Pune – Arjun Krishna and Ashish Vasvani


VNIT Nagpur – Pranjal and Pawan


ROUND 1 (Global Attention)

1. Founded in 2005 by Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara in Montclair, NJ, Diapers.com is the largest online specialty retailer for baby products. Who acquired it ?

A. Amazon.com acquired Quidsi, Inc., which operates Diapers.com

2. Question on Justin Bieber Fragrance.

3. Chinese stock markets  fell on 4th June . Why ?

A. Anniversary of the June 4, 1989, crackdown on student-led democracy protests centered on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square

4. Thai woman delivered six children (sextuplets), she named the sextuplets after what ?

A. Audi, Fortune (Toyota Fortuner), Porsche, Mini, Volkswagen and Fiat (Car Brands)

5. Question on Lemon Tree Hotels.

6. In 1868, London-Benjamin invented a domestic version of something which is used in almost every home. What?

A. Geysers.


1.  This letter was sent in relation to which company?


A. Honda

2. Who bought this car?


A. Elon Musk.

3. Name the creator?

Stan Lee

A. Stan Lee

4. Name the inventor?

Da Vinci

A. Leonardo Da Vinci

5. What is blanked out?


A. Everything


1. Sponsor of New Your Marathon?


2. TRIF launched 600 real estate fund, which Tata company?

A. Tata Realty

3. Which Tata company was conferred with the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering foundation?


ROUND 4 (Think Tenfold )

1. Connect:


A. Adobe

2. Connect:


A. Micromax

3. Connect:


A. Sony.

3. Connect:


A. Maggi



a) The founder was often called “Henry Ford of Eastern Europe”. [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Thomas Bata


a) Logitech was the first to market it to consumers and Nokia was once the largest manufacturer of this. [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Digital Camera


a) In 2005 , it established Lifespring Hospitals , a 50-50 JV with Us Bare Acumen fund.


HLL Lifecare

A. HLL Lifecare

Questions contributed by Mr. Viraj Morabia. 

As per Viraj “I am a final year student of Bachelor of Management studies (BMS) at S.M.Shetty College (Powai). Business Quizzing is a passion to me and winning Tata Crucible National / International is a dream. I started quizzing 2 years back and have won over 50 Quizzes in Mumbai and Pune. I started quizzing when no one from my ex-college was ready to be my partner and since then took up the challenge and went on to be one of the best business quizzers in my city”.